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CHAPTER THIRTY-SIX. Drew rode with the window open, her arm hanging out, her fingers impatiently tapping the side of the car

Drew rode with the window open, her arm hanging out, her fingers impatiently tapping the side of the car. It had been a very long day and she was more than ready for it to come to an end. The island dinner cruise, while nice, would have been much more enjoyable had Jay been her company instead of Jenna.

" Your tapping is not going to get us there any quicker."

" Sorry."

" And I don't know why you're in such a rush. I told you they were staying at a hotel tonight."

Drew shook her head. " And I told you that wasn't going to happen."

" I hope for your sake you're right, but don't hold your breath. Katherine is very persuasive."

Perhaps. But Drew had been over the whole thing a dozen times in her mind. And she knew in her heart that Jay would not stay with Katherine tonight. And what had finally convinced her wasn't necessarily Jay's words to her, but the look in her eyes. That morning, out on the beach, when Jay had looked at her, it was all there. Anyone could utter words, but that didn't mean they really meant them. But Jay... she had turned those blue eyes on her and Drew had seen everything she wanted— needed—to see. Her eyes were honest. Her eyes were true. And her eyes were filled with love. Love for her.

And if she hadn't forgotten her phone, hadn't left it hidden in a drawer, she could have called. But then Jay's phone was probably also still hidden, a pact they'd made on their first day there, a pact to leave their cell phones behind so they wouldn't be bothered.

" And what exactly are you going to do if Jay's not there? Are you going to crash their hotel room? "

" She'll be there."

" Well, I'll say this, you don't lack for confidence."

Drew turned, smiling. " We were... we were together last night, " she said.

" Together? " She raised an eyebrow. " You mean together? Sex? "

Drew nodded.

" You devil." Then she laughed. " How ironic. Katherine is sneaking off with me thinking Jay doesn't have a clue and Jay is having her own affair. Isn't that hilarious? "

" Yeah, just hilarious."

" Katherine is going to be so pissed."

Drew shrugged. " She has no right to be pissed."

" Oh, I agree. But that's hardly going to matter." Jenna laughed again. " This could really be fun."

Drew pointed up ahead. " Slow down. You're going to miss the turn."

" Sorry."

The light had all but faded from the sky but the long driveway to the cottages was well-lit. Jenna parked near the office and Drew bounded out of the car, impatiently waiting as Jenna gathered her things.

They went through the courtyard behind the office, the pool and garden area still humming with activity. They both stopped up short as Katherine walked quickly toward them.

" About time, " she snapped. " Do you not have your cell? " she asked Jenna.

" Oh, sorry. I turned it off during the tour. I forgot to turn it back on."

" Well, whatever. We're leaving."

Drew's eyebrows shot up. " Leaving? "

" Not you. Jenna and I. You, unfortunately, are stuck here with Jay." She squared her shoulders. " I'm leaving her."

Jenna glanced quickly at Drew, then back to Katherine. " What's going on? "

" I have finally gotten her out of my life, that's what is going on. We've got a flight out in the morning."

" Where is Jay? " Drew asked.

" Perhaps she went into the ocean and drowned... I don't care. I'm just glad to be rid of her. She did nothing but bring me down. She's the most negative—miserable—person I've ever met."

" Jay? " Drew shook her head. " You obviously don't know her very well."

Katherine laughed. " Oh, I know her plenty. She may have put on a good show for you this past week, but I know her. She's a gold-digger, a leech. She brought nothing to this relationship. Nothing. She was an embarrassment to me." She turned to Jenna. " Come on, sweetheart. I have a wonderful hotel picked out for us. We don't have to pretend any longer. Your things are already packed and in Manko's car."

Drew saw the surprised—and confused—look that crossed Jenna's face. It all became very clear to her then. Jay's presence in

Katherine's life was one of convenience, to be used however Katherine saw fit. When the affair with Jenna ended, Katherine did what she always did... turned on the charm with Jay, trying to smooth things over. Only this time, Jay wouldn't be swayed. This time, Jay wanted to end things. And Katherine did exactly what Jay predicted she'd do. She turned things around, making Jay out to be the horrible beast in all this. And now, since Katherine thought she still had the upper hand, she was pretending, at least in front of Drew, that she and Jenna were still hot and heavy in their affair. She smiled, wondering if Jenna would confess that she'd already spilled the beans. Oh, well. She didn't care one way or the other. She only cared about Jay.

" My things are packed? Everything? "

" Yes, dear. We're all set." She nodded at Drew. " Sorry to leave you here alone, but it's only for a few days."

Drew managed to keep the silly grin off her face as she returned the curt nod. " No problem. I've enjoyed it here. Thank you." She turned to Jenna. " Have a good trip back."

" Well, I don't suppose we'll be seeing each other again." She offered her hand. " It's been fun."

" For sure."

Drew watched them hurry through the courtyard, amused at Katherine's haste. But so thankful they were gone.

" About time you come back."

Drew turned, smiling at Eleu. " Where is she? "

" She is out on the beach."

" Is she okay? "

Eleu nodded. " I imagine she is waiting for you."

Drew glanced over her shoulder, seeing Manko drive away with Katherine and Jenna. " Very strange trip."

Eleu laughed. " I can honestly say it has been the strangest, yes." She grasped both of Drew's arms. " I am very glad they are gone. I will make sure the next few days are memorable for you." She winked. " And I will move Jay's things into your cottage. Is that okay? "

" Yes, please."

" Good. Now go to her. She waits."

Drew cocked her head. " Got a couple of towels I can borrow? "

Eleu's lips twitched in a smile. " You may take some from the pool house."

Drew hurried away, then tossed back over her shoulder, " I can't promise you'll get them back."


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