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A system of writing and reading (using raised dots) for blind people,

When you are connected to the Internet you are described as being 1)____

To communicate via the Internet you need a PC, a modem and a 2)____ line.

To have access to the Internet you must first open an 3)___.with an Internet service provider. You need a 4)____ to convert computer data into a form that can be transmitted over the phone lines. The public discussion areas on the Internet are called 5)____.

You can use a BBS to 6)____ clip-art, games and shareware to your PC.

CompuServe and America Online offer exclusive 7)____ to their customers.


II. Виберіть вірний варіант.

1. This deposit is____C______ in our country

(A) old

(B) older

(C) the oldest

(D) the most old

2. There __B__ two physics labs and a foreign language lab in the university.

(A) is (C) was

(B)are (D) been

3. We shall work in the computing center on __D__ of November.

(A) fifth (C) the fifth

(B)five (D) the five

4. I don't go to the university __B__ Saturdays.

(A) on (C) by

(B) in (D) at

5. Students __C__ when the teacher came.

(A) was talking (C) were talking

(B) are talking (D) talked

6. He said ___A__.

(A) he will compute the results (C) he would compute the results

(B) he computes the results (D) he has been computing the results

7. Pat asked Mary what __A__.

(A) she is reading (C) she was reading.

(B) was she reading (D) is she reading

8. Teachers want their students __D__.

(A) work hard (C) working hard

(B) to work hard (D) worked hard

9. __A__ I should make another experiment.

(A) If I was you (C) If I am you

(B) If I were you (D) If I'll be you

10. __C__ our work will be easy.

(A) If the ground will be soft (C) If the ground would be soft

(B) If the ground was soft (D) If the ground is soft


III. Match the terms with the appropriate explanations.

A. Braille1

B. port 6

C. disability 3

D. Morse code4

E. speech synthesizer 5

F. interface2

G. Pixel7

a system of writing and reading (using raised dots) for blind people,

to enable them to read by touch

2 a socket to connect I/O devices

3 incapacity

4 a system of dots and dashes, or short and long sounds, representing

letters of the alphabet and numbers

5 a hardware device used in conjunction with a screen reader the program to convert screen contents into spoken words

6 channels and control circuits which allow different parts of a computer to communicate with one another. It also refers to the part of system that allows a user to interact with programs

7 the smallest element of a display surface


IV. Передайте наступні речення в Passive Voice.

1) We asked him about his holidays.

2) He will introduce me to his friends.

3) They are building a bridge over the river.

4) Has the secretary typed the letters? – No, she is typing them now.

5) She showed him the way to the Metro station.

1) about the holidays we asked him

V.Передайте наступні речення у непрямій мові.

1) “I have never seen your books, ” said Helen to Pete.

2) Nick said to his mother: “I am doing my homework”.

3) “Why don’t you drink your tea? ” said my mother to me.

4) “I saw my friend at the stadium yesterday, ” said Nick to his mother.




І. Fill in the right word:

A. Password

B. Freeware

C. Hackers

D. Virus

E. Encryption

F. Firewall

G. Attachment

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