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LUKoil hit its lowest level since the end of February.

a) The LUKoil stock dropped slightly since the end of February.

b) The LUKoil stock plunged at the end of February.

c) The LUKoil stock fell dramatically since the end of February.

4. Choose the alternative to express the same idea as the word or phrase italicized.

57. They are determined to make the company profitable and to achieve a stable profitability by fiscal 2003.

a) increase b) income c) loss

58. Gazprom and Shell agreed to establish a joint venture to develop the Zapolyarnoye field, in which each will hold a 50 per cent share.

a) dividend b) interest c) stake

59. Recently our sales have boosted incredibly.

a) boomed b) increased c) bulled

60. We should introduce the product into the market by August.

a) take b) launch c) deliver

61. The group of people that we want to buy our product is teenagers.

a) Our bear market b) Our bull market c) Our target market

62. To my mind, the short phrase used in our advertising campaign must be changed. It does not produce any impact. It’s too dull.

a) motto b) slogan c) brand name

63. Each subsidiary has its own way that management is organized.

a) management structure b) management strategy c) organization chart

64. Ford is one of the most famous companies, which operates in many different countries.

a) holding company b) multinational companies c) subsidiary

65. Among other things, our company hopes to lower costs due to the increase in the scale of production.

a) get income of scale b) get economies of scale c) get profitability of scale

66. The success of the project was to a great extent due to the people who work for the company.

a) workforce b) management team c) trainers

67. He made his money by buying unsuccessful companies, selling their most valuable parts and then closing them down.

a) investment into unsuccessful companies

b) asset stripping c) taking over

68. Using the same management structures, products and working practices in all parts of the world can help the multinational company get rid of unnecessary duplications.

a) Globalisation b) Re-engineering c) Reorganising

69. It is very important for any company to work out its own way of doing things.

a) organization chart b) corporate culture c) production

70. In recent years our company has gained control of about ten smaller companies by buying most of their shares.

a) merged b) took over c) melted

71. A business of encouraging people to buy goods is rapidly developing in our country.

a) Promotion business b) Advertising business c) Distribution business

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