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Chapter 74

Bound (secured) and sealed are the spirit and soul of N. by the seal of Kushta and the great safeguard of truth by the word of Kushta and the raising (power) of Yukabar-Ziwa.

And Life is victorious.

[This is the conclusion of the " Letter". Set (press) thy seal-ring and the nail of thy little finger of thy right hand into the clay, seal it and read this conclusion over it. And Life is victorious].

[Shouldest thou wish to administer oil (to a dying person), at the beginning and end order the chief (relative) or remaining (persons: i.e. of the family? ) to throw water over the dying person. If he is a Mandaean (layman) they shall purify the hand of the dying person and pour oil on it and sign it with three signings. And he shall join with him and shall place his hand on his mouth and then put the dying person's hand on his mouth. If immediate death is near (? ) at the place where they apply the oil they shall cleanse with water and purify him and bring to him proxies (those like him).]

In the name of the Great Life!

Health and victory be mine, Adam-Yuhana son of Mahnush.

When thou wishest to administer unction to anyone leaving the body (dying), say " In the name of the Great Life, union and renewal of life and forgiving of sins be there for this soul of N. son of N. of this " Letter and masiqta". And bring a clean new bottle never before used, press out pure oil and place in it. When enough, twine a wreath of myrtle about the bottle. And set it before thee and recite for thy crown " In the name of that First Being" and set thy crown on thy head. And recite beside thy crown " Life created Yawar-Ziwa", " Let there be light", and " Manda created me" for thy crown. And recite " Strengthened and enhanced is the great mystery of radiance light and glory" and bind thy pandama over thy mouth.

And take the phial into thy hand and recite " Water of Life art thou" over the bottle. And recite " Hail to the First Life" for the incense and cast incense on the fire and recite " We have acknowledged", " Praises", " To Thee" and " Raising my eyes"; and the bottle shall be in thy hand. And recite " I sought to raise eyes" and at the place where it says " wilt wipe away and remove from N. his sins, trespasses, follies, stumblings and mistakes and cast them into the hells of earth and into the nethermost Abaddons of darkness and wilt raise him up as guiltless and not as guilty and as virtuous and not as vicious before thee, Manda-d-Hiia. With thy radience thou wilt clothe him and with thy light thou wilt cover him, and wilt set thy living wreath on his head, (the head of) this the soul of N." And take care that thou readest to the end with attention!

And recite the eight prayers for the pihta over the bottle and the two prayers for the mambuhaMana", cover the bottle with the clay and take thy seal-ring with three of thy fingers -- thy thumb and the finger next thy thumb and the little finger -- and recite " The sealed letter which leaveth the world" and at the place where it saith " a letter written in good faith and sealed with the seal of the Mighty (Life)", seal with thy ring and the nail of thy little finger. And until the end let thy seal and the nail of thy little finger rest in the clay. And recite " Bound and sealed are the spirit and soul of N. with the seal of Kushta and the great safeguard of strength in the word of Kushta and the raising-up of Yukabar-Ziwa". over the bottle and recite over the myrtle wreath " The Light became light", " Enlightened and enlightening" and place the bottle on his head. Recite " Manda-d-Hiia went to the stars: his appearance loosed" over the bottle and take with thy forefinger some oil from the mouth of the bottle and recite " (In the name of the) Strange (Sublime) Life, this, the glory and light of Life" and at the place where it saith " to send forth spirit and soul" say " of N". and where it saith " And Sauriel the Releaser cometh, who releaseth spirit and soul" say " of N." and at " everything that is therewith" sign the mouth of the bottle; and at " the house of Abathur" sign the mouth of the bottle. And where it saith " the spirit of N. went and became like the soul and was raised up into the House of Life and Life is victorious" sign the mouth of the bottle. And recite " Truly did my baptiser baptise me", " I am baptised in the name of the Life", and " Whose son am I? Of the guarded

And lift thy seal-ring, thy nail and thy little finger from it and set it before thee and recite " Praised be the First Life" and at the place where it says " Lift thine eyes" say " upon N.". And thy pandamamanas light" (insert) " the soul of N. is established in that place". must be over thy mouth. And recite " Ye are set up and raised up in the place where the good are established amongst

And (recite) " I am crowned with a wreath and lay me down", " With Him, with the Deliverer", " Between the Hidden and the Radiance", " Bliss and peace there will be on the road which Adam attained", " My vigilance and praise", " Go in peace, chosen, pure and guiltless one in whom there is no spot", " The Mana rejoiceth in his treasures", " Well is it for thee, well is it for thee, soul that departed from the world", " Sunday, and Kushta and Oblation", " I am provided and provisioned", " He rose and took me up with him", " The day that the soul goeth forth" and " Ye are set up and raised up, my Chosen".

And recite the " Blessed and praised be Life" for the souls and here recite the " Blessed and praised is Life" of Shem son of Noah. And where it saith " To you it shall be given, of the Ether-wreath" say " to N. son of N." (it shall be given).

And recite " Good is the good for the good"; ask mercy for him and remit his sins and his trespasses. And give it to him to whom thou givest it and grasp in kushta the hand of him who holdeth (the hand) of the dying person and say to him " This kushta which I entrust to thee, do thou convey it to Abathur".

If it is urgent to carry him away, bestir thyself (hurry) when thou recitest " The sealed Letter which leaveth the world" and " Bound and sealed are the spirit and soul of N.". Give him that which thou givest him, and take in kushta the hand of him who taketh (the hand of )the dying person and say to him " This kushta I speak to thee do thou speak it to Abathur". Thy pandama must be over thy mouth. Then thou shalt recite " The First Life be praised", " Ye are set up and raised up." and (so on) till the " Good is the good for the good", just as I tell thee.

Offer up for him the devotional prayers, hymns and the " raising" (prayers) of the masiqta from beginning to end. And be careful (to insert) the name of him to whom thou didst administer the oil. Let nothing be lacking and recite with attention and care.

And Life is victorious.

Then, when thou holdest thy pandama over thy mouth, pray for thyself. Make pihta and mambuha for thyself, recite " The Great Life spake and opened Their mouth" and eat thy pihtamambuha. And recite " Life is full", and " The Great Life dwelleth" for thyself and recite " Good is the good for the good" and perform the kushta-rite for thyself and honour thy crown. and drink thy

And beware, beware and beware lest thou begin any of the " loosing prayers" without thy pandama. (Do it) only after thou hast made petitions for thyself.

And Life is victorious.

This is the Benediction of Oil, which Bihram-Rba, son of Adam celebrated for his mother Hawa wife of Adam when she departed the body, whilst Hibil-Ziwa sat before them.

This Benediction of Oil was in the Diwan of Ramuia son of 'Qaimat of the town Tib, written by Zazai-d-Gawazta son of Hawa. And Bayan-Hibil son of Brik-Yawar wrote it. Here he distributed it, with these books, amongst a hundred Nasoraeans, from his own Diwan which he had copied from Ramuia son of 'Qaimat's Diwan that was found in the possession of Haiuna daughter of Yahia and Bainai son of Zakia.

And Bayan-Hibil son of Brik-Yawar said " Just as it was written, I wrote it and all the mysteries of the Oil were therein. As far as Jerusalem, the city of the Jews, their mysteries (sacramental ceremonies) are like these.

And Life is victorious.

Exhort those who administer the oil to be careful. If he (the apparently dying person) doth not depart the body, let them bring him to thee. Recite " In great radiance am I immersed", break open the seal, bear it away (? ) and throw it into the jordan.

And when thou administerest oil, beware lest thou make a mistake. If thou hast committed an error, it will need a " masiqta of the sixty" for him on whom the oil falleth and it will be well. If impossible to carry him read a " sixty" masiqta for him with seven food-trays, and at " that which is with her" sign him and at " the House of Abathur" sign him.

(If) the soul (be that of) a good, pious person, one who hath people who will do good after him, bring priests and celebrate sixty masiqtas for him in full with everything. In the upraising of the sixty" sign him alone at (the words) ma d-bh; at the words bit Abatur sign him alone. And in the last upraising sign him alone at bit Abatur and (then) sign the souls of our fathers.

For a masiqta thou requirest meat, water of prayer, incense, pihta, hamra, wreath and oil. And in (on) the seven trays: - place there all that thou wishest in the trays together with those mysteries (named above).

And when (there is) a masiqta, read the homilies about the soul; let them be many, and be compassionate. It is good (beneficial) for a soul on whom oil falleth. Recite over him and over the seven rahbata and (pray for) Mandaeans, Nasoraeans and the faithful. And pray the masiqtapihta and mambuha, the " bindings and loosings" of the masiqta prayers " We have acknowledged", " Praises", " Thee", " Lifting eyes", " I sought to raise eyes" and all the appointed prayers for the from beginning to end.

Be careful; make enquiry, display kindness, show compassion (during? ) the homilies, and loose him from his sins.

And Life is victorious.

Then Hibil-Ziwa taught and said " Great disgrace will fall on any Nasoraean who (whilst) reading the masiqta openeth his pandama or adulterates the water of prayer. He will not behold his Creator and will be smitten with that blow which was administered to the First Eldest One because he sinned and blundered before his Parents. And I, Hibil-Ziwa, will not reckon him amongst my own, nor count him as one of my own".

And Hibil-Ziwa said " Any Nasoraean who holds (to? ) the pandama and doth not adulterate the water of prayer, as long as he remaineth in the body shall have increase, speech and a hearing because he hath neither removed nor changed aught of that which his fathers commanded him, nor hath he performed the acts of Yushamin or rendered a portion to the Well Sumqaq, nor did he stand in the heat of the Well Sumqaq".

Every man who celebrateth these mysteries must hold (wear) the pandama. When he holdeth his pandama all the creatures of darkness are turned back from his presence, his appearance will shine and all that he hath done will be confirmed by us.

And Life is-victorious.

This is the Book of Gadana which Hibil-Ziwa gave to the chosen elect, which I have copied for myself. I am poor, lowly, child-like and striving, one whom the Seven and Twelve persecute; one of the Root of the First (Life), one insignificant amongst my fellow-priests and ganzibras, earth beneath the feet of Nasoraeans and dust beneath the feet of the pious.

I, a slave who is all sin, copied this Book of Gadana for myself so that there should be someone to commemorate my name on earth and yonder in the celestial worlds of light. For my heart hath loved the Life and mine eyes wait upon Manda-d-Hiia, who will be to me a support, a deliverer and a rescuer from the sons of Krun And I testify to the Life and to my lord Manda-d-Hiia with a true and faithful heart.

I am Rabbi Adam-Yuhana son of Bihram son of Sa'dan son of Msa'dan, Kamisia by name, Rish-Draz. I copied it for myself from the book of a righteous and upnght woman, a believing (creature) whose mind is pure; in it there is no lechery, lust or harlotry. She consecrated herself to love of Truth (Kushta) and copied this Book of Gadana so that there should be for her a commemorator on earth and in the mighty celestial worlds of light, yonder. She was my own paternal grandmother, her baptismal name was Anhar daughter of Sharat. May there be for her enlargement of life! And the name by which she was called was 'diia, daughter of Adam son of Sa'ad-Juwiri. (She copied it from? ) the copy of the great, lofty and respected R. Ram-Yuhana son of R. Yahia-Zihrun son of R. Zihrun son of R. Adam son of R. Yahia-Adam son of R. Shitil son of R. Ram son of R. Zakia son of R. Yahia son of R. Zakia son of a father of ganzibras, R. Mhatam son of R. Sam, known as Manduia, family name 'kuma (Black). He copied it from the book of the great, lofty and respected R. Yahia-Zihrun son of R. Yahia-Bihram son of R. Adam son of R. Yahia-Adam known as Manduia, family name 'kuma. He copied it for a shalmana -- the craftsman Hadaiat son of the craftsman Qasum son of Bihram son of Zakia of the sons of the Dihdaria (tribe), family name Sabur, from the book of R. Zihrun son of Asta Faruk, Asta Nuruz, his baptismal name being Bihram son of Adam-Yuhana son of Br-Hiia son of Zihrun son of Yahia-Anush, son of the great lofty and respected R. Mhatam son of Yahia-Baian son of Yuhana-Shadan, of the sons of the Dihdaria, family name Sabur. He copied from the book of Shaha whose baptismal name was Hawa-Mamania daughter of 'Aziz, family name Wasia. He copied it from a book (copied by? ) Bihram-Br-Hiia son of Adam-Zakia-Br-Hiia son of Baktiar son of Adam-Bihram, family name Kuhilia, that was copied by the great, lofty and respected master-builder of knowledge and understanding, a noble and distinguished ganzibra, an excellent, accomplished man, devoted to the First Life, son of an orthodox family (root), son of a highly-distinguished family, our teacher, R. Yahia-Bihram son of a father of ganzibras, R. Sam-Bahran son of Yahia son of Zakia son of Yuhana known as Buhaiiar, Zakia by name. May Mand-d-Hiia forgive him his sins for he was kindly and long-suffering, and wrote this book so that there should be commemoration for him on earth and yonder in the worlds of light. And he copied it with the rubrics which had been copied by the great, lofty, respected and reliable ganzibra Zihrun son of Br-Hiia son of Baktiar son of Adam-Bihram, family name Kuhailia-may Manda-d-Hiia forgive him his sins! He copied it for Sam-Yuhana son of Mhatam-Bulbul son of Sam, family name 'Asakir from the book of R. Adam-Baktiar son of Yahia-Zakia-Zihrun son of Yuhana-Shitlan, family name Rish-Draz...

[The list of copyists is so long that I venture to omit the rest this colophon of D.C. 53, up to p. 98, line 16; (Translator).]

... Ziqa son of Ninia. And Adam-Sabur said " I went to Bit-Hurdshaiia and travelled around a great deal, but found no reliable masiqta equal to this masiqta. When I saw that it was reliable I wrote this masiqta just as it was. And any priest or Mandaean who prays, shall hold to this masiqta.

And now, ye priests who hold to it, be staunch to this masiqta so that there may be forgiveness for your sins, and the Life and Manda-d-Hiia and all the 'uthras sons of light will be your helpers. But we will abandon and not approach any man untrue to it.

And Life is victorious.

So these prayers were arranged from the " Explanation of Prayers of Baptism and the Masiqta" which was copied from the Diwan of Ramuia son of 'Qaimat: their father wrote (it? ), Baian-Hibil son of Brik-Yawar and our master Baian son of Zakia. It was in his library. So that these injunctions were written by Baian son of Brik-Yawar. He distributed these books here amongst a hundred Nasoraeans from his own library, which he had copied from the Diwan of Ramuia son of 'Qaimat which was housed by Haiuna daughter of Yahia and Baian son of Zakia.

For it was written in the town of Tib. And Zakia copied it from the Diwan of Ramuia son of 'Qaimat and Yahia (? ) copied from the Diwan of Sam son of Anush-Yahia, and Sam copied from the Diwan of Bihram son of Brik-Alaha...? and Anush copied from the Diwan of 'Qaiam son of Sharat and 'Qaiam copied from Qaiuma son of Brik-Alaha and Qaiuma copied from Shganda son of Yasmin, and Shganda son of Yasmin copied from the Diwan Zazai-d-Gawazta br Hawa and Zazai-d-Gawazta copied from the Diwan of the First Life.

And Ramuia son of 'Qaimat said " From the day on which it fell from (was written by) Zazai-d-Gawazta son of Hawa till now, the years in which I wrote it, is (a space of) 368 years in the ages". And Ramuia son of 'Qaimat said " I wrote this Diwan in the town of Tib in the years when Anush son of Danqa departed with the heads of the people (ethnarchs), in the years when the Arabs advanced".

Then Baian-Hibil son of Brik-Yawar wrote " I purified myself when I got possession of these mysteries. And I myself travelled around and went on foot to Nasoraeans and took many diwansMasiqta and Oil-of-Unction. I have written them here and have distributed them to a hundred Nasoraeans in order that they may hold to and be staunch to them. from place to place. And nowhere did I find " mysteries" as reliable as these Mysteries of Baptism and

" And now, ye priests! Hold and abide by this end (purpose), like 'uthras of light who stood by these mysteries, all of them, and confirm it in a communion to which Yawar is joined.

" And any man who doth not confirm this end (conclusion) we will avoid and not approach him. He may go in his clothes and roll in his filth! His habitation will be the Sumqaq Well."

Then the writing of Ram-Ziwa-Bihram son of Baian: -- " I have looked into the Diwan of 'The Great Wellspring' of Ramuia son of 'Qaimat. Any person who writeth the Book of Gadana and removeth any of the injunctions assigned and written therein, Thou wilt place in clouds of darkness. And anyone who writeth a book of rejection, or removeth any of the injunctions written therein so that they are broken, shall be cursed with a great curse. For this is the curse which the First Life uttered and pronounced, " Anyone who becometh hostile to the Life shall die the second death of an enemy: he will belong to the Darkness; he will fall and for him there will be no uprising".

(But) those who have not removed trust in the Life or (changed) any part of that which they wrote and taught about it, any individual, he and his opinion: and hath delivered them from their sins.. Moreover, anyone who cuts a copy, or extracts therefrom the name of its owner, shall be cut off (himself and sent) to the watch-houses (purgatories) of the planets. And at the Great Judgement he will stand up, but Abathur will not take his hand in kushta.

Life is victorious over all works and victorious is Yawar-Ziwa and his helpers, his people, his priests, and his holding (partisans).

And Life and all Its works are victorious.

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