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Practice task. I. Translate the following word-combinations

I. Translate the following word-combinations. Identify the sense connection between their members.

Attribute Groups


№ п/п English word combination Russian translation
Shape correction  
Brand loyalty  
Antinuclear movement  
Performance evaluation  
Development strategy  
Personnel training  
Technology transfer  
Target consumer  
Food supplements  
Language learning  
Anniversary celebration  
family heritage  
Human rights  
Selection process  
education program  
Infrastructure project  
Migration regulation  
Oxidation product  
Leadership philosophy  
Organization structure  


Multinomial Combinations


№ п/п Word-combination Its Russian translation
Labour force composition  
Sixties youth culture  
Marriage property pact  
Iron ore production  
Employee opinion survey  
Early warning system  
Round table talks  
EU member states  
Most-watched news channel  
Health and safety legislation  
Britain’s ethnic minority communities  
Market decision support system  
Enterprise resource planning system  
Government-controlled gas company  
Virtual reality modeling language  
Executive search consulting firm  
New product development strategy  
Local economic development planning process  
Labour Party's employment law programme  
Multi-sectoral computable general equilibrium model  


II. Translate the following sentences into Russian.

№ п/п English sentence Russian translation
Coal-seam gas is a type of natural gas that is trapped within coal deposits. coal-seam - угольный пласт trap- задерживать, удерживать  
Using this method, he [Henry Ford] turned an expensive luxury of the rich into a mass consumer product.  
Some labor economists have criticized the Chicago-school theory, claiming that it tries to explain all differences in wage and salaries in terms of human capital. wage and salaries - заработная плата рабочих и служащих  
How do I provide a secure credit card payment system on my website?  
Companies must avoid setting incentives that create short-term profit but long-term customer loss.  
There has been no repeat of the “room at the top” structural economic changes that sent millions of able working class children into the professions in the 1950s and 1970s. room at the top - верхняя ступенька общественной лестницы; ≈ место на Олимпе, наверху  
… many critics complain that producers and network executives should be more sensitive to the effects of television violence on children and adults.  
Research in adult cognitive development is flourishing, though a continuing need exists for theory that can integrate the accumulating findings and offer a clear sense of what it all means.  
Tasks were divided according to each team member’s specialist skills.  
Most large cities in the United States have enacted juvenile curfew laws.  


III. Identify the ways of translation of the following idioms (absolute equivalent, relative equivalent or analogue). Translate the sentences into Russian.

№ п/п English sentence Russian translation Way of translation
What the recession shows is that you can’t take anything for granted. to take for granted - считать само собой разумеющимся    
Now, more than half a century after he [A. Solzhenitsyn] wrote it [The First Circle], the first Russian film of the novel has hit television screens, giving the Nobel prizewinner a new lease of life at the age of 87. (The Times, 31.01.2006) a new lease of life - прилив жизненных сил, возрождение надежд      
… I rarely measure out my dyes and chemicals very carefully but rather gauge the amount by eye. by eye – на глаз    
Bjorne says: ‘We are a bit tired of being accused of copying famous designers. If we did that, we’d be up to our neck in court cases …’ up to one's neck ≈ по горло, по уши (в чём-л.)    
I laughed, but I think hе hit the nail оn the head. hit the nail on the head - попасть в точку, угадать; ≈ попасть не в бровь, а в глаз    
The post-9/11 economic fall-out forced luxury shoppers to tighten their belts … to tighten one’s belt - затянуть потуже пояс    
It’s unfortunate that human progress is usually measured by what happens at the top of the ladder: scientific breakthroughs, “smart” gadgets, the breaking of sporting records, the invention of wonder drugs that can cure almost anything if you’ve got the money to by them. the top of the ladder - видное общественное положение; ведущее положение (в какой-л. профессии)      
Lately, the French media have begun loudly wondering whether haute couture is on its last leg. on one's last legs - при последнем издыхании; в полном изнеможении    
… the arts can open a back door to the psyche, drawing from individuals that which they cannot yet put into words … put into words – выразить словами    
A structural and purposeful dialogue is at the heart of coaching. at the heart of smth.- в основе чего-л.    
Critics charge that networks often emphasize the personalities of newscasters at the expense of issues of public importance. at the expense of (smb. или smth.) - за счет кого-л., или чего-л.; ценой чего-л.    
In a nutshell, I have been trying to discover more about the intersections of youth culture and mass culture. in a nutshell - вкратце, кратко, в двух словах    
People who believe that necessity is a mother of invention procrastinate and wait until a deadline looms up before applying themselves to a difficult task. necessity is the mother of invention - "нужда - мать всех изобретений", нужда всему научит; ≈ голь на выдумки хитра    
When a brand decides to make the most of its designer, the media is only too happy to play along with the game. make the most of smth. - использовать что-л. наилучшим образом, максимально    


IV. Translate the following sentences paying attention to rendering set-expressions.

№ п/п English sentence Russian translation
Zara’s product managers keep in touch with stores, seeking feedback from customers and monitoring the popularity or otherwise of items.  
Ultimately, the adminis­tration has left us high and dry - that's why we're here.  
In fact, it is safe to say that virtually no onesystematically studies criminal codes.  
In other words, the story of Steve Jobs boils down to this: don’t go with the flow.  
In my opinion that’s not just a turn of phrase.  
Johan Opperman, an amateur photographer, captured the improbable moment when Kipling’s story came to life.  
At first glance these themes are self-explanatory ...  
In the private sector, public relations came into its own with the advent of professional deregulation and privatization of state-owned companies in the 1980s and 1990s.
Against all the odds, women will be happier in their life when they know where they stand in relation with others.  
… most politicians take public opinion polls with a pinch of salt.  
With this in mind, the company is investigating how to adapt some of its lines to suit the changing tastes of consumers. line - ассортимент  
As the average age of the U.S. population increases, it is imperative for mental health professionals to be prepared to meet the needs of a maturing population.  
Whatever the success of these attempts, a regime based on popular acceptance of its authority is likely in the long run to prove more effective and hence more durable than one based purely on force.  
Every now and then, we would uncover great caches of long-forgotten dyes. cache - тайник, тайный запас  



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