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A man was arrested last night in connection with the recent spate of burglaries in the Hope Valley area. The suspect is being held in custody and was questioned by police overnight about the incidents. He has not yet been named, but police are expected to release further information later. It is likely that he will be charged before the end of the day.


The conflict of interest was uncovered by the reporter.

Journalists are guided by a code of ethics.

The burglaries were committed by a local resident.

Bribes were taken by the CEO of the company.

The newspaper article was written by Edward Jepson.


Writing a newspaper article
A newspaper article is normally organized into four parts.
This is the main point of a story, usually fewer than 10 words, written in an eye-catching style to grab readers' attention and make them want to read the whole article. Note that headlines often are written in truncated English.
Man shoots self with own gun    
This is a short phrase or sentence, which explains or expands on the headline.
Local farmer in area hospital in stable condition.    
Lead paragraph
Summarizes the key elements of the article. Journalists aim to answer the five W questions. Who is the story about? What happened? When did it happen? Where did it happen? Why did it happen?
The remainder of the article follows what is sometimes known as the 'inverted pyramid' structure. The elements of the story are covered in order of importance, starting with the most important and finishing with the least important.


Newspaper style
The style of a newspaper article differentiates it from other styles of writing. While not every article meets these criteria, it is generally agreed that a newspaper article should:
Be objective and unbiased
A generic newspaper article is not an opinion column. Stick to the facts.
Use precise language
Be as specific as possible in your use of language to avoid any confusion on the part of the reader.
Back up statements with facts and figures
If you make a statement, be prepared to support it.
Avoid undue amount of word repetition
Why say eliminate two times when you can say eliminate and get rid of one time each?
Tend toward short words and sentences
If you're writing a newspaper article you're probably pretty intelligent, but you don't need to prove that to the reader. Keep it as simple and straightforward as possible.


Different kinds of newspaper articles
Local, national, or international news
News articles should be objective and backed up by facts.
Feature article
Features are also known as 'soft' news. This might be an article about a local celebrity or upcoming event.
A subjective essay that appears on a specific page and expresses the opinion of a newspaper or its publisher.
An article written by the same person on a regular basis. A column could cover almost any topic. A column is not considered to be a news story.
An article devoted to sports, the players and the results of games.
A critic reviews a movie, play, concert or other performing art.


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