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Choose the alternative that best suits the context. 1. We hope to pay the debt __________ a few weeks.

1. We hope to pay the debt __________ a few weeks.

a) at b) within c) for

2. As we sell all over the country this means we need a ____ of sales people.

a) campaign b) gang c) team

3. I __________ wear a badge at work. It’s a rule.

a) should b) have to c) can

4. The company spends about 10% of its ________ sales on research and development.

a) whole b) full c) total

5. The _____________ strategy of our all overseas operating divisions is determined by the business center in Moscow.

a) total b) global c) universal

6. Our company ________ close attention to the environment.

a) pays b) takes c) gives

7. We use ___________ bottles and packaging materials.

a) recycle b) recycling c) recyclable

8. In 1990 the American Council on Economic Priorities chose Colgate-Palmolive as one of the four most socially _______ companies in the US.

a) respective b) responsible c) respecting

9. ___________ is the term given to different activities involved in distributing goods from the manufacturer to the final customer.

a) Retailing b) Marketing c) Distribution

10. In order to make its products known, a firm _________ advertise.

a) can b) may c) must

11. An advertisement on radio or television is called a _________.

a) movie b) commercial c) sales program

12. A heavy __________ was imposed on the company because they broke the contract.

a) sum b) incentive c) penalty

13. _________ is a business system in which a company sells an individual the right to operate a business using its brand-name and reputation.

a) Retailing b) Franchising c) Wholesaling

14. ________________is used to increase sales by making the product or service known to a wider audience.

a) Promotion b) Research c) Advertising

15. _________ we had some problems with transport, we managed to deliver the goods in time.

a) But b) Although c) Nevertheless

16. ____ is the general term covering all forms of selling goods to the public.

a) Retailing b) Franchising c) Wholesaling

17. __________ documents should be sent in triplicate.

a) The both b) Both c) Both of

18. Electronic and Optional Equipment company is presently seeking a ______ engineer with several years’ experience of computer assisted technology and design.

a) qualified b) qualifying c) being qualified

19. The successful multinational team should be composed of managers who have the right __________ in terms of attitude and experience.

a) rules b) relationships c) profiles

20. Each of the invoices ____________ a different reference number.

a) have b) has c) is having

21. An English proverb says: there are two fools in the market: one asks too little, one asks too ___________.

a) many b) much c) few

22. Our team is carrying out the research to determine the best way to __________ the employees.

a) suit b) motivate c) rationalize

23. We ____________ the design of the equipment. Now it sells better.

a) have updated b) updated c) will update

24. Our customers get reminders on __________ payments.

a) overpaid b) overlooked c) overdue

25. If you pay __________ I’ll give you a 5% discount.

a) price b) cash c) bill

26. His ability to anticipate financial __________ prevented him from losing a great deal of money.

a) growth b) crash c) dip

27. Our goods didn’t sell well. There _________ a very high demand for this kind of product in that region.

a) can’t have been b) mustn’t have been c) shouldn’t have been

28. The prices given for buying and selling shares on the Stock Exchange are known as __________.

a) stocks b) values c) quotations

29. We are planning to invest a great sum of money in sponsorship in order to improve our firm’s ___________.

a) image and reputation b) financial position c) accounts

30. They’ve just launched an advertising _________

a) company b) campaign c) promotion

31. We are doing _______ well ______ we did last year.

a) better... than b) as... than c) as... as

32. If I had known that the post was vacant, I _________ for it.

a) will apply b) would apply c) would have applied

33. Big companies cannot rely exclusively on their ________ markets. They have to become more international in their outlook if they want to survive.

a) consumer b) competitive c) domestic

34. I ________ to get in touch with him all day yesterday.

a) have tried b) was trying c) have been trying

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