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We now go in to work our will.

To strengthen our will.

To learn fully our true will.

To learn our place in the play of Nuit.

To learn to be Hadit in our work, single-minded.

To learn the rituals.

To learn the work.

To dare the work, to do the work, to be the work.

To allow our bodies, our minds, our conscious will, to be infused by our true Will.

10: To be a too] of our true Will.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Love is the law, love under will.


2. Enter circle. Light candles.


3. Banishing and consecration.


4. Find a Power Spot: Move about within the circle until you find a spot that " feels right", in which you are comfortable, stabile and strong.


5. Little circle (Energy Flow / Expansion): Mentally define a smaller circle around just you, a personal circle that excludes all others. Start with Sign of Harpocrates, aura withdrawn, then, at whatever pace is comfortable, expand your aura to fill the little circle. Then, with Harpo., withdraw the aura again. Repeat this until the aura is quite dense.


6. Meditation: Sitting in a stabile and motionless position, use whatever technique you know and can easily use to still the mind as much as possible (mantra yoga, pranayama, self-hypnosis, etc.) At least 10 minutes.


7. Physical warm-up: stretch, jogging in place, jumping in place, circular walking, hathayoga, whatever is acceptable to you, for about 5 min. Get a sweat going if you feel like it.


8. The Dance: Start some music that is easy and fun to dance to, but does not have any strong or obviousness content that will distract from your intent (A good example of this might be Ju Ju music, in which the lyrics are all in another language, or perhaps some instrumental house or rave mix music). Dance as you feel it, moving in a clockwise direction around the circle. Move as much or as little as seems right. Let the dance come to whatever conclusion seems appropriate.


9. Polarities: The following, or other polarity exercise of your own design.

Stand, facing west, wand clasped before you, recite while concentrating on the appropriate qualities (explained below).


Before me the powers of LA

Behind me the powers of AL

On my right hand the powers of LA

On my left hand the powers of AL

Above me the powers of ShT (cont.)

Beneath me the powers of ShT

Within me the Powers.




LA = Naught

AL = Two

L = Adjustment (+1) + (-1) = 0

A = The Fool (0 as above)

LA = Nuit & Hadit conjoined with 0 manifest

AL= 2 is manifest, equal weights in opposite scales

Sh= fire (The Aeon)

T = force (Lust [Strength])

ShT = fire + force = Ra Hoor Khuit

(LA = 31) + (AL = 31) + (ShT = 31) = 93


10. Invocation (Recite):



We now begin to work our will.

To strengthen our will.

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