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The Kinesthetics

How To Communicate With Different Psycho-Types


All human beings are divided into three types – auditories, visuals and kinesthetics. For the first sounds are very important. Through them, they get the most information about the world. Visuals are more focused on image, visual images. For kinesthetics other things are important: smell, touch, taste.


The Visual Psycho-type


Setting: in the office to pay attention to the table, if it prevails order, then the owner of the workplace – a clear visual.


Speech: visuals speak very clearly with good diction and quickly pronounce the words and quickly grasp the essence of the conversation. But just as quickly they are, alas, forget it.


Clothing: bright, catchy, tasteful. At the same time clothes are always carefully ironed. The main principle is the beauty. Convenience, comfort, “moving up” is in the background. Visuals can wear high heels, which is difficult to move in. But they do not care. As for clothing, it may be too tight. Things will look great, but uncomfortable. The main thing is the look. And it is always on top.


Pose: a direct bearing, visuals always sit straight, head high, and straightening their shoulders.


Food: beautifully set table and beautifully served with meals. In this case it is not necessary that they are delicious. The main pleasure is derived from visual experience.


Family relationships: a period of stability at the visuals is about two years. This is a time when the visual lives quietly, content with the usual visual images. But then they get bored, and the visual begin to look for something new. His eyes need fresh experience. That’s where the spouse has to be flexible and change her appearance. It is best to make a new haircut or hair dyed. Visual take it “with a bang.” If you do not change the shape, the visual gets bored. He may start to look for new visual images on the side. To avoid this, the spouse must be 1.5-2 times in the year radically change image.


The Kinesthetics

The desire for comfort – is the main feature of kinesthetics. For him, visual images play a secondary role. In the first place are feelings. The nicer they are, the better kinesthetics feel.


Setting: kinesthetics surrounds what many call a “mess.” On the desktop there is a chaos. For completeness, there is a glass of tea and a plate of half-eaten cake. Such a picture is a real nightmare for visuals. And for kinesthetics this environment is the only acceptable. He has everything at his fingertips. Nothing is to be found, do not climb on the boxes. Books, laptop, bottles of cream – all this can be found in the bed of kinesthetics. But he will always be at the same time very careful with the spread sheet – so that the folds do not interfere with lying. There are no crumbs in his bed, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to sleep. But for the visual crumb is not such a hindrance. Inconvenient, sure, but he can sleep.


Speech: kinesthetics speaks slowly, velvety voice. He delves into the details and little things, for a long time remember what you’ve told him. In conversation he is trying to get as close as possible to the interlocutor. This gives the maximum information to tactile receptors of kinesthetics. If he speaks with a strong visual, it can cause discomfort.


Clothes: no tight clothes. It prevents him from breathing, walking and thinking. Worn are only those things that are well-seated, never pressure, do not shake or rub. Carefully are selected the shoes. Kinesthetics woman to wear uncomfortable “heels” will force only extraordinary circumstances. Yes, and she will remove these “Spanish boots” at the first opportunity. Clothing can be crumpled. But it is always fresh and smelling good – pleasant smells are just as important as the tactile sensations.


Pose: can slouch a little, walk with drooping shoulders. To “hold” posture for kinesthetics tedious. He sits relaxed, lounging – in visuals it can cause irritation.


Food: You can not serve the dish. The main thing is that it was tasty, the rest kinesthetics are not interested about.


Family relationships: kinesthetics should be tasty fed. Very important is stroking, touching and kissing. Without them kinesthetics are not be able to feel loved. Kinesthetics are very stable, they does not need change. If the spouse is coming with a new haircut, she would not hear any approving words. So it should not vary more than once every 8-10 years.


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