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F. Slanting

G. Black-and-white dithering

1. Turning an image round.

2. A tool which lets you scale the 'view' of a picture and edit a small portion of it as if you were working under a magnifying glass. It is very useful for doing detailed work as you can edit the picture one dot at a time.

3. Making the object larger or smaller in any of the horizontal, vertical or depth directions.

4. A shading technique where two different colours are placed next to each other; the human eye blends the colours to form a third one. It is also used to show shading in black and white.

5. A palette from which you choose a design to fill in shapes.

6. Reversing the colour of the dots in the selected part of a picture, so that white dots become black and black dots become white.

7. Inclining an object to an oblique position.

IV.Перепишіть речення, підкресліть дієслово – присудок кожного, визначте його видо-часову форму:

1. They have been trying to reach an agreement concerning the price since morning.

2. As soon as the product appears on sale we’ll take care of its further promotion.

3. They had managed to improve the advertising of their production before the supermarket was opened.

4. You must have done a very thorough job as your concept is the best.

5. The results will be summerized after we have countered everyday’s profits.


V.Заповніть пропуски потрібними допоміжними дієсловами, перекладіть речення на рідну мову.

1. … your bank required to subscribe to any stock?

a) should

b) does

c) were

d) was


2. You … countered your income and paid your taxes, haven’t you?

a) have been

b) were

c) have

d) are


3. … they become retail sailers if they had a chance?

a) had

b) should

c) can

d) would


4. What … the United States Reserve System consist of?

a) did

b) has

c) have

d) does


5. For several minutes she … looking at the Balance Sheet not knowing what to do next.

a) had been

b) were

c) has been

d) was




XVIII варіант

І. Fill in the right word:

A. layout application

B. files

C. manipulate

D. layout software

E. imagesetters.

F. service bureaux

G. colour scanning equipment

Desktop publishing centres around a 1)____A layout application is used to import text from word processing applications, graphics from paint and drawing applications and images from scanning or image manipulation applications, and to combine and arrange them all on a page. They typically can bring in or import many different types of 2)____.It is this ability to 3)____so many different items and control how they are used that makes 4)____so popular and useful. Once composed and by high quality devices, called5)_____and printed on a traditional printing press.

There are, however, companies called6)____ that specialize in printing other people's files on imagesetters, just like copy stores make copiers available to others. Service bureaux can offer imageset output, laser printer output, colour laser printer output and even slide or film recorder output. In addition, some have 7)____.

IІ. Виберіть вірний варіант.

1. There _________ 80 per cent of sole proprietorships in the United States.

(A) is (C) be

(B) to be (D) are

2. The Black Sea is ________ place which attracts holiday -makers all over the world.

(A) the most wonderful (C) wonderfulest

(B) wonder (D) more wonderful

3. No small case for the consistent implementation of economic reforms is__ cooperation with international trade organizations.

(A) Ukraine's (C) Ukraine is

(B) Ukraine (D) Ukraines'

4.During the Great Patriotic War many teachers and students___ part in the battles.

(A) take (C) have taken

(B) took (D) takes

5.The capital ____ the United Kingdom is London.

(A) of (C) in

(B) for (D) from

6.Tom's parents wanted him ___ with them.

(A) staying (C) stay

(B) to stay (D) stays

7. " Can you __ the door for me, Tom? " Ann asked.

(A) open (C) to open

(B) opened (D) opening

8. Tom said he ____ feeling ill.

(A) was (C) are

(B) is (D) will be

9.I wish I _____ taller.

(A) was (C) am

(B) will be (D) were

10. If you _____ with matches, you might burn yourself.

(A) played (C) play

(B) will play (D) playing

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