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Choose the alternative that best suits the context.

1. The Project Team ________ a broad range of specialists working together to solve a given problem.

a) involves b) subdivides c) manufactures

2. If I knew anything about the matter, I _ you.

a) will tell b) would tell c) would have told

3. The ________ line was shut down for two hours as a result of damaged machinery.

a) production b) delivery c) control

4. Do you know that he has bought _____ Rolls Royce?

a) a b) the c) an

5. As the field survey shows, very ________ customers (about 6 %) find the design of our goods attractive.

a) little b) few c) a few

6. A successful manager must be ____ in his/her own ability to deal with difficult situations and show the qualities of leadership.

a) confident b) initiative c) accountable

7. The Intel Corporation is ______ biggest producer of microchips.

a) a b) the c) an

8. I _____ on the final report all day yesterday. Tomorrow I’m making a presentation.

a) had worked b) have been working c) was working

9. Information on ______ prices is available to brokers throughout the world.

a) share b) market c) trading

10. Our new packaging is __ attractive ___ the previous one. As the result the sales have risen this month.

a) as... as b) more... than c) most...as

11. I am going to _______ my trip to New York. The situation changed completely.

a) cancel b) refuse c) deny

12. I can’t make any decision unless I ___ all the facts concerning the matter.

a) will know b) know c) won’t know

13. We can’t afford ________ new equipment just how. I think we’ll have to wait till the things become better.

a) buying b) having bought c) to buy

14. The traditional vertical organization of companies is today _______ by a number of cross-functional structures, known as the “matrix structure”.

a) added b) helped c) complemented

15. __________ complaint was paid attention to.

a) Each of the b) Each c) Each of

16. The recent boom in consumer spending resulted in sales _________.

a) recession b) growth c) improvement

17. At present we are doing not _____ well ______ we did last year. Our sales are falling.

a) as... as b) more... than c) less… than

18. A number of employees were injured because they did not follow _______ procedures.

a) dangerous b) health c) safety

19. The organization structure of our company ______ reorganised recently.

a) is being b) has been c) had been

20. Hewlett Packard is known as one of the most reputable _____ in the electronic and computer industry.

a) customers b) suppliers c) buyers

21. We managed to capture _____ contracts last month.

a) few b) a little c) a few

22. We won’t succeed unless we ______ our image. The old one is becoming less and less competitive.

a) will change b) would change c) change

23. We won’t start discussing this question until the Production Manager __________.

a) will arrive b) won’t arrive c) arrives

24. What is the secret of their fantastic commercial _______?

a) production b) success c) market

25. If Jack weren’t on holiday now he ________ us some valuable advice.

a) would have given b) will give c) would give

26. Last year we made a good profit. ______ the market is unstable and the results may be not so good this year.

a) And b) So c) However

27. We have ____ time at our disposal. We must make a decision right away.

a) a little b) little c) few

28. During the ________ of the 1930s thousands of businesses closed and millions of people lost their jobs.

a) boom b) slump c) expansion

29. A movement of money into or out of an account is called _______.

a) transaction b) option c) invoice

30. We decided to _________ the new model at the trade fair in autumn.

a) manufacture b) launch c) produce

31. She says she ________ in two years’ time.

a) will retire b) would retire c) is going to retire

32. Our company is ready to sponsor the city football team if they wear our _____ on their shirts.

a) logo b) brand c) slogan

33. The 1929 ____ market crash led to the great depression in many Countries.

a) share b) stock c) stake

34. You’ll ______ monitor all the procedures carefully.

a) can b) should c) have to

35. _____ projects was considered properly by the Chief Executive Officer, but neither of them was approved.

a) Each of b) Each of the c) Each

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