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Match the definitions with the right words from the right column.

used as a polite way of asking a question or asking smb to do smth; to think about smth and try to decide what is true, what will happen, what you should do, etc. household
the outside or top layer of smth wonder
all the people living together in a house sensitive
(of the mind) able to think and understand quickly to wonder
having or showing an understanding of people’s needs, a situation, etc. that is not based on old-fashioned attitudes and prejudice surface
aware of and able to understand other people and their feelings nimble
a feeling of surprise and admiration that you have when you see or experience smth beautiful, unusual or unexpected SYN awe enlightened

4. Complete the sentences with the words from Chapter 1 or their derivatives. One and the same word should fit the sentences under one number:

1. a.All my efforts ended in ___________. b.He was a _________ as a singer though everyone predicted success. c.The ________ of the United Nations to maintain food supplies worsened the situation.
2. a.Products of high ____________ are usually more expensive. b.Above all we value such personal __________ as honesty and generosity. c._________ for us is more important than quantity.
3. a.Don’t worry. Your speech was ________. b.There’s a ________ line between love and hate (= it is easy for one to become the other). c.She has inherited her mother’s _______ features (= a small nose, mouth, etc.). d.It is a _________ example of Saxon architecture. e.The weather was _______ and we had a class outside. f. ‘How are you?’ ‘_______, thanks.’
4. a.Can I __________ your umbrella? b.I don’t like to _______ from friends. c.Some musical terms are ________ from Italian. d.Members can _________ up to ten books from the library at any one time.
5. a.Matilda thought that some of the books were very ______. b.They were too ______ to buy shoes for the kids. c.It is a country _____ in natural resources. d.‘I have stacks of homework to do.’ ‘Oh, you _____ thing.’

5. Give the English equivalents to the following words and expressions. Remember where they were used in the text:

a.ради всего святого

b.отправиться, начать что-либо


d.тем не менее, всё же

e.справиться с ч-л

f.позволять, давать

g.делать что-либо не спеша

h.“Дай мне знать”

i.оторваться (оторвать взгляд от)

j.время от времени

k.наблюдать, быть свидетелем

l.стоит (что-то сделать)

m.бдительный, настороженный

n.на протяжении



6. Complete the sentences with the necessary prepositions:

a.The books introduced Matilda _____ wonderful new worlds.

b.Mrs Phelps preferred to mind ________ her own business and not to interfere.

c.The woman couldn’t take her eyes ______ the small girl.

d.Matilda would be sitting for hour ______ after hour in the chair devouring books.

e.______ some reason Mrs Phelps gave Matilda fine books instead ____ teenager’s romances.

f.The books were so heavy that Matilda had to put them ______ her lap and she had to lean over _____ order to read.

g.Mrs Phelps thought it was better not to interfere ______ other people’s children.

h.After reading all the children’s book in the library Matilda started wandering around ____ search of something else.

i.Mrs Phelps looked ______ at Matilde and the girl looked right back _____ at her.

j.Matilda was used to be ____ herself.


7. Can you interpret the following sentences from the text into Russian? What grammar do you see here?

a.“I think you’d better ask her,” – “I’d rather not.”

b.Almost everyone would have been tempted to make a great fuss over it.

c.“A fine writer will always make you feel that”.

d.From then on Matilda would visit the library and would sit and read there.


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