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I. Прочитайте та усно перекладіть текст.

А.М. Terpigorev (1873-1959)

1. Academician A.M. Terpigorev is a well-known mining engineer who successfully combined his practical experience with scientific research. In 1892 he finished school with honours and decided to get a higher education. He chose the Mining Institute in St. Petersburg.

2. At the Institute he studied the full range of subjects relating to metallurgy, mining and mining mechanics. At that time students' specialization was based on descriptive courses and elementary practical training. One of the best lecturers was A. P. Karpinsky. His lectures on historical geology were very popular.

3. A.M. Terpigorev visited mines during his practical training and saw that the miners' work was very difficult. While he was working in the Donbas he collected material for his graduation paper which he soon defended. The Mining of flat seams in the Donbas was carefully studied and described in it. In 1897 Terpigorev graduated from the Institute with a first-class diploma of a mining engineer.

4. His first job as a mining engineer was at the Sulin mines where he worked for more than three years first as Assistant Manager and later as Manager. From 1900 till 1922 Terpigorev worked at the Yekaterinoslav Min­ing Institute (now the Mining Institute in Dnepropetrovsk).

5. In 1922 he accepted an offer to take charge of the mining chair at the Moscow Mining Academy and moved to Moscow. From 1930 he headed the chairs of Mining Transport and Mining of Bedded Deposits at the Moscow Mining Institute.

6. Academician Terpigorev took a particular interest in mine safety. As a result of his investigations a series of safety measures in gassy collieries was worked out. For some time he was working on the problem of fire damp, the most harmful and dangerous of all the gases in mines.

7. His two-volume work Coal Mining and Mine Transport Facilities is a full description of the state of mechanization and the economy of the Donbas. His other works are about mining transport facilities, mecha­nization of coal mining and mining machinery.

II. Знайдіть відповіді на запитання.

1. What institute did he graduate from?

2. What material did he collect while he was working in the Donbas?

3. Where did Terpigorev work from 1900 till 1922?

4. What did Terpigorev take a particular interest in?

5. What problems do Terpigorev's works deal with?

III. Вкажіть номери речень які відповідають змісту текста.

1. After school Terpigorev decided to work at a mine.

2. Terpigorev collected material for his graduation paper which dealt with mining thick seams in the Donbas.

3. When the students study surveying they have practical work in the field.

4. He was one of the first to work on the problem of gasification of coal.

5. Sediments are formed either at the surface or near the surface of the earth.

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