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Advertisement and book design

Advertisements: like many graphic design fields, working in advertising takes you far beyond creating designs and page layouts. While a specific job may be to create a print ad for a campaign, this field requires an understanding of marketing, public relations and consumers. Along with the business side, a design in the advertising field will need to know a great deal about print production and preparing works for print in various publications and formats.

When working in advertising one can expect to:

· Design magazine advertisements.

· Design newspaper advertisements.

· Perform market research.

· Perform consumer research.

· Need a thorough understanding of the brand.

· Handle projects from design to production.

· Work directly or for an ad agency.

· Understand both print and online advertising.

· Work directly with illustrators, photographers and other team members.

Working in book design can mean several things. For some, it may be creating elaborate book covers and jacket designs from scratch. For others, it may mean hours of detailed-oriented layout work. Designing a book cover means first understanding the nature of the book, and then the audience, and in today’s market, creating something that sells. This work may be done as a freelancer or in-house for a book publisher.

When working in book design one can expect to:

· Design covers.

· Design book jackets.

· Work in page layout.

· Learn the rules of typography.

· Work with deadlines.

Depending on the project, book design and layout can call for all types of graphic design software. Covers that incorporate photography will most likely be brought into Photoshop at some point. Others that need original artwork and clever typography will likely be done in a program like Illustrator. For layout of full books, InDesign and Quark are used throughout the industry.

Book designers must pay close attention to the legal issues to protect their work. A fair contract will enable the designer to make additional money for a second printing or paperback printing that goes beyond the original run of a book. This allows the designer to share in the success of the product and not give unlimited use of the design. Designers should also look to get their credit on books they design, which will help to promote their business.


XIX. Discuss with your classmates the opportunities of modern graphic design using the active vocabulary.

XX. Write a short essay about the graphic design process.

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