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Sixth 100 Names

501. Ajitaay, He is unconquerable, cannot be vanquished
502. Mahaamunayae, The Lord who is the greatest contemplator, yogi or Muni
503. Vrukshaakaaraay, The Lord is the form of a tree of the Universe
504. Vrukshakaetavae, One who is the very tree of the universe
505. Analaay, The Lord is the form of Fire
506. Vaayuvaahanaay, The Lord has the wind for His vehicle for moving from place to place
507. Gandalinae, The Lord rules over the hills
508. Maeroodhaamnae, The Lord resides on Mount Maeru
509. Devaadhipatayae, The Lord is the chief of all the celestials
510. Atharvasheershaay, He is the ruler of fame, prosperity, the Lord is the head of the Atharvans
511. Saamaasyaay, The Lord has the Saaman hymns for His mouths
512. Rshaksahastramitaekshanaay, The Lord has the thousand Riks for His innumerable eyes
513. Yajuhapaadabhujaay, One whose form are the very limbs of the sacrifice- the feet and the hands
514. Guhyaay, One who resides in the cave of the heart, The knower of the secret meaning of the Upanishads
515. Prakaashaay, He is the light of knowledge, rituals
516. Jangamaay, The Lord is the form of everything that moves, wandering sages
517. Amoeghaarthaay, The Lord’s actions are never fruitless or purposeless
518. Prasaadaay, The Lord is the giver of grace
519. Aabhigamyaay, One who is the Lord of the senses, perception
520. Sudarshanaay, The Lord has a beautiful form, an auspicious form
521. Upakaaraay, One who, fulfills the wishes of His devotees, He is the act of goodness
522. Priyaay, One who is loved by all
523. Sarvaay, He is all pervading
524. Kanakaay, The Lord is gold held dearly by all
525. Kaanchanacchavayae, The Lord has effulgence like that of burnished gold
526. Naabhayae, The Lord is the navel of the Universe
527. Nandikaraay, the Lord is the giver of joy, happiness
528. Bhaavaay, The Lord is the form of faith and devotion of the righteous
529. Pushkarasthapatayae, The Lord is the skilled artesian of the Universe, father who creates all beings
530. Sthiraay, One who is unchanging, firm
531. Dvaadashaay, The Lord is the twelve stages through which the Jeeva passes, (the last being Moeksha)
532. Traasanaay, The one who causes fear
533. Aadhyaay, The Lord is the beginning of everything, the first, and the foremost
534. Yagyaay, The Lord unifies the Jeeva with the Supreme through Yoga
535. Yagyasamaahitaay, The Lord is the very process of unification of the Jeeva with the Brahman
536. Naktaay, He is the unmanifested
537. Kalayae, He who is associated with Kaali (The presiding deity of Kalyuga)
538. Kaalaay, The Lord is time eternal
539. Makaraay, The Lord is the formation of the stars as Sishumara (crocodile)
540. Kalapoojitaay, The Lord is worshipped by Kaal, Death himself
541. Saganaay, The Lord lives amongst His Ganaas/devotees
542. Ganakaaraay, The Lord makes His devotees His Ganaas
543. Bhootavaahanasaarathayae, Whose charioteer is Lord Brahma himself, Whose chariot is driven by the host of ghosts, goblins, and Ganaas
544. Bhasmashayaay, The Lord sleeps on the bed of ashes (Ashes – Bhasma signifies the destruction of sin, diseases and attachment)
545. Bhasmagoeptrae, The Lord protects the Universe with His sacred ash
546. Bhasmabhootaay, The Lord’s body is made of ashes (Referring here to the story of Rishi Manakanaka)
547. Taravae, You are the wish granting tree of life
548. Ganaay, The Lord gives His form to His Ganaas
549. Loekapaalaay, You are the nourisher, protectors of the worlds
550. Aloekaay, The Lord transcends all the Worlds, regions
551. Mahaatmanae, The Lord is the greatest
552. Sarvapoojitaay, One who is worshipped and adored by all
553. Shuklaay, One who is white and pure
554. Trishuklaay, The Lord has the perfect and purest speech, mind and body
555. Sampannaay, One who is accomplished, has achieved everything
556. Suchiayae, One who cannot be tainted by any impurity
557. Bhootanishaevitaay, The Lord is the goal of the ancient sages
558. Aashramasthaay, One who is of the form of righteous duty of the four orders
559. Kriyaavasthaay, The Lord is the righteousness of the acts of sacrifice
560. Vishvakarmapatayae, The Lord is the skilled architect/ creator of the world
561. Varaay, The best, excellent, the primeval form
562. Vishaalashaakhaay, Like the branches, the Lord’s arm are vast and spread out
563. Taamroeshthaay, One who has copper color lips
564. Ambajaay, The waters of the ocean are the Lord’s form
565. Sunishchalaay, One who is stable
566. Kapilaay, Most righteous, the Lord is Kapila Muni
567. Kapishaay, One who is brown in form
568. Shuklaay, One who is white, glowing in form
569. Aayushae, The Lord is the giver of a long life
570. Paraay, The Lord is most ancient
571. Aparaay, The Lord is the most modern
572. Gandharvaay, One who knows all about music and praises, one who is the form of the Gandharvaas
573. Aditayae, The Lord is the mother of the celestials in the form of Mother Aditi
574. Taarkshyaay, The Lord is the form of the king of birds as Garuda, the son of Rishi Kashyap
575. Suvigyaeyaay, One who is easy to comprehend
576. Sushaaradaay, The Lord has excellent speech
577. Parashvadhaayudhaay, One who carries a battle axe
578. Daevaay, One who revels, The Lord of the Gods
579. Anukaarinae, One who fulfills the desires of His devotees, He accomplishes the wishes of all
580. Subaandhavaay, He is the friend, an excellent kinsman
581. Tumbaveenaay, One who holds a lute made of hollow gourd, ‘tumb’ is a kind of gourd
582. Mahaakroedhaay, One with the greatest wrath (which the Lord displays at the time of dissolution)
583. Ooradhvaraetasae, One who has for His offspring the highest beings (like Brahmaji and Vishnu)
584. Jalaeshayaay, The Lord is the form of Vishnu who dwells on the waters after the universal dissolution
585. Ugraay, One who displays a fierce looking form
586. Vanshakaraay, One who promotes the family line, procreates
587. Vanshaay, He is the father of the family line, the continuity from generation to generation
588. Vanshanaadaay, The Lord is the very sound that emits from the flute
589. Aninditaay, The Lord is faultless
590. Sarvaangaroopaay, The Lord has perfect and beautiful limbs
591. Maayaavinae, He is the creator of the illusion that binds all beings
592. Suhrudaay, The kind hearted Lord does good to all without expecting anything in return
593. Anilaay, The Lord is the Wind
594. Analaay, The Lord is the element fire
595. Bandhanaay, He allows Himself to be bound to His devotees
596. Bandhakartrae, The Lord is the creator of the bonds that binds the Jeeva to the World
597. Subandhanvimochanaay, He is the one who tears the bonds of those who bind themselves to Him
598. Sayagyaarayae, The Lord dwells with even the Daityas (demons) who are the destroyers of the sacrifices
599. Sakaamaarayae, The Lord is full of love even for those who are enemies of all acts
600. Mahaadamshtraay, One with great and fearful teeth

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