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Impact on men

All men like cars, don’t they? For men, it is very important what kind of car they have and what features this car has. It is really important for men not only to feel safe on the road (the amount of airbags, hours-power, steering and capabilities), but to realize that the car they are driving looks amazing.

There are some rules of Visual merchandising that we can use to attract men:

1) A car should be black, white or grey. Most men prefer these colors and it the most effective for the stand. But let them know that there are other colors.

2) It is desirable that the stand was above the floor, but it is not often used because it is very expensive.

3) Good lighting plays almost the most important role. It should not be bright or dull. The car must be visible and shine in the light.

4) All cars must be polished and clean.

5) Near the car must stand a board with a description of the automobile (the amount of airbags, horsepower, etc.).

6) Let them sit in the car, try to start the engine and open the doors. It is necessary to review the car.


An example of toys display

To conclude this chapter I’d like to note that nowadays more often men, women and children pay attention to different things so the ways of involving them in shopping are completely different. For example, men are not interested in women's perfume, while women are not interested in children's toys and etc. And the methods to influence men, women and children are absolutely different, because they have different interests (eg. children are attracted by toys with bright colors, while men like more dark colors, etc.).


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