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A Painting of a Boy

J a y: Do you like painting?

Joy: Yes. I'm trying to paint a boy lying beside a lake. Do you like it?

Jay: Hm ... Why don't you buy some oil paints?

J о у: I don't enjoy painting with oils.

Jay: Your painting is quite nice, but why are you painting the boy's face grey?

Joy: {pointing) It isn't grey. It's white.

3. James Doyle and the Boilermakers' Strike

Old Gentleman: I say, boy! What's all that frightful noise? Boy: It's the boilermakers from Tyneside. They're on strike. I'm on my way to join them.

Old Gentleman: You a boilermaker?

Boy: Me? No, I slave for United Alloys. But I'll add my voice to anyone fighting for his rights.

Old Gentleman: Wait! Why are they striking this time?

В о у: A rise in wages mainly — and overtime for nights.

Old Gentleman: Why don't they use their brains? A rise in pay means rising prices and greater inflation. What's the point? Who gains?

Boy: That's blackmail, mate. There's high unemployment in Tyneside and the employers exploit the situation. They pay a highly trained boilermaker starvation wages. It's a disgrace.

Old Gentleman: What's your name?

Boy: James Doyle. I come from a line of fighters. My Aunt Jane chained herself to the railings in 1809. She was quite famous.

Old Gentleman: I'll be highly annoyed if you tie yourself to mine!

Exercise VI.Read the rhymes and learn them.

1. Taffy was born

On a moonshiny night,

His head in a pipkin,

His heels upright.

2. Cry, baby, cry,

Put your finger in your eye,

And tell your mother it wasn't I.

3. This is the grave of Mike O'Day,

Who died, maintaining his right of way.

His right was clear, his will was strong

But he's just as dead as if he'd been'wrong.

4. There was a young lady of Niger

Who smiled as she rode on a tiger,

They returned from the ride

With the lady inside,

And the smile on the face of the tiger.

5. There was an old person of Troy,

Whose drink was warm brandy and soy,

Which he took with a spoon,

By the light of the moon, In sight of the city of Troy.

Exercise VII.Transcribe the proverbs and learn them.

1. Let bygones be bygones..

2. A blind leader of the blind.

3. He gives twice who gives in a trice.

4. No joy without alloy.

5. Since Adam was a boy.

6. The voice of one man is the voice of no one.

7. Choice of the end covers the choice of means.

UNIT 12. [p] - [b]

Exercise I.Read the following words paying special attention to the sounds [p] — [b].

1. [p]     2. [b]     3. [p]- [b]
pen cap pepper bag cab lobby pin — bin
pin nap copper bug rub rubber pen — Ben
pan cop paper beg rob hobby pear — bear
pond top helpful big rib robin cap — cab
pub lip apple bit sob member pup — pub
pony cup spoon bid Bob submit pit — bit
part puppy stupid block club submarine pond — bond
please lap sport band crib table pun — bun
            pig — big
            prim — brim
            pack — back

Exercise II.Read the following sense-groups, mind the rhythm and intonation.

(a) a passenger; a purposeful passenger; a prosperous purposeful passenger; a plump, prosperous, purposeful passenger; portrait of a plump, prosperous, purposeful passenger; portrait of a plump, prosperous, purposeful passenger with a pipe.

(b) beer; brown beer; best brown beer; a bottle of best brown beer; bring a bottle of best brown beer; Bob, bring a bottle of best brown beer.

Exercise III.Transcribe and intone the following sentences. Practise reading them in pairs.

[b] (a) 1. Barbara is a beautiful blonde with bright blue eyes.

2. Barbara is bathing blissfully in a bubble-bath.

3. Barbara's baby brother Bobby is bouncing a big beach ball.

4. Bessie, the beautiful blond barmaid is bringing a bottle of best brown beer from the bar at the back of the "Bull and Bush".

[p] (b) 1. Pretty Polly Perkins has a pair of pretty plaits.

2. Pat peeps at Pip playing the piano.

[b] — [p] (c) 1. A bold spy put a big bomb in a pork pie.

2. The pork pie blew up a politician with a big bang in a public bar.

Exercise VI.Read the rhymes and learn them.

1. Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper,

A peck of pickled pepper Peter Piper picked,

If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper,

Where is the peck of pickled pepper Peter Piper picked?

2. The bear could not bear the boar

The boar thought a bear a bore.

3. A big black bug bit a big black bear.

A big black bear bit a big black bug.

4. Bill had a billboard and also a board bill.

But the board bill bored Bill so

That he sold the billboard to pay the board bill.

Exercise V.Read the dialogues, mark the stresses and tunes. Learn them. Act out the dialogues.

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