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When you take shelter of Kåñëa or you take shelter of Kåñëa's pure devotee, then you become transcendental.

Lecture: 730127BG.Calcutta


A devotee means who has taken shelter of the lotus feet of Kå ñ ë a completely. So either you... Of course, it is not possible to take the shelter of Kå ñ ë a directly. That is not possible. May be possible by Kå ñ ë a's special mercy, but general process is you have to go through the mercy or process of accepting a guru.

Lecture: 750125BG.Honk Kong


Everyone is falsely thinking independent, but he is dependent. But he is depending on false platform. That is the mistake of this material civilization. They are thinking of protection from a (sic:) tiltering platform, material world. So we have to take shelter of Kå ñ ë a. Kå ñ ë a is very friendly to all of us. Therefore he comes down from Vaikuë ö ha to inform this, that is Bhagavad-gé tä.

Lecture: 731129SB.NY


Therefore teach people how to take shelter of Kå ñ ë a. Sarva-dharmä n parityajya mä m ekaà ç araë aà vraja [Bg. 18.66]. You can say that " Does it mean that God is partial? He take only care of the devotees and not others? " He takes care of everyone, but everyone is not fortunate to take shelter of Kå ñ ë a. When He says, sarva-dharmä n parityajya mä m ekam, He does not say to His devotees only. He says to everyone. But everyone is not fortunate to take shelter of Kå ñ ë a.

Lecture: 7602296SB.Mayapura


Even if you have material desires, still, you take shelter of Kå ñ ë a, Kå ñ ë a will fulfill your material desires and at the end will give shelter at His lotus feet. This is the advantage of devotional service. Whereas if you worship other demigods, you may get some temporary benefit, but at the end, the benefit will be finished, you'll be finished, and the demigod who has given you the benediction, he will be also finished.

The Nectar of Devotion—721110ND.VRN


Therefore if we take shelter of Kå ñ ë a seriously, there will be no fear of being thrown back into the cycle of so many species of life. A sincere devotee will surely be transferred to the abode of Kå ñ ë a, as affirmed in the Bhagavad-gé tä."

The Nectar of Devotion—730125ND.CAL


It is stated in the Bhagavad-gita that Maya is very strong, unsurmountable, but one who surrenders to Krsna—Maya does not touch him. So, all our books are as good as Krsna because we deal in the books about Krsna only. Therefore, taking shelter of these books means taking shelter of Krsna —there is no doubt about it and if you stick to this principle there will be no attack from Maya.

Letter to: Bhavananda—Bombay 28 Oct.1970


A pure devotee takes shelter of Kå ñ ë a in such a way, and Kå ñ ë a is so grateful that He accepts him and gives him all kinds of protection. This is confirmed in Ç ré mad-Bhä gavatam (11.29.34) where it is said that if a person who is about to die takes full shelter of the Supreme Lord and places himself fully under His care, he actually attains immortality and becomes eligible to associate with the Supreme Lord and enjoy transcendental bliss.

Teaching of Lord Caitanya-1975 Eddition: 12-1975: The Devotee


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