Act one, scene ten


ALBUS walks quickly along the train.

ROSE: Albus, Ive been looking for you...

ALBUS: Me? Why?

ROSE isnt sure how to phrase what she has to say.

ROSE: Albus, its the start of the fourth year, and so the start of a new year for us. I want to be friends again.

ALBUS: We never were friends.

ROSE: Thats harsh! You were my best friend when I was six!

ALBUS: That was a long time ago.

He makes to walk away. She pulls him into an empty compartment.

ROSE: Have you heard the rumors? Big Ministry raid a few days ago. Your dad apparently was incredibly brave.

ALBUS: How do you always know about these things and I dont?

ROSE: Apparently he the wizard they raided Theodore Nott, I think had all sorts of artifacts that broke all sorts of laws including and this has got them all gooey an illegal Time-Turner. And quite a superior one at that.

ALBUS looks at ROSE, everything falling into place.

ALBUS: A Time-Turner? Dad found a Time-Turner?

ROSE: Shh! Yes. I know. Great, right?

ALBUS: Youre sure.

ROSE: Entirely.

ALBUS: Now I have to find Scorpius.

He walks down the train. ROSE follows, still determined to say her piece.

ROSE: Albus!

ALBUS turns decisively.

ALBUS: Whos told you that you have to talk to me?

ROSE (sprung): Okay, maybe your mum owled my dad but only because shes worried about you. And I just think

ALBUS: Leave me alone, Rose.

SCORPIUS is sitting in his usual compartment. ALBUS enters first, ROSE still tailing him.

SCORPIUS: Albus! Oh hello, Rose, what do you smell of?

ROSE: What do I smell of?

SCORPIUS: No, I meant it as a nice thing, you smell like a mixture of fresh flowers and fresh bread.

ROSE: Albus, Im here, okay? If you need me.

SCORPIUS: I mean, nice bread, good bread, bread... whats wrong with bread?

ROSE walks away, shaking her head.

ROSE: Whats wrong with bread!

ALBUS: Ive been looking for you everywhere...

SCORPIUS: And now youve found me. Ta-da! I was hardly hiding. You know how I like to get on early. Stops people staring. Shouting. Writing son of Voldemort on my trunk. That one never gets old. She really doesnt like me, does she?

ALBUS hugs his friend. With fierceness. They hold for a beat. SCORPIUS is surprised by this.

Okay. Hello. Um. Have we hugged before? Do we hug?

The two boys awkwardly dislocate.

ALBUS: Just a slightly weird twenty-four hours.

SCORPIUS: Whats happened in them?

ALBUS: Ill explain later. We have to get off this train.

Theres the sound of whistles from off. The train starts moving.

SCORPIUS: Too late. The train is moving. Hogwarts ahoy!

ALBUS: Then we have to get off a moving train.

TROLLEY WITCH: Anything from the trolley, dears?

ALBUS opens a window and makes to climb out.

SCORPIUS: A moving magical train.

TROLLEY WITCH: Pumpkin Pasty? Cauldron Cake?

SCORPIUS: Albus Severus Potter, get that strange look out of your eye.

ALBUS: First question. What do you know about the Triwizard Tournament?

SCORPIUS (happy): Ooooh, a quiz! Three schools pick three champions to compete in three tasks for one Cup. Whats that got to do with anything?

ALBUS: You really are an enormous geek, you know that?


ALBUS: Second question. Why has the Triwizard Tournament not been run in over twenty years?

SCORPIUS: The last competition included your dad and a boy called Cedric Diggory they decided to win together but the Cup was a Portkey and they were transported to Voldemort. Cedric was killed. They canceled the competition immediately after.

ALBUS: Good. Third question: Did Cedric need to be killed? Easy question, easy answer: No. The words Voldemort said were Kill the spare. The spare. He died only because he was with my father and my father couldnt save him we can. A mistake has been made and were going to right it. Were going to use a Time-Turner. Were going to bring him back.

SCORPIUS: Albus, for obvious reasons, Im not a massive fan of Time-Turners...

ALBUS: When Amos Diggory asked for the Time-Turner my father denied they even existed. He lied to an old man who just wanted his son back who just loved his son. And he did it because he didnt care because he doesnt care. Everyone talks about all the brave things Dad did. But he made some mistakes too. Some big mistakes, in fact. I want to set one of those mistakes right. I want us to save Cedric.

SCORPIUS: Okay, whatever was holding your brain together seems to have snapped.

ALBUS: Im going to do this, Scorpius. I need to do this. And you know as well as I do, Ill entirely mess it up if you dont come with me. Come on.

He grins. And then disappears ever up. SCORPIUS hesitates for a moment. He makes a face. And then hoists himself up and disappears after ALBUS.



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