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GINNY STOOD NERVOUSLY beside her car, her eyes wide. Her legs were shaking and she wasn't sure she could even walk to the cabin. She swallowed, her hand reaching back to the car. Maybe she should just leave. Maybe this was a mistake. Why was she in such a hurry to disrupt her life? To change everything? And it would. She could never go back to the life she had.

But she wasn't happy with her life. Was she? Hadn't she been searching all these years? Searching for what, she hadn't known. Not until she met Kara, anyway. Now she knew. I want her.

She walked to the door, her hand trembling as she knocked lightly. She heard footsteps then Kara was there, holding the door open.

Their eyes collided and her breath caught in her chest. Kara stood barefoot before her, an old paint-stained T-shirt hanging out over faded blue shorts.

"Ginny... what are you doing here?" she asked softly.

"I had to come. You knew I would," she accused. They stared, neither making an attempt to move. "May I come in?" she finally asked.

Kara stepped back, letting Ginny pass and she shut the door behind her.

"I've been thinking... thinking about us," Ginny said quietly. She turned around and gasped. Hot desire burned in Kara's eyes.

"You shouldn't have come," Kara said.

"I want you," Ginny said simply.

"No. I can't do this," Kara said. "I won't stop the next time."

"I don't want you to stop," Ginny whispered.

"Ginny, listen to what you're saying."

"Please... you're not going to make me beg, are you?"

"You don't know what you're doing," Kara said.

"No, you're right. I don't. And I'm scared to death."

Kara laughed nervously. "Then why?"

"I want you, Kara. I want to make love with you," she said quietly and she watched as Kara nervously swallowed.

"I don't want you to hate me, Ginny... and you will."

"No, I won't. You want me, too. I can see that in your eyes," Ginny whispered.

Kara moved to her and took her hands. "Yes, I want you. I just don't want to hurt you." And I don't want you to hurt me, she added silently.

"I want you to be the one, Kara. I want you to show me." Ginny's hands gripped Kara's tightly. "Please?"

Kara left her protest unspoken. Ginny's eyes were begging and Kara ignored the warning bells in her head and she lowered her mouth and captured Ginny's lips, lips that opened under hers. She felt Ginny's hands tremble as they clutched her arms and Kara pulled her mouth away.

"Don't be scared," Kara begged.

"I am. I'm scared to death. I don't know what to do," she said. "How to touch you."

"I'll show you," Kara said softly. Her hands cupped Ginny's face and her kiss was soft, gentle. But when Ginny's tongue came out to meet hers, Kara's mouth turned hungry and she moaned against Ginny's mouth, taking her tongue inside.

Their breath came fast and they pulled away, both their chests heaving with their desire. Ginny reached up and touched Kara's clinched jaw, soothing her.

"You're scared, too," Ginny said with awe.



"I don't want this to be a mistake," Kara whispered.

"It would be a mistake to ignore this attraction."

Kara took Ginny's hand and led her into the bedroom. The afternoon sun was gone, leaving the room in shadows. Ginny stood still, but her hands shook uncontrollably in Kara's. She had never been more nervous in all her life.

Kara knew this was probably a mistake but she couldn't stop it. Not this time. She wanted what was about to happen. Her hands went to Ginny's waist and she tugged her shirt from her shorts.

Ginny's breath poured from her as Kara pulled the shirt over her head. Ginny raised her eyes to Kara's as Kara unsnapped her bra and Ginny let it fall to the floor. She stood and watched as Kara's face softened and she saw that Kara's hands were trembling, too, as they reached out to touch her. But her hands stopped, just a breath away and Ginny saw Kara squeeze her eyes shut tightly.


"Oh, God, I... I just want you so much," she murmured. She needed to go slow, despite the ache in her. She finally cupped Ginny's full breasts with gentle hands.

Ginny murmured a sigh and closed her eyes, her body melting under Kara's soft caress. She gasped when Kara's warm mouth covered her erect peak, taking the nipple inside and Ginny's hands went to Kara's face and she held her there, her head bent back, eyes closed tightly. So different from Phil, she thought crazily. Oh, and it felt so good. As she knew it would. Her legs would not support her a minute longer and she collapsed on the bed, weak from Kara's mouth.

"Ginny?" Kara asked with uncertainty.

"Come to me," Ginny said softly. "Please?"

Kara's breath caught at her soft plea and she moved and stood by the bed, pulling Ginny's face into her. She wanted her so badly, she had to force herself to go slow. She didn't want to scare Ginny but she wanted her more than she could ever remember wanting before.

Ginny was calm as she reached out and slipped her hands under Kara's shirt, moving to her warm waist, touching her bare skin for the first time. Her composure vanished, however, when Kara took her hands and moved them to her breasts.

"Touch me," Kara commanded softly.

Ginny's fingers touched her hard nipples, then closed over her breasts, each fitting easily in her hands. So soft, she thought. So unlike a man. She groaned, wanting to touch them with her mouth and she shoved Kara's shirt up, pulling Kara into her waiting mouth.

"Oh, Ginny," Kara whispered and she pulled the shirt over her head quickly, standing silently before her as Ginny's mouth moved to her other breast. Ginny's hands went to her shorts and fumbled with the button.

"Take these off, please," Ginny begged. She wanted to touch her bare skin. She wanted to see her naked. Kara let her shorts fall to the floor and Ginny held her breath, overcome with desire for this woman. She was so thin, but her small breasts were full, erect and Ginny reached out, but Kara captured her hand.

"Now, you," she said and reached for Ginny's waistband, unbuttoning her shorts with ease and pulling them down Ginny's hips.

Ginny laid still, feeling her heart pounding and fearing she would surely pass out when Kara finally came to her. But her arms welcomed Kara, moving over her shoulders and pulling her close as Kara laid her naked body on top of Ginny, molding herself to Ginny.

"Oh..." Ginny shut her eyes, guiding Kara's mouth to hers. It was slow. Slower than she could ever have imagined and her hands caressed Kara's warm back, savoring each kiss, each brush of their tongues. Then their slow exploration turned hungry as lips claimed the other and Ginny moaned as Kara's tongue went inside her mouth, exploring with warm wetness.

When Kara slid lower, Ginny's hands guided her to her breasts and she groaned softly when Kara sucked hungrily on her. Her legs opened instinctively and Kara settled between them, pressing into her and Ginny rose up to meet her, aching to be touched by her. She trembled when Kara's hand moved over her waist and her breath caught when Kara's fingers ran through her soft triangle of hair, so close to her desire.

"Yes," she breathed. "Please. I need you to touch me," Ginny begged. She had dreamed of this moment all her life and she couldn't suppress the cry that tore from her lips when Kara's fingers slid into her wetness.

Kara wanted to take her. She wanted her fingers deep inside. Ginny was so wet to her touch, she could hardly make herself slow down. She wanted to shove Ginny's legs apart and bury her face in her wetness and she groaned against Ginny's breast, making her fingers slow even when Ginny's hips moved frantically beneath her.

"Kara," Ginny murmured. "Oh, God... Kara." It was heavenly, this woman's soft touch upon her.

Kara was lost, hearing her name uttered so beautifully from Ginny's lips and she pulled her fingers away. Ginny whimpered but Kara moved to her mouth and silenced her, kissing her hard.

"I'm sorry. I can't wait," Kara murmured. "I want you too much."

She slid down her body, her hands urging Ginny's legs apart.

"What... what are you doing?" Ginny whispered.


Ginny saw her intention and she gasped, clutching at Kara's shoulders even as her warm mouth left wet kisses in its wake.

Kara moved down and quickly covered Ginny with her mouth, her groan mingling with Ginny's as she tasted her.

"Oh... God." Ginny's hips pressed against Kara's face and she thought she would surely die from pleasure. Her vision swam and she shut her eyes as Kara's tongue moved over her. Sweet Jesus, she thought. No one had ever loved her this way. Phil had never even tried. Is this how women make love? She didn't think she could stand another second and when Kara's tongue plunged deep inside her, she cried out, her hands clasping Kara's head to her hard. Yes, oh yes. Her body trembled from deep within and Kara's mouth tugged at her, her tongue stroking her fast and Ginny exploded in a burst of color, her eyes blinded by the intensity of her orgasm. She screamed, her mouth open wide and her hips rocked with Kara. She felt her body draining, as if Kara were sucking the life from her limbs and she finally collapsed, her arms dropping limply to her sides as tears streamed from her eyes.

She tried to roll over, embarrassed, but her body wouldn't move and she laid there, sobs wracking her shoulders.

"Ginny? God, did I hurt you?" Kara moved beside her and took her in her arms.

Ginny clutched her, squeezing her eyes shut. She buried her head in Kara's shoulder, unable to stop her tears.

"What is it?"

"Never... no one's ever... I've never..." She gave up and Kara held her, her hands gently soothing her, caressing her hair.

"Oh, God," Ginny mumbled. "I didn't think it was possible," she said.


"How you made me feel," she said softly. "No one's..."

"No one's made love to you that way before?" Kara asked gently.

Ginny shook her head, embarrassed.

"Then I'm glad I'm the first," Kara said.

Ginny kissed Kara softly, tasting herself on Kara's lips. "Show me how to touch you," she said.

"Do I need to show you?"

"I want you to feel what I did," Ginny said.

"You know I will."

Ginny watched her, meeting her eyes, seeing them cloud with desire. And she remembered what Kara had told her once. That women knew how to touch women. She wanted to give Kara pleasure like she had never wanted before.

Her hands were confident as they moved to Kara's breasts. "Lay back," she said. Her mouth moved over Kara's face, touching her lips lightly, nipping at her neck before finding her breast. She took the swollen nipple into her mouth and she felt Kara shudder in her arms. And, Lord, how wonderful it felt to have this woman's breast in her mouth. Yes, she wanted to give this woman pleasure. Her hands and mouth moved as if she'd done this hundreds of times before. She felt Kara's body respond to her and she pressed her weight into Kara, her hips meeting Kara's in a rhythm as old as time. Her body knew what to do, even if she didn't and her hand moved between them, needing to touch Kara, needing to feel her warmth.

She moaned softly when Kara took her hand and placed it between her thighs. Kara's wetness enveloped her and Ginny's fingers moved into her, sliding wetly over her, into her.

"Yes," Kara murmured quietly. "Like that."

And she was so wet, Ginny's hand was dripping with her and she matched Kara's rhythm, her hand moving with the motion of Kara's hips. The scent of her drifted to Ginny and she knew she wanted her mouth on her. She wanted to taste her. She had to taste her. She wanted to feel Kara moving under her mouth.

"I want you," Ginny whispered. "I want all of you."

With a desire so strong she couldn't control it, her mouth quickly replaced her fingers and she groaned loudly as she tasted Kara's sweetness for the first time. She thought foolishly that she didn't know what she was doing, that she couldn't possibly be giving Kara pleasure, but Kara's hands urged her on, pressing her face back to her.

"Yes, please. Don't stop," Kara whispered.

Ginny's tongue moved over her, around her, and Kara's soft sighs washed over her. Ginny buried her face again into her wetness, sucking her into her mouth, hearing Kara cry out softly and her own pleasure surged through her, threatening to explode again. Her tongue stroked her quickly and she felt Kara's hips still as she rose off the bed and then Kara clutched Ginny's head with her hands and arched into her.

"Ginny!" The word was torn from her mouth and Kara cried out.

Ginny felt Kara throb against her tongue and she gasped as her own orgasm came swiftly over her again.

Kara gathered Ginny to her, kissing her face, her eyes, her lips. "You're a beautiful lover, Ginny," she whispered. "So beautiful."

Ginny felt on the verge of tears again. In all the years with Phil, he had never once said those words to her. She couldn't speak now and she snuggled close to Kara, feeling her lips move over her face.

"I wanted you so much," Ginny said. "Like that. I've wanted you since that first kiss," she admitted to Kara and to herself.

"I know."

"I had an orgasm and you weren't even touching me," Ginny confessed.

"I know," Kara said again, softly.

"Is it always like that? With women?"

Kara smiled. When was the last time she'd felt this way?

Ginny leaned up on her elbow, gazing into Kara's eyes. "Is it?"

"It might be for you."

"Is it for you?" Ginny asked.

"No," Kara admitted. "It's not often like this for me."

Ginny lay back down, satisfied. She took Kara's hand and held it as she snuggled against her, against her warmth. "I don't reach an orgasm very often."

"With Phil?" Kara asked gently.

"No. Not very often," she admitted. "Seldom, actually."


"No. I wouldn't want him that way," Ginny said. "I wouldn't want him to do that," she whispered. And she knew that she would never let Phil love her that way. It could only be Kara.

Kara knew they should talk, but her hands wouldn't still. Desire flamed again and she wondered if she would ever tire of touching her. She captured Ginny's breast with her mouth and felt Ginny's hands move through her hair, holding her, murmuring soft words as Kara sucked hungrily at her breast. Was she responsive like this with Phil? Did he not know what he had? No. Men seldom did.

Ginny's body flamed under Kara's touch and she wanted Kara's mouth on her again, but her orgasm shook her so suddenly when Kara's fingers slid over her, she clutched Kara's hand between her thighs, refusing to let it go.

This give and take was so new to Ginny, and her confidence grew with each touch. She knew instinctively how to touch Kara and her hands moved over her, into her wetness and she watched Kara's face as she cried out her name again, her body pulsing against her fingers. She pulled away, wanting her mouth there again and she moved between Kara's legs, her tongue reaching out to her.

"Ginny..." Kara said softly.

"I just want to... feel you again... with my mouth," Ginny murmured against her.

Kara drew in a deep breath, her body numb and she laid back, letting Ginny move over her. When Ginny's arms wrapped around her hips, pushing Kara's legs even farther apart, she felt her body respond again. Ginny moved with such slowness, such gentleness over her, as if all she wanted was to taste her, to drink her fill.

Ginny felt Kara respond, felt Kara's body move against her mouth and she sighed, loving the way she could make Kara want her. Her tongue teased her, moving around Kara's desire until Kara whimpered softly.

"You're driving me crazy," Kara breathed. "I can't stand it."

Ginny lifted her head and smiled. "I didn't think you'd be ready . . .."

"I am," Kara whispered.

Ginny's smile vanished, her desire for this woman overtaking her and she groaned softly when her mouth settled over her again. She couldn't get enough of her and she inhaled deeply, savoring her scent, holding Kara's legs apart as her tongue plunged inside of her, then out to tease her swollen nub.

"Yes... oh, please... Ginny... hurry," Kara whispered and Ginny did.

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