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Mining Education in Great Britain

1. In Great Britain the students get mining education at special colleges and at mining departments of universities.

2. For example, the Mining Department at the University of Nottingham ranks as one of the foremost teaching and research mining schools in Great Britain. The students come to the Univer­sity from all parts of the country and from abroad.

3. The aim of training at the University is to give the student an understanding of applied science based on lectures, tutorial system1, laboratory work and design classes. The laboratory work trains the student in accurate recording of observations, drawing of logical conclusions and presentation of scientific reports. Besides, it gives the student an understanding of experimental methods and familiarizes him (or her) with the characteristics of engineering materials, equipment and machines.

4. During the final two years of his course the student gets a compre­hensive training in surveying. Practical work both in the field and in drawing classes forms an important part of this course. Besides, the students have practical work in survey camps during two weeks.

5. The practical and laboratory work throughout the three or four years of study forms a very important part of the course, so the students obtain the required standard in their laboratory course work before they graduate.

6. British educational system is fee-paying, the annual fee in­cludes registration, tuition, examination, graduation and, in the case of full-time students, membership of the Union of Students.

7. The University pays much attention to learning foreign lan­guages. For individual study there is a 16-place self-access tape li­brary4 with a tape archive of 3,000 tapes in 30 languages. There are also 16 video work stations where the students play back video tapes or watch TV broadcasts in a variety of languages.


Пояснення до тексту

1. tutorial system1- Система прикрепления студентів до окремих консультантів.

2. self-access tape li­brary2 - фонотека з вільним доступом до касет


II. Знайдіть відповіді на запитання.

1. Where can one get mining education in Great Britain?

2. Is the Mining Department at the University of Nottingham one of the foremost research mining schools in Great Britain?

3. What are the students supposed to do in the laboratories?

4. Will the students have practical work in survey camps or in
the laboratories?

5. What facilities for studying foreign languages are available at the University?

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