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Choose the alternative that best suits the context. 1. It was an unsuccessful year for them

1. It was an unsuccessful year for them. Their profits _______ by 50%.

a) dipped b) plunged c) collapsed

2. __ the long-time negotiations, the project for a merger of the banks failed.

a) Despite b) Although c) However

3. During the bear market a lot of firms went _____________.

a) ahead b) bankrupt c) melding

4. The new design will involve __________ the packaging.

a) to change b) changing c) having changed

5. Monthly salaries of our staff go directly into their __________.

a) invoices b) accounts c) interests

6. Our recent sales are ________ disappointing as not many stores are willing to stock and promote our goods.

a) little b) few c) a little

7. My cash ________ was $300.

a) credit b) sum c) deposit

8. ________ candidates has excellent education background.

a) Each of the b) Each c) Each of

9. If you own some shares of a company, you receive _______ per share.

a) interest b) dividends c) salary

10. I’m looking forward ________ from you as soon as possible.

a) to hear b) hearing c) to hearing

11. I draw up contracts and advise the company on tax legislation. I work in the __________department.

a) Sales b) Human Resources c) Legal

12. I __________ how to use a computer since Monday, only for a few days, so I’m not good at it.

a) have learnt b) have been learning c) am learning

13. We are planning to _________ $2.5 million on advertising.

a) lose b) spend a) invest

14. We have received a few offers from the suppliers, but we ______ our minds yet about which one to work with.

a) haven’t made up b) haven’t done c) didn’t do

15. He said he _________ me the following day.

a) would ring b) will ring c) rings

16. I opened my _________ last month.

a) cash b) account c) credit

17. I expect ______ him on Monday next week.

a) seeing b) to see c) to seeing

18. A credit card allows you to carry out ______ without using cash.

a) transactions b) purchase c) payment

19. Investment bankers made huge amount of money during the ______ market of the mid 1990s.

a) boom b) bear c) bull

20. He wanted to know how much _______.

a) did it cost b) it will cost c) it cost

21. In the stock market crash in 1929, the market _______ by 19% and that led to the great depression.

a) rose b) fell c) stabilized

22. There’s very ______ space in our office so we need to buy a new one.

a) a little b) a few c) little

23. ________ act as agents in buying and selling shares.

a) Wholesalers b) Brokers c) Investors

24. I’m sorry but the Financial Director can’t see you today. She’ll be at the ___________ till 6 o’clock.

a) meeting b) date c) appointment

25. He said he would see me ___________.

a) tomorrow b) the following day c) on tomorrow

26. To _______ a price means to give the price at which one is prepared to buy or sell a share.

a) inform b) undertake c) quote

27. He ______ most of his savings in the Stock Exchange.

a) gave b) invested c) fixed

28. On Wall Street, the Dow Jones index __________ a few points.

a) dipped b) fell dramatically c) slumped

29. To acquire __________ in the company which you work for may prove advantageous.

a) a stake b) an investment c) part

30. If I open a saving account I will receive _____.

a) a share b) a benefit c) an interest

31. Everyone hopes that the situation _____.

a) will get worse b) would recover c) will stabilize

32. __________ receive income, known as a dividend, from the companies in which they invested.

a) Owners b) Shareholders c) Stockbrokers

33. In order to raise capital the company intends to issue shares _______.

a) on the consumer market b) on the production market

c) on the stock market

34. It can’t be true. I ___________ to believe it.

a) cancel b) refuse c) deny

35. I _____ my presentation already.

a) prepared b) have been prepared c) have prepared

36. The sewing machine was __ in 1846 by an American called Elias Howe.

a) discovered b) invented c) found out

37. Of course, our goods are not very cheap, but the prices are quite ______ for the average consumer.

a) high b) reasonable c) costly

38. There is very ______ data available about market trends in this region.

a) few b) little c) many

39. _______ companies have been operating on the market for five years.

a) Both of the b) Both from the c) The both of the

40. If you sponsored a charity, you would improve your _______.

a) income b) profits c) reputation

41. We must __________ delivery expenditures.

a) cut off b) cut down c) cut from

42. Our company specialized in producing ______ goods.

a) consumer b) consumption c) consummation

43. The car’s fuel _______ is generally very high.

a) consumptive b) consummation c) consumption

44. Insurance is a terrible investment, but you have to admit that it offers protection in an ________.

a) urgency b) emergency c) urgently

45. The car race was given massive media _____.

a) cover b) coverage c) covering

46. The football supporters club is looking for a sponsor to finance the purchase of four coaches, which _______ transport supporters to matches.

a) will use to b) used c) would be used to

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