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Practical tasks


I. Define the type of meaning of the following words and phrases (pragmatic, interlinguistic, referential).


Word or phrase Type of meaning
Mickey-mouse outfit - фирма-однодневка mickey mouse (ineffective; trivial; insignificant) - несерьёзный; маловажный, ненужный (from the name of a cartoon character known for his simple-minded attitudes, created by Walt Disney (1901-66) , the US film producer)  
East-to-west - в одном направлении (не обязательно с востока на запад)  
Joint authors - соавторы  
Spokesperson - представитель (организации, группы лиц)  
to have plenty of life left - не исчерпать ресурс, сохранять работоспособность  
Uncle Abe - дядюшка Эйб (уважительное прозвище шестнадцатого президента США А. Линкольна)  

II. Define the degree of preservation of the following lexical units. Use C for complete correspondence, P – for partial, and A/C – for absence of correspondence.


Lexical unit Its Russian equivalent Degree of correspondence
No-brainer Не бином Ньютона (что-л., не требующее большого ума, простое, очевидное)  
The King's / the Queen's English Литературный английский язык, правильный английский язык  
Motionless as a carving / as a statue Неподвижный как изваяние / как статуя  
Using stick and carrot Политика «кнута и пряника»  
All shall be as God wills. Всё будет так, как хочет Бог.  
Dumb as an oyster Нем как рыба  
To learn sth. at one’s mother's knee. Впитать что-либо с молоком матери.  
Thing of naught Ненужная вещь  
I made him swallow his words. Я заставил его взять свои слова обратно.  
To avoid publicity Сохранять инкогнито  
Home and dry В безопасности  
Money is the root of all evil. В деньгах корень всех зол.  
As black as ink Чёрный как сажа (смоль)  
A shadow cabinet «теневой кабинет» (кабинет министров, намечаемый оппозиционной партией в Англии на случай своего прихода к власти)  


III. Comment on the ways of translation of the following non-equivalent units.


Non-equivalent unit Its Russian translation Way of translation
Safety gates Предохранительная дверь; «ворота безопасности»: дверцы, выполняющие предохранительную функцию (напрмер, их устанавливают на верхнем этаже, чтобы ребенок не упал с лестницы)  
Fingerprinting «Фингерпринтинг» (метод «отпечатков пальцев»)  
Meals on wheels   «Обед на колёсах» (доставка горячей пищи на дом престарелым и инвалидам)  
Carrier-nation Государство, широко использующее свой флот для перевозки товаров других стран  
Lowcoster Лоукостер (дешевый (бюджетный) авиаперевозчик)  
Newsmaker Ньюсмейкер; человек, находящийся в центре внимания средств массовой информации  
Bookcrossing (the practice of deliberately leaving books in places where they will be found and read by other people) Буккроссинг  
Fat cat «жирный кот» (очень богатый человек, который в основном живет на проценты и дивиденды от инвестиций и не занимается активно бизнесом)  
Tree surgery Уход за деревьями; обрезка деревьев на омоложение  
Job hopping Частая смена места работы, особенно с целью получения более высокой заработной платы  
Global village Мир как сообщество, в котором расстояния существенно сократились за счёт использования электронных средств коммуникации  
Sandwich course Курсы «сандвич» (для работающих; при техническом колледже, где занятия чередуются с работой на предприятии; срок обучения от шести месяцев до двух лет; курсы платные; входят в систему дальнейшего образования)  
Coach-surfer Любитель путешествовать автостопом  
Coffee mate «спутник кофе» (заменитель молока или сливок, содержащий абсолютный минимум калорий)  
Food stylist (a person who prepares food for photographs used in magazines, cookery books, etc) Фудстилист    


IV. Translate the following sentences into Russian, choosing the right meaning of the “false friend”.


№ п/п English sentence Russian sentence
Science and common sense both dictate that such extravagance leads to disaster.  
Make sure that everyone is following the argument.  
25 auditors have been enrolled in the History course at our University.  
The first symptoms of angina are described in this chapter.  
Figure 2 summarizes the results of this research.  
Peace Studies overtly aims to emphasise the peaceful settlement of disputes, especially through non-violent transformation. Peace Studies - Иренология  
12 sessions were prescribed for the treatment course.  
Try some fabulous seafood – the local speciality.  
When she was young she used to have a shock of ginger hair.  
Today, chefs, secretaries, firefighters, construction workers, accountants, reporters, and marketing and advertising executives, as well as people in just about every profession, use the Internet to identify job prospects.  
This study suggests some possible avenues, not least the relevance of building up professional relationships with travel journalists.  
The growth in the use of the Web site and homepage as recruiting devices has been dramatic.  
I am a creature of the newspaper business, and along the way I will draw anecdotes from this experience and use examples mostly pulled from the newspaper I know best, the Chicago Tribune.  
Factors, investment banks, finance companies are just some of the institutions that have engaged in loan banking.  
A successful businessman should be aggressive.  


V. One of the difficulties the translator can come across in the process of translation is the polysemy of the TL words. Translate the following sentences, taking into account the context these words are used in.


English sentence Russian sentence
There are rich deposits of oil in Russia.  
We decided to make a deposit in one of the most reliable banks.  
It was smart of Jane to accept this invitation.  
I must say you look smart in that new shirt.  
Coach potatoes who start exercising in later life can reduce their chances of developing heart disease, according to research.  
We met in the heart of New York’s financial district.  
Mr. Jacobs gave a series of lectures on medieval art.  
The teacher gave the pupil a lecture on the importance of punctuality.  
Mint is a place where money is coined by governmental authority.  
The term “ethnic cleansing”was coined by western journalists during the civil war in the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s.  
A snowflake is born of a microscopic particle of dust which drifts through a cloud collecting water vapour.  
A cloud of witnesses came in court to give evidence against that man  
We talked briefly on that morning in early January, 1953, about my application for a job in his new Senate office.  
Both his grandfathers had held elective office  
The bomb exploded at 10.15 p.m.  
Between the mid-1960s and mid-1970s, Japanese car purchasing exploded.  
Correcting and rewriting your papers is invaluable practice.  
Have you already read today’s paper?  
Mary and Nick announced their engagement in the local paper.  
The results of that naval engagement strongly influenced the further alignment of forces.  




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