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III. Вкажіть номери речень, які відповідають змісту текста.

1. In Great Britain the students can get mining education only at special colleges.

2. The training at universities is based on tutorial system.

3. Students' course is designed on a modular basis.

4. When the students study surveying, they have practical work both in the field and in drawing classes.

5. The students from abroad don't study at Nottingham.


IV. Перепишіть та письмово перекладіть 2, 3, 5, 6 та 7 абзаци тексту.

V. Перепишіть наступні речення та перекладіть їх на українську мову. Визначте в кожному з них видо-часову форму, стан та інфінітив дієслова-присудка.

1. After Becquerel had made a great number of experiments, he discovered the phenomenon of radioactivity.

2. The field practice familiarizes the students with the modern equipment and new tendencies in organization of miners’ work.

3. At the moment I’m working very hard because I have exams soon.

4. We were shown a number of experiments illustrating the presence of high-energy particles in the cosmic radiation.

5. More and more is being learned about outer space and the conditions for life there.

VI. Перепишіть наступні речення та перекладіть їх на українську мову, звертаючи увагу на типи підпорядкування.

1. This problem is discussed in the book which was published two years ago.

2. After Faraday had made a lot of experiments, he discovered the electromagnetic induction.

3. We know that a metal in its normal state us a conductor.

4. Pure water is rarely found in nature, because it is able to dissolve substances from the air, the soil and the rock.


VII. Перепишіть наступні речення та перекладіть їх на українську мову, звертаючи увагу на функції слів one (ones), this(these), that (those).

1. Physical changes are those which affect the state or condition of matter without changing its composition.

2. Water is one of the few substances that man knows well and uses all of its three forms.

3. The trouble is that they haven’t taken into account these data.

4. One should be very careful when crossing the street.

5. The device that we’ll use for this purpose is an ordinary one.


VIII. Перепишіть наступні речення та перекладіть їх на українську мову, звертаючи увагу на форми та функції інфінітиву.

1. The results to be expected are of great importance.

2. To get the increase in productivity they will have to employ some new methods.

3. They were glad to have supplied with the new equipment.

4. Their purpose was to find the cause of the engine’s breaking down.

5. To establish the quality and quantity of a mineral deposit means to prove it.

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