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Task 3. Use correct articles if necessary.

1. We are studying ___ certain soil bacteria able to take up ___ iron and accumulate it on ___ surface of ___ cells.

2. It may be said that ___ English drama is a growth of ___ Renaissance.

3. It’s ___ fun studying ___ English grammar.

4. ___ number of my short stories have been published.

5. ___ number of such word combinations is practically limitless.

6. ___ thousand people marched from ___ Hyde Park to ___ Westminster Abbey.

7. It was ___ late afternoon when I woke up.

8. What are the products of ___ West Indies?

9. I am at ___ loss what to do now.

10. ___ unemployed are not expected to live on the savings.

11. ___ mankind will be grateful to you.

12. ___ distant is more enchanting than that which is near.

13. ___ Murphy’s law is based on a popular belief that if something goes wrong it always goes wrong in the worst possible way.

14. Just tell what it is in ___ plain English.

15. They made ___ slow progress in the mountains.

16. When the ship reached the port it bore ___ abundant evidence of the storm.

17. That’s ___ useful information.


Task 4. Use correct articles in set expressions if necessary.

1. We have the enemy on ___ run. (=they are in hasty retreat)

2. Our friend gave us ___ run of his house.

3. He said so by ___ way of an apology.

4. She writes ___ good hand.

5. Let me give you a case in ___ point. (=give you an example)

6. The names are arranged in ___ alphabetical order.

7. His fortune took ___ turn to ___ better.

8. How can you have ___ face to say such a thing? (=How dare you?)

9. I’ll lose ___ face if I don’t keep my promise.

10. Are you in ___ line with my suggestion? (in agreement)

11. What’s on ___ air tonight? (=What’s the radio programme?)

12. It suits me to ___ ground. (=completely)

13. The ship had 500 passengers on ___ board.

14. How much do you pay for ___ board? (for meals)

15. My hair stood on ___ end.


Task 5. Rewrite the sentences using the verbs in brackets in the correct form of oblique moods.

1. I want to go but I have this examination tomorrow. But for this examination I (go) too.

2. She didn’t cry, but she looks as if she (cry) for some time.

3. Why did you come? I’d rather you (not come).

4. She was angry with you, otherwise she (not speak) like that then.

5. The child is crying. If only he (not cry)!

6. And of course I was wearing my very best shoes. If only I (not wear) my very best shoes!

7. I knew nobody at the party, so I didn’t have a very good time, but if I (know) anybody there I (have) a nice time.

8. It’s five o’clock; it’s time he (be) here.

9. It was raining when I set out, but I wish it (not rain).

10. Have you read his book? – Yes, but I wish I (not read) it.

11. I think it necessary that everyone (be) present.

12. The president requested that the prime minister (make) a report.

13. She helped me and I finished in time. But for her help I (not finish) it in time.


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