D) mannes

A) isnt

B) doesnt

C) wasnt

D) is

E) arent

199. She is fond... classical music.

A) of

B); in

C) in

D) by

E) at

200.... always speaks in a loud voice.

A) he

B) we

C) you

D) they

E) I

201. There were many.... of the World War at the meeting.

A) men

B) mans

C) man

D) mannes

E) woman

202. Ive got good relations... my mum.

A) with

B) by

C) to

D) at

E) from

203. My mothers brother is my....

A) uncle

B) niece

C) sister

D) brother-in-law

E) nephew.


204. Son of my father is my....

A) brother

B) relative

C) distant relative

D) brother-in-law

E) stepbrother

205. My brothers wife is my....

A) sister-in-law

B) son-in-law

C) relative

D) father-in-law

E) stepsister

206. Daughter of my sister is my....

A) niece

B) brother-in-law

C) cousin

D) nephew

E) brother

207. The father of my husband is my....

A) father-in-law

B) father

C) grandfather

D) brother

E) stepfather

208. Children of uncle are my....

A) cousins

B) brothers

C) sisters

D) nephews

E) nieces

209. My children are my parents....

A) grandchildren

B) grandsons

C) granddaughters

D) children-in-law

E) grandnephews

210. Our large family consists... 8 people.

A) of

B) on

C) at

D) with

E) by

211. We... fond... reading fairy-tales when we were children.

A) were / of

B) are / of

C) were / with

D) was / by

E) are / at

212. He usually goes...bed at half past seven.

A) to

B) in

C) on

D) of

E) into

213. My working day finishes... 6 p.m.

A) at

B) in

C) on

D) of

E) to

214. She tries to do... morning exercises every morning.

A) her

B) his

C) hers

D) our

E) my

215. On week-ends we like to go... the country.

A) to

B) on

C) for

D) with

E) at

216. As... rule we have little free time on my week-days.

A) a

B) an

C) the

D) -

E) to

220. Sometimes I have scrambled eggs... breakfast.

A) for

B) on

C) at

D) -

E) by

221. In the evening if I have enough time I have....

A) a bath

B) a breakfast

C) a taxi

D) a lessons

E). a pen

222. As a rule after classes I go.....

A) home

B) bed

C) Institute

D) cafe

E) friends

223. It... me an hour to get to the University.

A) takes

B) makes

C) does

D) keeps

E) asks

224. Then I go to the... where I have breakfast.

A) kitchen

B) bathroom

C) sitting room

D) study

E) my room

225. I want my parents... of me.

A) to be proud

B) to be fond

C) to be late

D) to be interested

E) to be ill

226. After classes I go... to get ready for lessons.

A) to the library

B) to home

C) at home

D) to the house

E) to the cafe

227. When do you come... home after work?

A) -

B) at

C) to

D) in

E) into

229. What I do at my weekends really depends... my mood.

A) on

B) at

C) in

D) to

E) of

230.... the corner there is a writing table.

A) In

B) At

C) To

D) Near

E) On

231. You can see a big dining table... the middle... the room.

A) in / of

B) of / at

C) on / in

D) at / in

E) of / of

232. We are looking... a flat which overlooks a nice park.

A) for

B) in

C) after

D) at

E) out

233. His flat is... the second floor.

A) on

B) in

C) to

D) at

E) of

234. Where do you keep your books?

A) bookcase

B) side-board

C) sofa-bed

D) cupboard

E) bedside table

235. Where do you usually have a bath?

A) bathroom

B) living-room

C) study

D) bedroom

E) entrance hall

236. Where do people keep their dishes?

A) cupboard

B) mirror

C) arm-chair

D) sofa

E) door

237.... there a green carpet on the floor?

A) is

B) are
C) were

D) will

E) be

238. I have a bedroom which I use... a study.

A) as

B) like

C) how

D) look like

E) looks

239. There... a sofa and four chairs in our livingroom.

A) are

B) were

C) is

D) am

E) shall

240. Choose the correct variant.

A) she has dinner at home as a rule

B) she as a rule has not dinner at home

C) she have as a rule dinner at home

D) as a rule she has dinner at home

E) she not as a rule has dinner at home

241. Choose the correct variant.

A) Mary doesnt go to the library

B) Mary not go to the library

C) Mary dont goes to the library

D) Mary doesnt goes to the library

E) Mary go not to the library

242. Choose the correct variant.

A) Does his brother swim very well?

B) Is his brother swim very well?

C) Do his brother swim very well?

D) Do his brother swim very well?

E) Have his brother swim very well?

245. Choose the correct variant.

A) Do the shops open at 9 oclock in the morning?

B) Does the shops open at 9 oclock in the morning?

C) Do the shop open at 9 oclock in the morning?

D) Are the shops open at 9 oclock in the morning?

E) Is the shops open at 9 oclock in the morning?

246. Choose the correct variant.

A) Does his mother cook tasty?

B) Is his mother cooks tasty?

C) Do his mother cooks tasty?

D) Do his mother cook tasty?

E) Has his mother cook tasty?

247. The course of study at the university is than at college.

A) longer

B) bigger

C) smaller

D) eastier

E) hight

248. A full-time student goes to the university

A) every day

B) at the end of terms

C) only during sessions

D) every weekend

E) once a week

249. After finishing the university student get

A) a diploma

B) driving

C) a certificate

D) a registor

E) a time-table

250. In our university examinations are held

A) at the end of each term

B) at the end of a year

C) at the end of every month

D) at the weekend

E) at the end of study

251. A freshman is

A) a first-year student

B) a graduate

C) a tutor

D) a pupil

E) a teacher

252. To catch up the group means





E) .


A) To miss an exam

B) To fail in an exam

C) To take exam

D) To do one`s test

E). To pass an exam

255. After finishing school young people usually

A) Enter the university

B) Leave school

C) Work hard

D) Read up for exam

E). Graduate from the University

256. Give a synonym: to be good at

A) Do one`s best

B) To do well in

C) To work hard at

D) Work by first and stars

E) To take notes

257. During study at the university students can make a

A) Research work

B) Credit

C) Time-table

D) Home task

E) Curriculum

258. You can`t take an examination without

A) Marks

B) Money

C) Credits

D) Credits card

E). Lectures

259. Teaching stuff consists of

A) Teachers and professors

B) Pupils

C) Students

D) Tutors

E) Graduates

260. In Great Britain you can get a higher education at

A) High school and university

B) Nursery school

C) College and high school

D) College and university

E) High school

261. Translate:

A) To get behind to group

B) To catch up with the group

C) To work by fits and starts

D) Go in for sports

E) To fail in an exam

262. A good teacher treats his students with...

A) Respect

B) Laziness

C) Opportunities

D) Beauty

E) Friendship

263. From lesson to lesson students their knowledge

A) Improve

B) Get

C) Forget

D) Give away

E) Take

264. Learning a foreign language is a long

A) Process

B) Labour

C) Curriculum

D) Tuition

E) Practice

265. Usually it takes the students long to read English book in

A) The original

B) The university

C) The bus

D) Adopted version

E) The street

266. To know English today is absolutely for every educated man.

A) Necessary

B) Curious

C) Interesting

D) Useless

E) Intellectual

267. Youll fail in your English if you

A) Miss many lessons

B) Read books

C) Attend many lessons

D) Learn grammar rules

E) Know the spelling

268. There are terms in British universities.

A) 2

B) 4

C) 1

D) 5

E) 3

269. It is never too late to knowledge.

A) Get

B) Speak

C) Go

D) Marry

E) Love

270. How often do our students take exams?

A) Twice a year

B) Once a month

C) Once a year

D) Twice a term

E) Twice a session

271. To read up for an exam means.






272. Part-time students study at the university

A) Twice a year

B) Once a week

C) During the sessions

D) During the term

E) Every day

273. You will have no problems with the subject if you .

A) Attend classes

B) Miss classes

C) Go in for sports

D) Help somebody

E) Have much money

274. At the end of each term teachers the students.

A) Examine

B) Play computer games

C) Joke with

D) Work with

E) Teach

275. is very important for the success and progress of our society.

A) Education

B) Work

C) Profession

D) Teaching

E) Talent

276. Finishing school is the... of an independent life of school leavers.

A) Beginning

B) End

C) Bottom

D) Countdown

E) Future

277. What is the oldest university in England?

A) Oxford

B) Harward

C) Cambridge

D) Sorbonna


278. After graduating university it is very difficult to choose one of the hundreds of .

A) Works

B) Professions

C) Labours

D) Game

E) Employees

279. Who tries to help to make a decision in choosing profession?

A) Teachers and parents

B) Relatives

C) Teachers

D) Doctors

E) Friends

280. What should the school-leavers do after finishing school?

A) Choose profession

B) Finish training courses

C) Get married

D) Leave their homes

E) Stay at home

281. Who teaches pupils?

A) Teacher

B) Lawer

C) Dentist

D) Doctor

E) Engineer

282. What are you?

A) I am a teacher

B) He is a boy

C) Ann is her sister

D) I am Ann

E) They are girls

283. These crazy scientists (to find) treasures on Antarctica.

A) found

B) founded

C) Find

D) Finded

E) Fond

284. I (to have) be there right in time, but I was late as usual.

A) had to

B) had

C) have

D) has to

E) have to

285. I (to fly) from one continent to another last summer.

A) Flew

B) Flow

C) Flown

D) Flied

E) Flyed

286. I think the weather... fine next week.

A) will be

B) would be

C) was

D) is

E) has been

287. I knew my friend never... to Washington.

A) has been

B) was been

C) was not

D) had been

E) hadnt been

288. Her parents work a plant.

A) on

B) in

C) to

D) at

E) of

289. He decided to save some money and put in the bank.

) it

) their

) them

D) its

E) there

290. Everybody considered him very clever.

A) to be

B) being

C) is

D) been

E) is being

291. I this book since my childhood.

A) havent read

B) dont read

C) didnt read

D) wont read

E) am not reading

292. Ann eat less, shes too fat.

A) should

B) cant

C) shouldnt

D) may not

E) mustnt

293. Ill give you the book on condition you it next week.

A) will return

B) return;

C) shall return

D) returned

E) returns

294. .

A) He found a means of helping them

B) He found no means of helping him

C) He found some means of helping them

D) There are different means of helping them

E) Are there any means of helping them

295. She was invited to this conference a specialist in medicine.

A) as

B) how

C) like

D) as it

E) though

296. Which is the oldest University in the United States?

A) Harvard University

B) Columbia University

C) London University

D) Brown University

E) Princeton University.

297. This pensioner is old and he cant well.

A) hear

B) heard

C) to heard

D) listen to

E) listen

298. There are a lot of in this place.

A) mice

B) mouse

C) mices

D) mouses

E) a mice

299. Bob wants the money. Please give to him.

A) it

B) those

C) they

D) them

E) its

300. The situation changed from bad to

A) worse

B) well

C) more bad

D) badly

E) worst

301. You not smoke, its ruinous for your health.

A) should

B) may

C) need

D) can

E) could

302. I cannot excuse you, unless you me what the problem is.

A) tell

B) speak

C) talk

D) recite

E) say

303. You learned this poem by heart, you?

A) have, havent

B) has, havent

C) have, have

D) has, has

E) has, hasnt

304. Yesterdays rain spoilt my hat completely; I buy a new one.

A) had to

B) can

C) may

D) must

E) might

305. ?

A) What are you laughing at?

B) What do you laugh at about?

C) What do you laugh of?

D) Why do you laugh?

E) What have you laughed at?

306. .

A) She had entered the foreign affairs department

B) She entered the foreign affairs department

C) She enters the foreign affairs department

D) She entering the foreign affairs department

E) She enter the foreign affairs department

307. We could all do more to keep healthy. We dont look after properly.

A) ourselves

B) themselves

C) our

D) yourselves

E) myself

308. Give me a of paper.

A) piece

B) lump

C) bits

D) slice

E) some

309. I this test for at least half an hour.

A) have done

B) am doing

C) do

D) have been doing

E) is doing

310. Can you do it yourself? Yes, I can do it

A) myself

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