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Выберите правильную форму глагола.

1) Cuts in interest rates a number of good effects on the economy.

a) has

b) have

c) having

2) Our company fifteen years ago and we manufacture clothing.

a) founded

b) were founded

c) was founded

3) I’m afraid the MD is busy. Hea meeting with the auditors now.

a) is having

b) has

c) have

4) He the company 25 years ago and still for us.

a) joined, worked

b) join, worked

c) joined, works

5) When the consultants their study they a report for the directors giving a list of recommendations.

a) finished, make

b) have finished, made

c) had finished, made

6) We a lot on modernizing the factory, and it is now very well equipped.

a) have spent

b) spent

c) spended

7) I with you as soon as I get the information.

a) contacts

b) will contact

c) contact

8) I don’t know where their new offices .

a) is

b) are

c) am

Выберите подходящий по смыслу модальный глагол.

1) I think you check her references before offering her the job.

a) can

b) should

c) must

2) Your order be delivered next Thursday.

a) is to

b) mustn’t

c) can

3) He was a brilliant salesman and sell anything to anyone.

a) was able

b) could

c) had to

4) Employees are reminded that they use office phone to make personal calls.

a) mustn’t

b) should

c) have to

5) I won’t come to launch today. I to finish this report by 4 o’clock.

a) must

b) have to

c) can

6) In the next few months the price of oil rise.

a) must

b) cannot

c) may

Выберите союз, связывающий части сложного предложения.

1) The candidate they selected had extensive experience of industry.

a) whose

b) whom

c) who

2) She works for a company has a very good reputation.

a) that

b) who

c) what

3) The new accounts program, cost a great deal of money, is working very well.

a) what

b) who

c) that

4) I found it difficult to hear the speaker was talking.

a) where

b) what

c) which

5) He retired he became 55.

a) when

b) how

c) where

6) They couldn’t understand the manager was so uncompromising.

a) because

b) why

c) which

Расставьте слова в правильном порядке, чтобы получились предложения.

1) 1) at

2) still

3) Mary

4) is

5) office

6) the


2) 1)ever

2) you

3) worked

4) for

5) Have

6) yourself?


3) 1)we

2) received

3) about

4) complaints

5) month

6) of

7) deliveries

8) have

9) a

10) lot

11) This


4) 1)three

2) Our

3) director

4) year

5) goes

6) a

7) times

8) abroad


5) 1)cheap

2) competition

3) As

4) imports

5) rule

6) lead

7) greater

8) to

9) a


6) 1)left

2) the

3) office

4) boss

5) speaking

6) He

7) without

8) the

9) to


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