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Choose the word or word combination to match the definition.

36. A sum of money given in addition to a salary.

a) wages b) bonus c) motivation

37. To tell an employee that he/she must leave his/her job.

a) to employ b) to hire c) to sack

38. To make something more efficient.

a) to rationalize b) to increase c) to stimulate

39. An advertisement on radio or on television.

a) review b) article c) commercial

40. A phrase used in advertisements to attract attention to the product.

a) celebrity b) slogan c) proverb

41. The perception that the public has of a person or organization.

a) attitude b) reputation c) image

42. Opinion held about something or someone; the degree to which one is trusted.

a) reputation b) image c) attitude

43. A person legally appointed to act for another.

a) representative b) attorney c) prosecutor

44. An official who takes possession of a person’s goods or property when they owe money, especially for the rent.

a) attorney b) prosecutor c) bailiff

45. A person who pays for professional services.

a) client b) sales person c) advertiser

46. A sum of money paid for professional or special services.

a) wages b) salary c) fee

47. The practice of buying a company cheaply, selling all its assets to make a profit and then closing it down.

a) developing a business b) asset stripping c) competition

48. The property of a company, person etc. that has value and can be sold to pay the debts.

a) liquid liabilities b) liquid profits c) liquid assets

49. Insuring again with some other company, so that the risk of loss will be shared.

a) restate b) reinsure c) reissue

50. A request for compensation from someone who is insured.

a) claim b) quotation c) premium

51. The price at which an insurer would be prepared to accept a risk.

a) claim b) quotation c) premium

Choose the sentence which is close in its meaning to the statement.

The hard fact is that money really does make the world go round.

a) Money does a world of good.

b) The world can easily do without money.

c) The world cannot exist without money.

The Managing Director says that there is plenty of room for further growth.

a) The Managing Director suggests increasing the space of the plant.

b) The Managing Director thinks that they have big opportunities for further development.

c) The Managing Director says that they experience further growth.

They realize that the market is becoming more competitive and that they need high-quality and attractive packaging.

a) They realize that their packaging is high-quality and attractive.

b) They realize that packaging plays an important role in promoting goods on the market.

c) They realize that packaging is very attractive for the competitive market.

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