E) Pleger


26.While they were thus engaged Ben Price, the detective, walked into the bank and stood at the counter watching the scene. This sentence is from the text

b) Jimmy Valentines Reformation by O Henry


27.The boy kept squeezing politely out of the drunkards way, hurrying through the crowd, and saying anything and trying his best to be as decent as possible.The main character of the text is:

E) Filipino


28. Deborah Franklin was beautiful in the grand, classic manner. She didnt look in the least like a film star or a model. but looking at her you forgot everything. It was the sheer beauty of her face that took your breath away. These sentences are from the text

e) Fare of Face


29.Insert a suitable words in the following sentence: One morning said he wanted to talk to him

B) the bank manager


30.Complete the sentence: the author of the story Art for the Hearts Sake is

D) R. Goldberg


Variant 3

1.Complete the sentence: When I was of age, a curious incident occurred in the house in which our family lived.

E) a child of eight years


2.Complete the sentence: Young Jerry was boy with red hair, blue eyes and freckled skin

d) fourteen year- old boy


3.Complete the sentence: you remember that scenario that you wrote and me about six weeks ago?

e) do/gave


4.Complete the sentence: The action of the story takes place in in the USA.

D) 1930


5. One day, very soon, were going to have an outbreak of an epidemic. Its the main sewer thats to blame. This sentence is from the text

e) The Explosion


6. Complete the sentence: It was with as yesterday.

d ) the same boat, the same men


7. A sea bread boy wouldnt have stayed a day on the isle which is only a tidal isle, and can be entered and left twice in every twenty- four hours. This sentence is from the text

e) The Shipwreck


8.Complete the sentence(Mind the text Jimmy Valentines Reformation by OHenry)

That began to interest

C) the doctors


9.Complete the sentence: Grace Brooks worked.

D) as a night telephone operator


10.Complete the sentence: He smiled kindly My dear man, if you want them that hardly,

you can certainly have them

B) for five dollars


11.Complete the sentence: Somethings happened to the top of the

E)Empire State Building


12.Complete the sentence: Mrs.Cartwright was a woman somewhere in the.

D) fifties


13.Complete the sentence: He ran in the direction of the sound The main character of the text is

C) Jack


14.Complete the sentence: Rudolf looked toward the nearer door and saw that

E) It was green


15.Complete the sentence: Mr. Larrabee and Mrs. Larrabee began their married life


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