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Pablo Picasso


Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

Pablo Picasso

" Art" is the creation or expression of what is beautiful, especially in visual form. Drawing, painting, sculpture, architecture, literature, music, ballet belong to the fine art.

Art has always been occupation for the few, but has been admired by many. Art reflects feelings and emotions, brings delight and admiration, and makes life pure as it wakens our best hidden qualities.

Pattern 1.

-Watercolour painting - is - colours that are mixed with water, not oil, and

used for painting pictures;

- can be done in - two major techniques, (1) transparent water

color and (2) gouache.

- Landscape - a wide view of a country scenery;


- Cityscape - the way a city looks;


- Fresco painting - a technique in which the artists paints on a

plastered wall while the plaster is still damp.

- is - especially well suited to decorating large walls

in churches, government buildings, and


- Still life - a painting of flowers, fruit or objects;

- Seascape - a picture of a scene at sea;

- Portrait - a painting, drawing, or photograph which

depicts a person or a group of people.

- Canvas - an oil painting

- Genre painting


The good painters manage to stir viewer's imagination by reflecting their views to life.

The artist can’t use the words but something different: the play of paints and light, perhaps, his ability to hide the lacks and show the benefits of a subject, making a special accent on a beauty.


I am fond of Arts, especially painting. I enjoy landscapes made in oil as nothing else because the artist can convey the smallest details of nature – emerald grass, insects, and a thick forest. You feel the blowing of the light wind, the warmth of the sun. Thanks to the talent of the artist when you come closer to the picture you feel as if you are in the picture. If you take a look at a landscape, you feel that a painting doesn't make the viewer indifferent, but worries and excites him.


Once I went to the museum and saw the portraits of different people. It was great! There were full-length portraits, group portraits or just faces. You can pay attention to the smallest strokes of the picture – expression of the face, smile, eyes, and clothes. And you can value the master ship of the painter.


As for me I like to see the watercolour painting, for instance, the seascape. Watercolours are good to paint a calm sea with boats and ships. But if it is a storm with rough soaring waves it seems better to depict it in oil. I feel really worried.


Recently I've been to the National Museum of the Decorative Arts and had a chance to see the still lives of the Ukrainian artists. I like their pictures very much. In their pictures they depict fruit, vegetables, flowers and different utensils of the Ukrainian people. While watching their works you feel the smell of the plants – fragrant and fresh. Thanks to these paintings you understand how beautiful Ukraine is.


I take an interest in the cityscapes. I have seen them drawn in pastel, oil, watercolours and coal. Each of them looks different whatever the technique is. Looking at them you can imagine how the city changes, how the citizens live there. You can walk along the streets of this city and enjoy yourself.

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