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Choose the alternative that best suits the contexts.

1. Telegraphic transfer is the fastest method of sending ________.

a) money b) accounts c) checks

2. I _______ the office when the doorbell rang and immediately two men in masks rushed into.

a) left b) have left c) was leaving

3. _________ can result if you have no more income to pay your debts.

a) Transfer b) Bankruptcy c) Discount

4. We spent too _________ time on routine meetings.

a) a few b) many c) much

5. Banks ________ very high rates of interest on credit loans.

a) charge b) offer c) pay

6. We __________ it at the meeting at the beginning of February.

a) had discussed b) have discussed c) discussed

7. Suppliers expect their ________ paid promptly.

a) checks b) credits c) invoices

8. We _____________ by assuming that our product would sell well.

a) did a mistake b) made a mistake c) mistook

9. The manufacture of components _______ to outside suppliers.

a) sub-contracted b) is sub-contracted c) sub-contracts

10. Some strategic industries, such as Atomic Energy and Defence, are too important to be left in _____ hands.

a) public b) government c) private

11. A ______ of $1.000 invested in our business 10 years ago is worth $1 mln now. a) stake b) stock c) sum

12. They ______ this drug for ten years before it appeared on the market.

a) tested b) had been testing c) have been testing

13. Russian business is __________ a lot of foreign capital.

a) investing b) attracting c) importing

14. We’d like to know your views on the possibility of a _______ venture with our company.

a) business b) capital c) joint

15. There must ___________ a lot of inflation over that period.

a) be b) have been c) to be

16. The bank assigned a credit _________ to our company.

a) check b) limit c) interest

17. A credit ___________ guarantees payment by a specified date.

a) insurance b) term c) fee

18. It was _____________ set of instructions I had ever received.

a) more confusing b) the most confusing c) as confusing as

19. Sellers and customers usually negotiate credit ____ when making a deal.

a) interests b) fees c) terms

20. Our customers usually meet _________ on time.

a) bills b) charges c) prices

21. ___________ fix their own commissions for buying and selling shares.

a) Retailers b) Stockbrokers c) Wholesalers

22. I will give you a ring if anything ________ wrong.

a) will go b) goes c) will be going

23. He _____________ any involvement in the robbery.

a) cancels b) refuses c) denies

24. Our product is within a _________ reach of everybody.

a) social b) financial c) economic

25. Don’t forget to switch off the computer before you __________.

a) will leave b) leave c) are leaving

26. The ___________ of the Japanese economy since World War II has been extraordinary.

a) bull b) boom c) fall

27. I wish we ________ this order. It will improve our financial position.

a) get b) got c) have got

28. The companies have been negotiating a possible _____ for a few months.

a) melding b) concern c) budget

29. This alliance will help our companies survive in the fiercely_________ market of today.

a) contrasting b) competitive c) contemporary

30. At Takaoka the cars are driven directly from the __________ to the boat or trucks taking cars to the buyers.

a) market b) customers c) assembly line

31. The ________ of Harley-Davidson Motor Company are people with a high average income.

a) suppliers b) target market c) budget

32. Our _______ is based on the image of a person who leads an active life.

a) advertisement b) logo c) brand

33. The successful candidate should have at least 3-year_________ in office management at international level.

a) qualifications b) experience c) efficiency

34. Our company is determined to ________ so that we might reach our full potential. a) increase b) recess c) expand

35. Each of the documents ___________ countersigned.

a) was b) were c) were being

36. I have good word-processing _________________.

a) qualifications b) skills c) operations

37. A chief executive officer should have a strong sense of _______.

a) authority b) decision-making c) education

38. __________ candidates had excellent references.

a) Both b) The both c) The both of

39. “Are there any seats on the next flight to Madrid? ” — “Yes, there are ______.” a) few b) little c) a few

40. Last year they attempted ___________ nearest competitor, but failed.

a) taking over b) to take over c) to be taken over

2. Choose the alternative to express the same idea as the word or phrase italicised.

41. The company’s plan of action is being developed at the moment.

a) budget b) strategy c) objectives

42. Our central office is located in St. Petersburg.

a) subsidiary b) subdivision c) headquarters

43. I am planning to work abroad for a few years.

a) overall b) overseas a) overtime

44. The top managers are responsible for reaching the company’s objectives.

a) producing b) advertising c) achieving

45. The operating divisions of our company are managed like separate small businesses.

a) run b) responsible c) established

46. William Colgate launched the Colgate Company in 1806 as a starch, soap and candle business in New York City.

a) sold b) founded c) closed

47. Last year their profits were more than $1 billion.

a) increased b) raised c) exceeded

48. We need to hire some 30 new people.

a) fire b) sack c) recruit

49. We continue to have a close partnership with the environmental societies. a) set up b) establish c) maintain

50. Last year we established a new subsidiary in the North West Region.

a) produced b) set up c) targeted

51. Our company has either to make changes and introduce new ideas or die.a) increase b) innovate c) split

52. An American called Elias Howe invented the sewing machine but Isaac Singer stole his legal document, which gave him the exclusive right to sell an invention.

a) insurance policy b) patent c) memorandum

53. At the beginning of the meeting boss said that the company’s results obtained over the last three months left much to be desired.

a) performance b) sales c) research

54. The work done in order to investigate the market shows that there are a lot of opportunities for our product.

a) promotion campaign b) market research c) advertising

55. Our company added $10 million a year to the amount of money used for the research.

a) research development b) market research c) research budget

56. I am responsible for the International Trade Department.

a) in charge of b) setup c) determine

57. Baltika’s headquarters are located in St. Petersburg.

a) central office b) CEO c) top managers

58. Our employees often get certain sums of money in addition to a salary.

a) cheques b) bonuses c) motivations

59. The new management strategy in our company is associated with the reduction in the number of employees.

a) shortening b) abridgement c) redundancies

60. The management structure of our company should be made more efficient.

a) changed b) rationalized c) worked out

61. All candidates for the position of a marketing manager should write detailed description of their characteristics and experience.

a) their portraits b) their attitudes c) their profiles

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