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Chapter 75

In the name of the Great Life! May there be healing, victory, strenght, soundness, speech and hearing for me, Adam-Yuhana son of Mahnus, from the Life!

We have acknowledged and praises (are due) To the mighty sublime First Life, The Ineffable which is over all works. (I come), bringing (dedicating) my head and my mouth To the Life and to the implanted Word And to 'Usar-Hiia, the great solace and support of Life In order to praise, honour, magnify, bless and exalt Thee. (Yet) who shall praise Thee 2), Life? And who, Life, shall magnify the greatness of Thy victories? Thou art lauded, Thou art magnified, thou art glorified And Thou art exaltedl (For lo) Thou art come, Thou camest and none but Thee came. At Thy radiancy the riders were afraid, At Thy light gates and kingdoms were troubled. on seeing Thee the Jordan turned about, [he waves of the sea rolled back And the islands of the sea were thrown into confusion, Chariots were overthrown and they fell on their faces. Cedars of Lebanon were rent, mountains shook and leaped like stags.

They opened and gave praise. Does in the desert shed their young untimely; The heights arise and speak in (Thy) honour. The earth trembled and was shaken. Jordan! whom didst thou behold that thou didst turn back? Waves of the sea! wherefore did ye roll back? Isles of the seal why were ye thrown into confusion? Chariots! wherefore did ye overturn and fall on your faces? Cedars of Lebanon! why were ye rent? Mountains! wherefore were ye shaken and why did ye leap like stags?

(Why) did ye open and give praise?
Does in the desert! on account of 'Whom did ye miscarry your young?

Heights! in Whose honour did ye arise and speak?
Earth! Whom didst thou behold and (at what) didst thou tremble?

" At the Radiance which surpasseth all radiance, At the Light which surpasseth all lights, And at the Good Being who crossed the worlds And came and cleft the firmament and revealed Himself." When the Life gazed (down) and looked on the earth And Its Glory alighted upon the roofs of Its Building, (Lo! ) they were sitting on thrones of rebellion. They got down meekly from their thrones And fell upon their faces. It eclipsed and took away The glory of the worlds and generations And quenched the flames of their lamps. It set the eyes of the planets in the depths of the earth And in the lower glooms of Ilarkness. Spirit (ruha) lifted up her voice, She cried aloud and said, " My Father, my Father Why didst Thou create me? My God, my God, My Allah, why hast thou set me afar off And cut me off and left me in the depths of the earth And in the nether glooms of darkness So that I have no strength to rise up thither? " All arose, prayed and praised the majesty of mighty (Life) And their voices sang to the Glory that is mighty Praising the Radiance which surpasseth (all) radiance And the Light which surpasseth (all) lights, And the Good Being who crossed the worlds, Came, cleft the firmament and revealed Himself. He sundered Light from darkness and sundered Good from Evil, He sundered Life from Death, And He brought out those who love His name of Truth From Darkness to Light and from Evil to Good And from Death to Life and set them On roads of Truth and Faith. And Thou hast spoken to us with Thy Word And hast commanded us with Thy commandment - " Be My glory and I will be your Glory. Be my light and I will be your Light. And my name shall be in your mouths And I will be with you". Thou art He who overthrowest (false) gods in their high-places And bringest reproach on the divinity of (false) deities.

They were broken down by shame on their way And deep ignominy befell their temples And fettered their might.

Great is the splendour in which Manda-d-hiia is arrayed! Blest is that day of light, praised is that dawn On which Thou didst travel and come from worlds of light! (That day) is not reckoned in a count of days. Nor in a reckoning of months; Except that day on which Thou wast revealed from worlds of light. We will reveal to them, that day on which Thou wast revealed, To all who love Thy name of Truth (kusta).

We offer up our commemoration, our petition, our prayer, Our submission, our tabuta and our faith In Thy presence, (O) 'Usar-Hiia, Delight and great Support of Life. Were we to stand and praise Thee, Thy name, Thy title and Thy goodness seven times a day, my Lord, Who could praise Thee, Life, Or magnify (worthily) the greatness of Thy victories? Can the stinking body praise Thee? or the vain tongue? Were our mouth like the sea, our lips like its waves And our tongue like cleft mountains, Then might we praise Thee, magnify Thee, honour Thee and bless Thee!

Thou knoweth him who feareth Thee with his heart And him who confesseth thee with his lips. With a pure mouth be Thou blessed And lauded with a tongue of praise. Supporters who do not waver, interpretations Of Truth (kusta) which vary not praise Thee. Sons of Perfection beside Thee, (an) endless, countless And everlasting (company), all shining with reciprocal radiance, Praise Thee, for amongst them all hatred, Envy and dissensions exist not. The Place which is all portals of radiance, light and glory Praiseth Thee. The ancient, lofty, occult And watchful One, Abathur, who sitteth according To his rank, like the Life, praiseth Thee, The 'uthra Pthahil praiseth Thee and saith to Thee, " Blessed art Thou, my Lord, Manda-d-Hiia And praised. And blessed is the Place From which Thou camest: praised, magnified And honoured is the great Place from which Thou camest. And praised, magnified and honoured is the great Place To which Thou goest." Elect righteous (men) from lower sanctuaries Ii Praise thee; for Thy knowledge, Thy wisdom, Thine understanding and Thy goodness do they praise Thee.

Thou hast come! Thou comest and art ready to reveal Thyself. Thou art immeasurable, infinite and everlasting. Thou art the Father, Thou art the Brother, Thou art the Son; Thou art the Source, Thou art the great Root of Life; Thou art the First, Thou art the Last, Thou art the Future, for Thou preparest Thyself to come And didst depart in order to reveal Thyself. Put far from us Thy wrath and bring near Thy mercy. Turn back, push back, remove and make impotent Angels of wrath, frost and hail from my land And my house - mine, Adam-Yuhana son of Mahnus - In the twinkling of an eye and at a turn of the wheels, (Let) our petition, our prayer and our submission Rise up before Thee, Manda-d-Hiia! That which we have done forgive us, And that which we do, forgive us, (For) Thou, (O) Manda-d-Hiia art a forgiver of sins, Trespasses, follies, stumblings and mistakes. If Thou, (O) Manda-d-Hiia, didst not forgive our sins, Our trespasses, follies, stumblings and mistakes, Who would stand guiltless before Thee, Manda-d-Hiia? Slaves are we, who are all sin And Thou the Lord who art all mercy. Before Thee, all hands are thieving and all lips lying; In Thine eyes, Manda-d-Hiia (even) Jordan-waters are not cleansing.

(Set for) righteous and believing people. Causing our spirit and souls to dwell in abodes of Life According to the purpose of the Life And the will of the three 'uthras. And according to the will of Manda-d-Hiia Sublimest of beings, and according to the will Of the Four Beings, sons of salvation. In Thy presence there will be restoration For our spirit and our souls. Thou wilt clothe us with Thy radiance And cover us with Thy light And will stand us before Thee with the innocent And not with the guilty; With the richly-endowed and not with the lacking. Knowledge of Life is Thy name, Truth is Thy name. Pure is Thy name, magnified is Thy name, Honoured is Thy name, blessed is Thy name And abiding is Thy name. Victorious art Thou And victorious is Thy name. Victorious are the wvords of Truth which proceed from Thy mouth Over all deeds. Make victorious and establish This my soul (the soul of) Adam-Yuhana son of Mahnus. And Life is victorious over all works.

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