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Is pleased to invite you to its Jubilee conference

Saint Petersburg English Language Teachers Association

is pleased to invite you to its Jubilee conference

which celebrates SPELTA’s 20th anniversary since its foundation!

Saint Petersburg English Language Teachers Association SPELTAwas founded twenty years ago to bring together ELT practitioners and linguists working at different education levels and in different contexts. One of our primary objectives is to encourage specialists in EFL methodology and communication, teachers and textbook writers, as well as interpreters and translators to share experience and discuss ideas with colleagues both from Russia and the English-speaking world.


In keeping with the spirit of marking milestones, the theme of the conference “English Language in the Modern World: past, present, future” is both general and diachronic in orientation featuring the talks that make use of explorations of how English language is studied, taught and used in the modern world.

Through various formats such as pre-conference seminars, panel discussions, paper talks, workshops, and poster presentations, we invited the participants to share their expertise in the following areas: Intercultural Issues, Translation and Interpreting, Literature and Text studies, E-learning, Teaching at Schools / Universities, Teaching Academic English \ ESP, Teaching Techniques and Assessment,etc.


We invited a substantial number of prominent speakers from Russia and other countries, among them: Viktor V. Kabakchi (Herzen University), Steven Labensky (Consulate General of the US, Saint Petersburg), Frances Westbrook (US Embassy, Moscow), Grigory Rozhkov (Non-profit partnership “St Petersburg-London 2003”), Irina Ustinova (Southeast Missouri State University, USA), Irina Schirova (Herzen University), Maxine Pond (LCC International University, Lithuania), Tatiana Yudina (Herzen University) and many others.


SPELTA conference dates and events (see the Programme for details):

June 5th - Pre-conference event “Professional development day at Herzen University”: SIG panels\workshops in “Teaching translation and interpreting“ (the Translation and Interpreting Department); “Modern Trends in Literature and Text studies (hosted by the English Philology Department), “Teaching strategies for effective group work” (conducted by by LCC International University. The pre-conference events are FREEbutPLEASE, REGISTER HERE for these seminars since the number of participants is limited).

The main conference events (THE CONFERENCE FEE should be paid):

June 6th - Grand opening and greetings, plenary talks, posters, Jubilee round table.

June 7th - Parallel sessionsofpresentations and workshops.

As an important addition to our usual format, there will be the Pre-conference event “Professional development day”

The poster presentation session will introduce some research findings of Master and PhD students, as well as interesting projects and practices by both early career and experienced teachers.

The CONFERENCE FEE for June 6-7:

SPELTA members – 200 roubles (if you paid for your SPELTA membership in 2014)

Non-members – 600 roubles

Students - 100 roubles (Herzen students - FREE)

1 day fee – 350 roubles


During the conference youcan apply for the 1st timeorrenew your SPELTA memberships:

SPELTA membership - 400 roubles, for students\postgraduates - 100 roubles


We hope our joint conference will become a referential meeting point and inspire further teacher and researcher development.


Tatiana Ivanova (SPELTA President) –

Tatiana-szelinger@yandex.ru, tat.nik.ivanova@gmail.com

Olga Muranova (SPELTA secretary) – olgamuranova_spelta@mail.ru

Yulia Sergaeva (SPELTA Vice-President) – sergaeva@gmail.com

Elena Vdovina (SPELTA 2nd Vice-President) - Vek2@mail.ru


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