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Match the following phrases from the article (sometimes more than one combination is possible).

from a younger age about what they buy
the average age at which latest and greatest digital devices
consumers are also getting choosy are so tech savvy
Kids are drawn to the a sample of American adults
an online survey to around him really were child’s play
kids use electronic devices an than ever before
made no electronics average of three days per week
Children nowadays children begin using computers
Robert Junior said all the gadgets purchases


Task 11.

Listen and decide these sentences are true (T) or false (F).

a. The average age at which kids start using gadgets has fallen. T / F
b. Young consumers really don’t care what kind of gadgets they buy. T / F
c. Some children and adults seem frightened of electronic devices. T / F
d. The data were collected via surveys in electronic shops. T / F
e. A quarter of parents surveyed don’t buy gadgets regularly. T / F
f. Most children don’t use gadgets regularly. T / F
g. A father had to teach his son how to use Sony’s PlayStation. T / F
h. Sony will soon bring out a version of its PlayStation for newborns. T / F


Task 12.

Summarise the main point of the text. Do you agree with the authors’ point of view. Give your reasons.

Task 13. Make a list “10 ways I use computer.”

Unit 4. Specification.

Task 1.

Listen to a lecture and identify types of computers the speaker describes.

Type of computer Main features


Task 2.

Look at these extracts from emails to an online helpdesk. Which type of computer is each person talking about?

  1. I dropped it as I was getting out of a taxi, and now it won’t turn on.
  2. I lost the stylus. Is it safe to use a pencil to input directly onto the screen?
  3. As soon as it went offline, every PC on the network crashed.
  4. I was rotating the screen round to show something to a colleague, and now it won’t move.
  5. Can you send someone down to show me the best position for my monitor and keyboard? I want to avoid getting any back or neck problems.


Task 3.

Listen about different types of portable computers. Fill in the gaps.


Type Portable …… …… …… ……
Power runs on ……   runs on …… runs on …… runs on …… runs on ……
Weight between … and … pounds between … and … pounds as little as …… pounds between … and … pounds less than ……
Screen size about … inch diagonally about … inch diagonally as small as …… inches similar to notebook and laptop very small
Input devices keyboard keyboard keyboard …… keys


Task 4.

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