In a Restaurant

Asking about Health




32 How is your father keeping?

33 Hes been off the work for a day or two.

34 Whats wrong with him?

35 Hes gone down with a cold.

36 Tell him I hope he soon feels better.

37 Thats very kind of you. Ill pass it on.




38 Where is Tony this evening?

39 Hes not feeling very well.

40 Really? Whats the trouble?

41 I think he must have eaten something.

42 Give him my regards and tell him to take things easy.

43 Thank you very much. Ill tell him what you said.




44 How is your brother these days?

45 He hasnt been just well recently.

46 Im sorry to hear that. Whats the matter?

47 I think hes been overworking.

48 I hope hell soon get over it.

49 Thank you. Hell be pleased to hear you asked after him.




50 I havent seen Bob lately. How is he?

51 As a matter of fact he has laid up.

52 Oh, dear! Whats up with him?

53 We dont know but we are having the doctor in tomorrow.

54 Let me know if there is anything I can do.

55 Thanks very much. Ill tell him you enquired about him.



Introductions and Opening Conversation




56 Wendy, Id like you to meet my brother Symon.

57 How do you do?

58 How do you do?

59 What do you think of life in England?

60 Im still feeling pretty homesick.

61 It seems to be strange at first.




62 Mrs. Lewis, this is Peter Brown.

63 How do you do?

64 How do you do?

65 How do you find things here?

66 If it wasnt bad climate Id like it very much.

67 It wont take you long to settle down.




68 Mother, this is Josephs brother David.

69 How do you do?

70 How do you do?

71 How do you like London?

72 Its quite different from what Ive expected.

73 Dont worry, youll soon get used to it.




74 Mrs. Stancey, Id like to introduce my Greek friend Millis.

75 How do you do?

76 How do you do?

77 What is your first impression of England?

78 Of course, its much colder here than it is at home.

79 Never mind, youll be all right in a week or two.



Saying Good-bye



80 Ive come to say good-bye.

81 When are you off?

82 Im flying home on Sunday.

83 Good-bye, then. And all the very best.

84 Cheerio! Say good-bye to the rest of the family, wont you?




85 Id like to say good-bye to you all.

86 What time are you going?

87 My train leaves at 7.25.

88 Well, good-bye, and have a good journey.

89 Remember to look me up if ever you are in Rome.




90 Im ringing to say good-bye.

91 When are you setting off?

92 Im catching the 11.35 boat.

93 Cheerio, then. And dont forget to keep in touch.

94 Good-bye. And thanks for everything.




95 Ive just called in to say good-bye.

96 What time are you leaving?

97 Im going to try to get away by 10.

98 Good-bye, then and remember me to your parents.

99 See you next year.


In a Restaurant




100Can I take your order, sir?

101Yes, Id like to try the steak, please.

102And to follow?

103Ice-cream, please.




104Have you decided on something, sir?

105Yes, and chips for me, please.

106How about the sweet?

107No sweet, thanks. Just coffee.



108Have you chosen something, sir?

109Yes, I think Ill have

110What would you like afterwards?

111Id love some fruit if you have any.



112May I take your order, sir?

113Ill just take a small salad, please.

114Do you want any sweet?

115Apple-pie and would be nice.