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Cartesian Configuration

The arm movement of a robot using the Cartesian configuration can be described by three intersecting perpendicular straight lines, referred to as the X, Y, and Z axes. Because movement can start and stop simultaneously along all three axes, motion of the tool tip is smoother. This allows the robot to move directly to its designated point, instead of following trajectories parallel to each axis.

One advantage of robots with a Cartesian configuration is that their totally linear movement allows for simpler controls. They also have a high degree of mechanical rigidity, accuracy, and repeatability. They can carry heavy loads, and this weight lifting capacity does not vary at different locations within the work envelope. As to disadvantages, Cartesian robots are generally limited in their movement to a small, rectangular work space.

Typical applications for Cartesian robots include the following:

• Assembly

• Machining operations

• Adhesive application использование связующего, клеящего состава

• Surface finishing

• Inspection

• Waterjet cutting водоструйная резка

• Welding

• Nuclear material handling

• Robotic X-ray and neutron radiography

• Automated CNC lathe loading and operation токарный станок с ЧПУ типа CNC

• Remotely operated decontamination

• Advanced munitions handling

• General material handling and special payload handling and manipulation

• Meat packing

• Coating applications

• Assembly

• Injection molding заливка материала в форму под давлением методом впрыска 2) пресс-форма для литья под давлением 3) литьё под давлением 4) изделие, полученное литьём под давлением

• Die casting кокильное литьё 4) кокильная отливка

Spherical Configuration (Polar)

The spherical configuration, sometimes referred to as the polar configuration, resemble s the action of the turret on a military tank. A pivot point gives the robot its vertical movement, and a telescoping boom extends and retracts to provide reach. Rotary movement occur s around an axis perpendicular to the base.

The spherical configuration generally provides a larger work envelope than the Cartesian or cylindrical configurations. The design is simple and provides good weight lifting capabilities. This configuration is suited to applications where a small amount of vertical movement is adequate, such as loading and unloading a punch press. Its disadvantages include reduced mechanical rigidity and the need for a more sophisticated control system than either the Cartesian or cylindrical configurations. The same problems occur with inertia and accuracy in this configuration as they do in the cylindrical configuration. Vertical movement is limited, as well.


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