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XIV. Complete the sentences with words from the box.


wireframe rendering bitmap filters fractals clip-art


1. Painting programs work by giving a colour to each pixel in an image, creating a … Unlike vector graphics, the image is a single layer, so once something is painted, it becomes part of the whole picture.

2. In painting programs and image editors, … are special effects that can be applied to a picture, including drop shadows, textures, distortions, etc.

3. The … model is the simplest interpretation of a true three-dimensional object. Here the object is represented by its edges and contours and is therefore similar in form to a normal engineering drawing or sketch.

4. … adds textures to each surface, and generates realistic reflections, shadows and highlights.

5. Most illustration packages come with a bundle of resources that include ready-made … images and a selection of fonts.

6. … are geometrical patterns that are repeated at a small scale to generate irregular shapes, some of which are similar to objects in nature.


XV. Look at the Windows Paint toolbox and find the tools that match these definitions.

1. This is like a magnifying glass which changes your view of a drawing.

2. This brush lets you paint in different shapes and patterns.

3. This is used to draw curves in different thicknesses.

4. This rubs out the part of the picture you drag it over.

5. This tool lets you pick a colour from an area of an image, instead of choosing the colour from the colour palette.

6. This tool is used to fill a shape with a colour of your choice.

7. This makes straight lines.

8. This basic tool is used to draw freehand, i.e. to draw free-form shapes.

9. This group of tools is used for drawing shapes: rectangles, ellipses and polygons.

10. This produces individual pixels of colour in a spray pattern.

11. These tools let you make rectangular or freehand selections around the things you want to select.This is used to type text.


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