into your Past Chest of Drawers


1) Past.

We use PS when we talk about ed

action in the in .

#I got access to the Internet yesterday

# I liked reading


We use . when we talk about h and

.. situations which now....


# .

3) Present ...

1) Result (when .. is..

with )

2) N.. (when we..........

a .........................)

3) with markers a.y, j.., yet, .ver, .er, al, all my ..(for a long time),

so ., rec, late......

4) .. markers

In my life, ., ,

NB1 when we give ....we use Past Simple

# Today I met Tom, phoned Jim, lost my memory

NB2 When , -

NB3When we ................ questions we use .... # A: Oh! Ive burnt myself!

B: How you do that? A: I touched a hot dish.

4) Present Continuous

1)We use PPC when we talk about the action which

and has just ....

2)We use PPC w w t a t a which

...................and is still

Markers., , ..?

NBWe don't ....in PPC.

We use ....................................... instead.

Past Continuous

We use PC when smb was in the middle of doing smth and we dont know if the action was finished or not.



Was / Were + V-ing

Write down the new Rule for Past Continuous

into your Past Chest of Drawers



Homework from the previous lesson check

1. Jack (live) has lived here since he was born (for a very long time) 2. They (wait) have been waiting for us for half an hour. 3. How long has it been raining (rain, it)? 4. How long have you known (know, you) her? 5. I havent seen (not, see) you for 3 days. 6. Hello! I have been cleaning (clean) the windows. So far I have cleaned(clean) five of them and there are two more to do 7. Theres a strange smell in here. Have you cooked/ have you been cooking (you/cook) something? 8. My brother is an actor. He has appeared (appear) in several films. 9. My hands are dirty. I have been repairing (repair) my car. 10. That man has been standing (stand) outside for hours. 11. The castle has stood (stand) on that hill for 900 years. 12. Ann has been gardening (garden) all afternoon. She has planted (plant) a lot of rose bushes. 13. How long have you been waiting (you wait)? 14. Her family have farmed (farm) this land since the tenth century. NB: family, police, team = they 15. She has been skiing (only ski) only for two days, but she's doing very well. 16. I have been learning (learn) German for six years. 17. I have learned (learn) most of the irregular verbs. 18. My mother has done (do) all her Christmas shopping. 19. I have been doing (shopping) (do) shopping all day. 20. I have cleaned (clean) the car. Doesn't it look nice? 21. 'You look tired.' 'I have been preparing (prepare) for my exams all day.'



Grammar Homework   1) Very Stupid Story 2) Past Story 3) Ive been waiting song 9 lines by heart 4) Translate


, ! . (cough). , , , (to be fed up with). - , . . , , (to cheer myself up), (a milkman) . , - , (bill).

(move to) . (break up with) .

. , . ,


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