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A. Program

B. RAM cache

C. Register

D. Single-in-line memory modules (SIMMs)

E. Teletext

F. Terminal

G. expansion slots

1. a set of instructions for solving a specific programs of computer

2. a certain amount of RAM memory which can be designed to store information that an application uses repeatedly

3. the component in the processor or other chip which holds the instruction from the memory wihle it is being executed

4. boards containing RAM cips, connected to the mainboard of the computer

5. a method of communicating information by using TV signals

6. a visual display unit where data may be input to or output from a data communications system

7. The connectors that allow the user to install expansion boards to improve the computer's performance.

IV. Виберіть необхідні слова із поданих у дужках.


1. A firm normally faces (much, many) competition from other firms in the same industry.

2. There were (little, few) things he could do not to file for bankraptcy.

3. These events have (little, few) effects on my company.


V. Перепишіть речення, підкресліть модальні діеслова та ix еквіваленти. Перекладіть речення на рідну мову:


1. I have to formulate marketing strategies for my company as soon as possible.

2. They should take into account the demand for consumer products.

3. In future you are to consider the size of the market and its competitors,

aren't you?

4. Will they be able to consider our terms of sales?

5. Profitability of the company is one of the most important things and

you are to know about that.



XIV варіант


І. Fill in the right word:

A. Merging

B. Sorted

C. Record

D. Updated

E. Database

F. Layout

G. Field

1) In order to personalize a standard letter you can use 'mail____.'

(a technique which consists of combining a database with a document made with a word processor).

2) Records can be automatically_____ into any order.

3) You can decide how many fields you want to have on a ____.

4) Files can easily be ____ by adding new information or deleting the old one.

5) A _____ program can be used tostore, organize and retrieve information ofany kind.

6)The _____of the records can be designed by the user.

7) Each piece of information is given in a separate _____.


II. Виберіть вірний варіант.

1. Cuba is... sugar growing areas in the world.

(A) one of the larger (C) one of the largest

(B) one of largest (D) largest
2. She doesn't like her... criticism.

(A) mother 's-in-law (D)mother-in's-law

(B) mother-in-law's (E)

(C) mother-in-law

3. It takes... an hour to get to the railway station by tram.

(A) me (C) for me

(B) from me (D) on me

4. I always... tell my parents where I'm going.

(A) can (C) must not

(B)must (D) has to

5. All her expenses will... by John.

(A) pay (C) be paid

(B) be paying (D) have paid

6. He asks me if....

(A) I know her (C) know I her

(B) I known her (D) I was known her

7. I made him... this grammar rule.

(A) to repeat (C) repeating

(B) repeat (D) repeats

8. In the midday quiet of the bush she heard a small bird....

(A) sings (C) singing

(B) to sing (D) having sung

9. If I were you I... his advice and organize the presentation.

(A) would take (C) take

(B) will take (D) shall take

lO.If you..., he might have made some suggestions.

(A) told him (C) have told him

(B) had told him (D) has told him


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