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III. Match the terms with appropriate explanations.

A. window

B. pull-down menu

C. pointer

D. icons

E. folders

F. scroll

G. menu bar

1 a viewing area less than or equal to the screen size. By using different windows you can work on several documents or applications simultaneously

2 a menu that the user 'pulls down' from a name in the menu bar at the top of the screen by selecting the name with the mouse

3 an arrow, controlled by the mouse, that allows you to move around the screen or to scroll up and down through the document or to give commands

4 graphic images (or intuitive symbols) used to represent an object or task

5 containers for documents and applications, similar to the subdirectories of a PC platform

6 to move a document in its window by using scroll bars so that text in another part of the document is visible

7 the area at the top of the screen which allows access to various menus

IV.Розкрийте дужки, вживая дієслова у потрібному часі.

1) She says she already (to find) the book.

2) I asked my neighbour if he ever (to travel) by air before.

3) The policeman asked George where he (to run) so early.

4) I suppose they (to send) a dog after the burglar immediately.

5) I knew they (to wait) for me at the Metro station and I decided to hurry.

V.Підкресліт в реченнях складне доповнення та складний підмет, перекладіть речення:

1) He is said to be a good translator.

2) She gave him some papers and said that the client wanted them signed.

3) You are supposed to graduate in four years.

4) The teacher wants our homework to be prepared well.

5) The number of the unemployed is reported to be increasing with every year.


V- варіант


І.Fill in the right word:

A. pixels

B. resolution

C. high resolution

D. low resolution

E. cathode ray tube

F. bit-mapped

G. liquid-crystal display

The characters and pictures that we see on the screen are made up of dots, also called picture elements 1)____. The total number of pixels in which the display is divided both horizontally and vertically is known as 2)___ If the number of pixels is very large, we obtain 3)____display and therefore a sharp image. If the number of pixels is small, a 4)____ is produced.

The5)_____ of the monitor is verysimilar to that of a TV set.

What we see on the screen is created and stored in an area of RAM, so that there is a memory cell allocated to each pixel. This type of display is called 6)____. On monochrome monitors, bits are visualized as white dots, and bits 1 as black dots.

Portable computers use a flat 7)____instead of a picture tube.

II. Виберіть вірний варіант.

1. London is _______________ of Great Britain

(A) a capital

(B) capital

(C) the capital

(D) an capital

2. Students do practical work in different ________ and workshops.

(A) laboratory (C) laboratoryes

(B) laboratorys (D) laboratories

3. We don't need _______ money for our research work.

(A) few (C) no

(B) much (D) many

4. We go to the university _______ bus.

(A) on (C) by

(B) in (D) with

5. To achieve your aim you must ______ hard.

(A) working (C) worked

(B) works (D) work

6. The temperature of _______ water is 100°C.

(A) boiling (C) boiled

(B) having boiled (D) being boiled

7. He said to me _______.

(A) he will not miss classes (C) he does not miss classes

(B) he has not missed classes (D) he would not miss classes

8. Mother asked me when ________.

(A) had I come home a day before (C) I had come home a day before

(B) I came home a day before (D) I have come home yesterday

9. I wish ________.

(A) I know that formula (C) I don't know that formula

(B) I knew that formula (D) I didn't know that formula

10. If our laboratory had been equipped with modern installations we _______ our work better.

(A) would have done (C) did

(B) would do (D) had done

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