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Convert from hexadecimal system to decimal

Convert from binary system to decimal

(1000001) 2 = (?)10 *65

Convert from binary system to decimal (10111) 2 = (?)10 *23

Convert from decimal system to binary

(156)10 = (?) 2*10011100

Convert from decimal system to binary

(51)10 = (?) 2*110011

Convert from decimal system to hexadecimal

(16)10 = (?)16 *10

Convert from hexadecimal system to decimal

(62)16 = (?)10 *98

Convert from hexadecimal system to decimal

(8А)16 = (?)10 *138

Convert from hexadecimal system to decimal

(FB)16 = (?)10 *251

Convert from octal system to decimal (1045)8 = (?)10 *549

Convert from octal system to decimal (461)8 = (?)10 *305

Database Management System is a software product, which is part of :*application software

Devices that make up the processor :*an arithmetic-logic unit , the control unit

Document of MS Excel called*Workbook

Every workbook in Excel consists of…*a number of worksheets

For convenience and organization of data files are grouped into :*Catalogs

Graphics representation of horizontal and vertical lines is called :*vector

Hard Drive*the main device for the temporary storage of data

How can you select more than one icon at a time?*Select the first, then hold CTRL whilst selecting the rest

How do you reopen a minimised window?*Click on its name or icon on the task bar.

How do you run a program from a desktop icon with the mouse?*Double click on its icon on the desktop

How you can use a link to your web page:*Click on Insert, then Hyperlink and insert a link to your favorite web page

If you want to type a formula in a cell, you must start your formula with a … sign :*=

In the spreadsheet, select a group of 4 cells. These cells can be :*A1 : B2

Information technology is:*set of hardware and software , which are carried out with the help of diverse processing operation information in various spheres of life and activity Graphics representation of the image as a set of points is called :*raster

It is a device for connecting your computer to the Internet :*modem

It is the use of computers to display and manipulate information in graphical or pictorial form, either on a visual-display unit or via a printer or plotter.*Computer Graphics

laser printer compared with the jet :*higher speed and print quality

MS Word document is saved with extension :*doc

Object , allowing the formula to make the document Word:*Microsoft Equation

Operating System is:*set of programs that provides all the hardware devices in the computer and the user's access to them

Please select the wrong statement:*When using a MS Word you cannot print your document

Ready to performs file has extension*com, exe, bat

Rows’ names are indicated by:*Arabic numbers

Set of interrelated programs , providing the user a convenient way to communicate with the pro gram , called:*interface

Size standard floppy disks*3.5 inch ( 1.44 MB )

Software that lets you send and receive messages, such as e-mail and faxing programs: *communications program

Software used to create slide show presentations and reports:*presentation application

Spreadsheet is:*application designed to handle structured data in a table

System software does not include:*Database programs

Technology of the fifths generation computers:

*AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Technology of the first generation computers:*Vacuum Tubes

Technology of the fourth generation computers:*VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration)

Technology of the second generation computers:*Transistors

Technology of the third generation computers:

*ICs (Integrated Circuits)

The acronym DBMS stands for what?*no variant is true

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