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Busy in the Kitchen

Billy: Mummy! Are you busy?

Mother: Yes, I'm in the kitchen.

Вi11y: Can I go swimming in Chichester with Jim this morning?

Mother: Jim?

Billy: Jim English. He's living with Mr and Mrs Willis in the village — Spring Cottage.

Mother: Isn't it a bit chilly to go swimming?

Billy: What's this? Can I pinch a bit of it?

Mother: Oh, Billy, you little pig! It's figgy pudding, Get your fingers out of it!

Billy: Women are so silly! I only dipped a little finger in.

Mother: Well, it's a filthy little finger. Here, tip this chicken skin into the bin and I'll give you a biscuit.

4. Weeding's Not for Me!

Peter; This is the season for weeds. We'll each weed three metres before tea, easily.

Сe1ia: Do we kneel? My knees are weak. Do you mean all these?

Peter: Celia, my sweet, those aren't weeds, those are seedlings, Beans, peas and leeks. Can't you see?

Се1ia: If they're green they're weeds to me. But I agree, Peter — weeding's not for me!

Peter: Well, let me see. May be we'll leave the weeds. You see these leaves? If you sweep them into a heap under that tree I'll see to the tea.

Сe1ia: Pete, my feet are freezing. You sweep the leaves. I'll see to the tea!

Exercise VI.Read the rhymes and learn them.

1. One, two, three 2. Kitty meets Minnie
Let me see "Minnie", said Kitty
Who likes coffee "Look at my pinny.
and who likes tea. Isn't, it pretty?"
One, two, three "Very", says Minnie
Oh, I see "I like white and blue."
You like coffee "Thank you", says Kitty
And I like tea. "And I like it too."

3. Oh, swing the king and swing the queen,

Oh, swing the king and swing the queen,

Oh, swing 'em round and round the green.

Oh, swing 'em round the green.

4. Kitty's home is in the country,

Betty's home is in the city,

Kitty likes to stay with Betty,

Betty likes to stay with Kitty.

Betty likes the country best,

Kitty likes the busy city,

That is quite a lucky thing

For Betty and for Kitty.

Exercise VII.Transcribe the proverbs and learn them.

1. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

2. As fit as a fiddle.

3. People meet but mountains never greet.

4. Between the devil and the deep sea.

5. A small leak will sink a great ship.

6. Honey is sweet but the bee stings.

7. Still waters run deep.

UNIT 2. [æ] - [e]

Exercise I. Read the following words paying special attention to correct pronunciation.

      2. [e]    
Al pal hat any men get
Alma bag lap Aetna pen pet
alphabet lab nap anyhow den let
add cab back v anyway said bet
Ann pan rack anyone bread best
apple ban happen ate bed mess
ammateur ham happy   red neck
Africa badge chapter   bell peck
abbey fancy chatter   sell left
abstract balcony catch   fell press
Alice grammar gas   ready settle

3. [æ] - [e]

bat — bet pat — pet

at — ate bad — bed

lad — led sad — said

mat — met Dan — den

rat — red tan — ten

rack — wreck sat — set

bag — beg man — men

shall — shell Pat — pet

Exercise II.Read the following sense-groups, mind the rhythm and intonation.

(a) a rat; a fat rat; catching a fat rat; a cat catching a fat rat; a black cat catching a fat rat.

(b) his hands; clapping his hands; a man clapping his hands; a fat man clapping his hands; a fat man clapping his hands is Pat's Dad.

(c) a hat; a black hat; Pat's black hat; a cat is in Pat's black hat; a black cat is in Pat's black hat; Pat's black cat is in Pat's black hat.

(d) Franz; friend Franz; Czech friend Franz; Jack's Czech friend Franz, Jack's Czech friend Franz and Pat; Jack's Czech friend Franz and French friend Pat; Jack's Czech friend Franz and Franz's French friend Pat.

Exercise III.Transcribe and intone the following sentences. Practise reading them in pairs.

[æ] (a) 1. Ann has plaits and black slacks.

2. Harry has a hacking jacket.

3. Harry and Ann are standing hand in hand.

4 Can you imagine that? That's adsolutely fantastic!

5. That's flat! That's bad! And that's that.

6. Fancy that! Dan acted on Dad's advice!

[e] (b) 1. Very well then.

2. Well said.

3. Ted meant to get ahead.

4. Ed will never get the better of Ted.

5. I expect Betty spends a pretty penny on dress.

6. Success went to Ned's head.

[æ] — [e] (c) 1. A black cat sat on a mat and ate a fat rat.

2. Ted has Dad's hat on his head.

3. Jack has a check cap in his hand.

4. Accidents will happen in the best regulated families.

5. Can you imagine that? Success went to' Pat's head.

Exercise IV.Read the tongue-twisters and learn them.

1. He that hatches matches hatches catches.

2. If you, Andy, have two candies, give one candy to Sandy, Andy.

3. A black ape on a real ladder dropped a black cape on a real adder.

Exercise V. Read the dialogues, mark the stresses and tunes. Learn them. Act out the dialogues.

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