Because we were both still wet.

a)A Service of Love

b) A Days Wait

c)The Nightingale and the Rose

d) The Green Door

e)The Boy Next Door

21.These sentences are from: In the street it was very quiet. The trees stood silent in the moonlight. Roy walked under the dry falling leaves towards the centre of the town, breathing in the night air.

a)The InvisibleMan

b)As you like it


d) The Boy Next Door

e) The adventure of the Dying

22. These sentences are from: Andrew Manson, a young inexperienced doctor, has come to work in a small miners town in Wales. His very first case proves to be typhoid. Andrew is terribly anxious, especially when the disease begins to spread. He is at a loss what to do and turns for advice to Philip Denny, a doctor who has been living in the town for some time.

a) The InvisibleMan

b) Home

c) the Happiest man on Earth

d) The Dog and Three Dollars

e)The Explosion

23. Complete the following sentence. Mind the text Return by P. Abrahams: The action takes place

a)in South America

b)in West Africa

c)in North Africa

d)in South Africa

e) in East Africa

24.Complete the following sentence: It was with as yesterday.

a)as the ship, the same people

b)the large ship, the same men

c)that boat, the same men

d)the same ship, the same people

e) the same boat, the same men

25. These sentences are from the text: Brackett rose and worked over to the counter until they were face to face.

a) The InvisibleMan

b) The Green Door

c) A Service of Love

d) The Dog and Three Dollars

e) The Happiest man on Earth

26. The book said that he suddenly stopped painting at 53 and lived in a villa in Rivera. He hadnt

painted anything in a dozen year and was heard to say he would never touch the brush again.The main character of the text is

a) Frank




e) Lautisse

27. Complete the following sentence: I had no idea who was

a)her b) they c) it d) she e) he

28. Towards the end of a wonderful dinner, when dessert had been brought in and the servants had left, my uncle leant forward to admire a magnificent diamond ring on the princess's hand. These sentences are from:

a) Success Story

b) The Filipino and the Drunkard

c)The Dinner Party


e)A Good Start


29. Complete the following sentence (Mind the text Mr. Know-All by W.S. Maugham):

The chain was handed to

a)Mr. Brown

b)Mr. Ramsay

c)Mr. Roger

d)Mr. Kelada

e)Mr. Barton

30. Complete the following sentence: When the doctor came he took

a)my temperature

b)the boys temperature

c) her temperature

d)our temperature

e)their temperature




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