E) I had toast and coffee for breakfast

314. Give antonym: Clean

A) dirty

B) greedy

C) open

D) nasty

E) fat

315. When the concert start last night? - It at 8 oclock.

A) did/ was

B) were/ did

C) was/was

D) had started/ was

E) is/ did


316. The cat... eating... food.

A) is/its

B) are/ its

C) is/it

D) am/the

E) is/ his

317. Hes... his dog not to dirty the house.

A) training

B) passing

C) teasing

D) visiting

E) studying

318. Mr. Brown is a very.... person. He always helps the people and opens doors for ladies.

A) polite

B) unfriendly

C) nervous

D) cruel

E) tidy

320. A mathematician is a person... maths.

A) who studies

B) who study

C) which study

D) that studies

E) which studies

321. .

A) She is sixteen

B) She is in sixteen

C) She is sixten years

D) She has sixteen year

E) She is in her sixteen years

322. She will be playing tennis on Sunday, .... she?

A) wont

B) wont she be

C) will she

D) wont be she

E) shant she

323. Give right sentence.

A) Put on this dress

B) Put at this dress

C) Put of this dress

D) Put out this dress

E) Put in this dress

324. What places did you visit?

A) I visited many historical places

B) I shall visit London next year

C) I am not a tourist

D) I visited Moscow last year

E) I am going to visit the Science Museum

325. The weather isnt cold today, but it... cold yesterday.

A) was

B) wasnt

C) were

D) did

E) is

326. She used to collect stamps, means

A) Collecting stamps is her hobby

B) She doesnt collect stamps anymore

C) She didnt like stamps

D) She doesnt like stamps

E) She dont like stamps

327. How far is... from Almaty to Tashkent?

A) it

B) definition

C) ways

D) meters

E) kilometers

328. Did you buy any bread? No, I... any bread, but I... some milk.

A) didnt buy/ bought

B) am buying/ bought

C) bought / am buying

D) bought/ bought

E) dont buy/ bought

329. Are you going to finish your study.... 2017?

A) In

B) On

C) -

D) For

E) At

330. She usually... her glasses, but now she is not wearing

A) wears/ them

B) wear/ them

C) wore/ them

D) wore/ it

E) - / -

331. Before we leave what we often say?

A) bye

B) have a good day

C) it was nice to meet you

D) i was tired while I was here

E) you later

332. -Which party will you go next Friday? - I must go to Jacks party, because he... me two weeks ago.

A) invited

B) pretended

C) punished

D) prepared

E) liked

333. Their favorite singer is Sting, .... he?

A) isnt

B) doesnt

C) wasnt

D) is

E) arent

335. She is fond... classical music.

A) of

B) in

C) in

D) by

E) at

336.... always speaks in a loud voice.

A) he

B) we

C) you

D) they

E) I

337. You must put... your coat. Its cold outside.

A) on

B) off

C) away

D) at

E) in

338. Dont look... me the way like that!

A) at

B) through

C) for

D) in

E) on

339. I am waiting... my friend. He is late.

A) for

B) at

C) into

D) on

E) in

340. Do you know the way... making good tea

A) of

B) in

C) to

D) for

E) about

341. She cant do it properly. Help... please.

A) her

B) me

C) their

D) my

E) mine

342.... comes home at 8 oclock.

A) she

B) I

C) they

D) you

E) we

343. They did not have any meat. So they... cook a soup.

A) could not

B) can

C) cant

D) be able to

E) will be able to

344. Translate: Lifeless






345. Find a question to underlined word. Look! They are eating dinner now.

A) Who is eating dinner now

B) What are they doing now

C) What are they eating now

D) What do they eat

E) Why are they eating

346. Look! The girls rock-n-roll.

A) are dancing

B) dance

C) is dancing

D) danced

E) are danced

347. you prepare breakfast for me? I am hurry

A) can

B) should

C) must

D) need

E) shall

348. You buy milk. I prefer tea without milk

A) neednt

B) can

C) need

D) may

E) ought to

349. I know the town well so I advise you where to go to have dinner.

A) can

B) may not

C) must

D) need

E) to be to

350. I lost my key yesterday and open the door.

A) couldnt

B) could

C) can

D) may not

E) have not

351. breakfast English people usually have cornflakes or porridge with milk.

A) for

B) at

C) on

D) to

E) in

352. Pass me the salt, please.

A) -

B) at

C) on

D) to

E) for

353.... white curtains on the window.

A) There are

B) This is

C) There is


E) Those are

354. It is the third floor.

A) on

B) in

C) at

D) under

E) for

355. Translate: Keep the house clean






356. There are some pictures... the wall.

A) on

B) in

C) from

D) at

E) under

357. What usually lies on the floor?

A) carpet

B) fork

C) chandelier

D) cupboard

E) armchair

358. Its Thursday today,

A) isnt it

B) doesnt he

C) is it

D) are they

E) wasnt it

359. Youve got two sisters

A) havent you

B) hasnt he

C) are they

D) isnt it

E) wasnt it.

360. My flat

A) plane

B) nursery

C) kitchen

D) bedroom

E) balcony

361. My name is Asel. I16 years old.

A) am

B) are

C) is

D) were

E) was

362. They arent French,

A) are they

B) havent they

C) arent they

D) isnt it

E) was it

363. They an English lesson every day.

A) have

B) had

C) has

D) have had

E) had have

364. Mary studies at the University. She a student.

A) Is

B) Are

C) Am

D) Was

E) Were

365. .

A) season

B) lecture

C) tutor

D) university

E) teacher

366. .

A) kitchen

B) term

C) semester

D) credit

E) debts

367. .

A) patient

B) rector

C) department

D) part-time student

E) teacher

368. They an English lesson every day last year.

A) had

B) have

C) has

D) have had

E) had have

369. She (not to ask) him about anything.

A) did not ask

B) is not asked

C) not asked

D) not asking

E) do not ask

370. He (to play) tennis twice a week last year.

A) played

B) playd

C) had play

D) is played

E) play

371. She (to learn) French and German two years ago.

A) learnt

B) is learnt

C) lernt

D) was learnt

E) were learnt

372. We (to keep) our car in the garage last winter.

A) kept

B) kepted

C) was kept

D) were kept

E) kepting;

They often (to make) mistakes at the lessons.

373. A) make

B) maked

C) had make

D) was made

E) were made

374. They (not to do) their shopping every day last year.

A) did not do

B) do not do

C) does not do

D) not did

E) not do

375. We (to go) to the university by metro yesterday.

A) went

B) gone

C) goes

D) go

E) did go

376. The concert (to begin) at 6 p.m yesterday.

A) began

B) begun

C) begined

D) begint

E) begand

377. I (to stay) at home yesterday.

A) stayed

B) stay

C) was stay

D) were stay

E) stays

378. Tom (to get) excellent marks in English yesterday.

A) got

B) getted

C) get

D) gott

E) was got

379.... always go abroad during their summer holidays.

A) they

B) he

C) she

D) us

E) her

380.... sister made some mistakes in her test.

A) My

B) He

C) Mine

D) Them

E) Yours

381. Is... absent today?

A) anybody

B) somebody

C) nobody

D) anywhere

E) some

382. If you ever have... problems, let me know.

A) any

B) some

C) no

D) every

E) something

383. Did... meet him yersterday?

A) anybody

B) somebody

C) nobody

D) everybody

E) anything

385. How... new grammar rules do you know?

A) many

B) much

C) little

D) few

E) more

386. These books are..., take... if you want.

A) mine / them

B) our / them

C) mine / it

D) her / them

E) my / it

387.... often wait for me at the entrance.

A) They

B) He

C) She

D) Our

E) Them

388. Shell go to the South with... son and... daughter.

A) her / her

B) hers / her

C) her / hers

D) my / mine

E) mine / my

389.... of you knows his permanent address?

A) Who

B) Which

C) What

D) How

E) How many

390. I have many close friends in... native town.

A) my

B) our

C) ours

D) theirs

E) them

391. They should do it....

A) theirself

B) myself

C) themselves

D) ourself

E) theirs

392. She put on... coat and left for work.

A) her

B) she

C) hers

D) herself

E) mine

393. Ive got no pen to write with. Ill ask Askar to give me....

A) his

B) her

C) herself

D) mine

E) my

394. Are you an economist? -Yes, ....

A) Im

B) I do

C) I have

D) Im not

E) he is

395. Does he visit his relatives in Russia?

A) Yes, he does

B) No, he does

C) Yes, I do

D) Yes, I am

E) No, I am not

396. Have the students done their homework? -Yes, ....

A) they have

B) they have not

C) they do

D) I have

E) they are

394. He is handsome, ...?

A) isnt he

B) does he

C) is he

D) doesnt he

E) has he

395. Bota knew it, ...?

A) didnt she

B) does she

C) doesnt she

D) did she

E) is she

396. You cant sing, ...?

A) can you

B) cant you

C) can she

D) may I

E) can

397. His clothes... very stylish.

A) are

B) is

C) was

D) were

E) to be

398. He with his family now. His son so much exited.

A) is, is

B) were, will

C) was, were

D) will be, will

E) are, will be

399. The students in the Russian museum last night. Last month they in the Hermitage.

A) were, were

B) were, will be

C) will be are

D) were, are

E) are, was

400. I sorry. They not at the office at the moment.

A) am, are

B) am, were

C) was, will be

D) were, were

E) will be, are

401. How you? I not very well today.

A) are, am

B) is, am

C) will be, was

D) was, was

E) are, are

402. The shelf brown. It on the wall.

A) is, is

B) was, will be

C) are, is

D) were, was

E) is, are

403. Where Asel and Serik? - They at college.

A) are, are

B) are, is

C) will be, were

D) were, are

E) is, is

404. you busy? No, I not.

A) are, am

B) am, am

C) is, is

D) was, were

E) will be, was

405. Do you have any idea where he? he at work.

A) is, is

B) will be, were

C) was, were

D) are, am

E) is, was

406. Which sport, do you think, the most dangerous?

A) is

B) was

C) were

D) am

E) are

407. His family not in Almaty, it in Astana.

A) is, is

B) are, was

C) is, will be

D) was, will be

E) was, were

408. An interesting film on at the nearest cinema. It Bumer.

A) is, is

B) is, are

C) was, will be

D) were, were

E) was, is

409. The lesson interesting. We studied a new theme.

A) was

B) is

C) are

D) am

E) will be

410. I writing a letter at the moment.

A) am

B) will be

C) was

D) were

E) is

411. They playing football from 5 till 7.

A) were

B) am

C) is

D) will be

E) are

412. When did the Great Fire of London take place?

A) 1666

B) 1768

C) 1516

D) 1566

E) 1856

413. Nelsons Column is situated in in London.

A) Trafalgar Square

B) Downing Street

C) Fleet Street

D) Piccadilly Circus

E) Harley Street

414. The capital of England is .

A) London

B) Chicago

C) Washington D.C

D) Cardiff

E) Manchester

415. Lake Loch Ness is situated in .

A) Scotland

B) England

C) Wales

D) Australia

E) Ireland

416. London is on the....

A) Thames

B) Irtysh

C) Mississippi

D) Severn

E) Avon

417. Sherwood Forest is famous for the legendary .

A) Robin Hood

B) Shrek

C) Sir Arthur

D) Mary Poppins

E) Harry Potter

418. Ulster is another name for .

A) Northern Ireland

B) Republic of Ireland

C) Britain

D) Wales

E) Scotland

420. The national emblem of Scotland is the .

A) Daffodil

B) Thistle

C) Helmet

D) Rose

E) Shamrock

421. The word Albion, the poetic name of Great Britain, means .

A) white

B) yellow

C) green

D) red

E) blue

422. The British currency is .

A) Pounds

B) Dollars

C) Franks

D) Crones

E) British dollars

443. What is the national emblem of England?

A) Rose

B) Maple leaf

C) Tulip

D) Violet

E) Narcissi

444. British people celebrate Halloween on the .

A) 31st of October

B) 25th of December

C) 5th of November

D) 8th of March

E) 4th of July

445. A red dragon is the symbol of which country?

A) Wales

B) Scotland

C) England

D) Northern Ireland

E) Southern Ireland

446. How many parts does Great Britain consist of?

A) 4

B) 5

C) 2

D) 6

E) 3

447. is Great Britains oldest University.

A) Oxford;

B) Cambridge

C) London University

D) Leicester University

E) Birmingham University

448. What is the capital of Wales?

A) Cardiff

B) Coventry

C) Edinburgh

D) Belfast

E) Birmingham

449. The ravens in the Tower of London are taken care of because .

A) Of a legend

B) They are very rare

C) They are very old

D) The oldest name of the Tower

E) The ravens

450. The British Parliament consists of .

A) The house of Lords and the house of Commons

B) The Senate and the house of Representatives

C) The Senate and the Mazhilis

D) The house of Lords and the house of Representatives

E) The house of Lords and the Mazhilis

451. Who is the official head of the state in Great Britain?

A) The queen or the king

B) Labour Party

C) Liberal Party

D) Parliament

E) Conservative Party

452. What is Big Ben?

A) Clock

B) Museum

C) Exhibition

D) University

E) Theatre

453. Which of the following can not be found in London?

A) The Statue of Liberty

B) The East End

C) Trafalgar Square

D) The City

E) The West End

454. The City is the .

A) Business part of London

B) Largest museum in London

C) Central square of London

D) Poorest part of London

E) Industrial part of London

455. The national flower of Wales is .

A) Thistle

B) Daffodil

C) Rose

D) Daisy

E) Lilac

456. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is .

A) A constitutional monarchy

B) A parliamentary republic

C) A bourgeois republic

D) A federal republic

E) An absolute monarchy

457. The Speakers Corner is situated in in London.

A) Hyde park

B) The Trafalgar Square

C) The Westminster Abbey

D) The British Museum

E) The Tower of London

458. The chairman of the House of Commons in the English Parliament is .

A) The Speaker

B) The Lord-Chancellor

C) Prince of Wales

D) The Queen

E) The Prime-Minister

459. The chairman of the House of Lords in the English Parliament is .

A) The Lord-Chancellor

B) The Speaker

C) Prince of Wales

D) The Queen

E) The Prime-Minister

460. The most popular English sport is .

A) Football

B) Basketball

C) Tennis

D) Rugby

E) Swimming

461. The Capital of Northern Ireland is .

A) Belfast

B) Londonderry

C) Cardiff

D) Dublin

E) Melbourne

462. Madam Tussauds is a museum of .

A) Wax figures

B) Ancient coins

C) Western paintings

D) Sculptures

E) Tools

463. Madam Tussauds museum is in .

A) France

B) America

C) Canada

D) Russia

E) England

464. What country is the nearest continental neighbour to Great Britain?

A) France

B) Ireland

C) Spain

D) Canada

E) Spain

465. separates Great Britain from France.

A) English Channel

B) Gulf of Mexico

C) Saint Georges Channel

D) I rish Sea

E) North Atlantic Ocean

466. London is divided into .

A) The City; the West End, the East End and Westminster

B) The City; the West End, the 5th Avenue;

C) The North End, the South End and Westminster;

D) The North End, the West End, the City and Westminster;

E) Squares, Avenues and Westminster.

467. Who wrote Hamlet?

A) Shakespeare

B) Mark Twain

C) Jack London

D) W. Saroyan

E) Robert Burns

468. are the most famous educational centres of England.

A) Oxford and Cambridge

B) Sorbonne and Oxford

C) Harvard and California University


E) Cambridge and California University.

469. In practice the United Kingdom is ruled by the .

A) Prime-Minister

B) Queen

C) King

D) President

E) Sultan

470. The longest river in England is the .

A) Severn

B) Thames

C) Trent

D) Mississippi

E) Avon

471. The highest mountain Ben Nevis (1343)- is in .

A) Scotland

B) Wales

C) England

D) Colorado

E) Northern Ireland

472. The National Flag of the UK is known as the .

A) Union Jack

B) Maple Leaf

C) Stars and Stripes

D) Red Dragon

E) Golden Eagle

473. Westminster Abbey was built by the architect

A) Sir Christopher Wren

B) William Wilkins

C) Rembrant

D) Rubens

E) Federik August Bartholdi

474. Many famous people are buried in .

A) Westminster Abbey

B) The Clock Tower

C) The Tower of London

D) St. Pauls Cathedral

E) Trafalgar Square

475. What is Downing Street famous for?

A) The British Prime Minister lives there

B) There is Embassy of the RK to the UK

C) Queen Elizabeth II lives there

D) There is a monument to Admiral Nelson

E) It is famous for its Poets Corner

476. Where is the Statue of Liberty?

A) New York

B) California

C) Massachusetts

D) Washington D.C

E) Boston

477. The American Flag has

A) Thirteen stripes

B) Thirty stripes

C) Fifteen stripes

D) Fifty stripes

E) Ten stripes

478. Where is the tallest skyscraper in the world?

A) New York

B) Chicago

C) San Francisco

D) Washington D.C.

E) Boston

479. When do Americans celebrate Independence Day?

A) July 4

B) February 14

C) December 25

D) November

E) October 31

480. What is the national sport in America?

A) Soccer

B) Football

C) Baseball

D) Tennis

E) Bowling

481. Who was the first president of the USA?

A) George Washington

B) Abraham Lincoln

C) Franklin D. Roosevelt

D) Christopher Columbus

E) John Trumbull

482. Which is the United States capital?

A) Washington D.C.

B) Los Angeles

C) New York City

D) San Francisco

E) Atlanta

483. In which city is Hollywood?

A) Los Angeles

B) San Francisco

C) Florida

D) New York

E) Atlanta

484. What is the name of the awards given to the best movie actors and actresses each year in the U.S.?

A) Oscar

B) Grammy

C) Golden Palm

D) Nika

E) Golden Globe

485. The Mississippi River is the... water way in the United States.

A) Greatest

B) Great

C) Smallest

D) Livelier

E) Highest

486. Washington, D.C. is a....

A) District

B) City

C) State

D) Town

E) Country

487. Who discovered America?

A) Christopher Columbus

B) The pilgrims

C) America Vespucci

D) George Washington

E) David Livingstone

488. How many states are there in America?

A) 50

B) 25

C) 13

D) 55

E) 70

489. What is the national symbol of America?

A) The bald eagle

B) The moon

C) The rose

D) The sun

E) The shamrock

490. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from....

A) France

B) Ireland

C) England

D) Greece

E) Turkey

491. Which beautiful waterfall is situated in the USA?

A) Niagara

B) Anchel

C) Sutherlands

D) Victoria

E) Boyoma

492. Where does the President of the USA live and work?

A) In the White House

B) In Congress

C) In the Pentagon

D) In the Supreme Court

E) In the Empire State Building

493. What is Disneyland?

A) Childrens Park of Wonder

B) Memorial

C) Name of the Square

D) Name of the town

E) Industrial town

494. The colours of American flag are...

A) Red, white, blue

B) Red, brown, green

C) Red, white, yellow

D) Red and blue

E) White and blue

495. July 4th is

A) Independence Day

B) Friendship Day

C) Victory Day

D) Halloween

E) Fathers Day

496. Who is officially the head of the state and the government of the USA?

A) President

B) Republicans Party

C) Democratic Party

D) Congress

E) Communist Party

497. What is the tallest sight in Washington, D.C.?

A) US Capitol

B) The Statue of Liberty

C) The White House

D) Fenwick Gallery

E) The National Mall

498. Oscar is a prize given for

A) Achievement in motion-picture production

B) Achievements in journalism and literature

C) Achievements in music

D) Achievements in science

E) Achievements in education

499. What is the White House?

A) The residence of President

B) Monument

C) Sky-scraper

D) University

E) Park

500. The anthem of the USA is .

A) The Star-Spangled Banner

B) America

C) God Save The Queen

D) In God we trust

E) America, The Beautiful