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Exercise 46. Find the following words and word combinations in the article and give their definition in English. Use the dictionary or browse the net if necessary.

1. to download cell-phone ringtones;

2. desktop wallpaper;

3. huge ads;

4. to place billboards all around;

5. to place full-page ads;

6. to run tons of teaser trailers on TV;

7. a trailer production house;

8. a prime spot for …;

9. a blooper;

10. a viral video;

11. a video-sharing site;

12. product tie-ins;

13. a home base;

14. IMDB;

15. Email sign-up;

16. hardcore fans;

17. to embed video;

18. SEO;

19. a high search engine hit;

20. an anchor;

21. opt-ins;

22. to capture email addresses;

23. to acknowledge the feedback;

24. a vlog;

25. sneak peeks;

26. a write up;

27. TV and cable shows;

28. to blast smth to smb;

29. to think outside (of the) box.

Exercise 47. Translate into Russian.

1. Starting up to a year before the release of a major studio movie, distributors run movie trailers that are meticulously edited and audience-tested.

2. The idea is to give moviegoers a taste of the laughs, special effects and plot twists of the studio’s upcoming releases, while leaving them wanting more.

3. As the release date of the film draws closer, movie marketers try to get early favorable press coverage in newspapers, magazines and on entertainment TV shows.

4. The idea is to bombard the public with so many images and promos for the movie that it becomes a “can’t miss” event.

5. Promoters can place rich, interactive ads on the Web sites most trafficked by their target audience.

6. People love being compelled by someone’s journey.

7. Not only that, they are more likely to share it via social network or word of mouth to their friends.

8. A lot of short film websites don’t keep up with updates and don’t give out “behind the scenes”.

9. It keeps the audience in the know with what’s going on with your film, and your fan base is suddenly growing and traceable.

10. Do you want to decrease press interest and the size of your audience? Then include, but fail to utilize, your social links, let your blog or Facebook page lie dormant.

11. Don’t take your followers for granted.If you do venture into the realm of social media marketing, understand that your relationship with your followers goes both ways.

12. Still, a film set is a closed workplace, and a production office is the hub for private communication.

13. Obviously, audience will sign up for updates because they are so bewildered and intrigued.

14. Whether it is an amateur or professional movie blogger, or even something off radar like a fashion blogger writing about your movie, that increases your film’s visibility.

15. At the end of the day, after you have done all of these things, you will find that the audience you have been exposed to is greater than you could ever have imagined.

Exercise 48. Fill in the gaps with the words from the text, translate the expressions into

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