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III. Match the terms with appropriate explanation

A. file server

B. format

C. function key

D. gateway

E. graphics tablet

F. gigabyte

G. high-level language

1. combination of a software controller and a mass storage device which allows various users to share common files and applications (in a network).

2. The layout of a document, including page numbers, line spaces, margins, paragraph alignment, headers and footers.

3. A key on a computer keyboard which causes a specific operation to take place, other than the entry of a standard character.

4. A device used to interconnect different types of networks.

5. 1, 024 megabytes.

6. An input device which allows the user to specify a position on the screen by using a stylus. Tablets are more accurate than other devices

7. A language in which each statement represents several machine code instructions, e.g. FORTRAN, COBOL, USP.

IV. Перепишіть речення, підкресліть Participle II та визначте його функції: обставина, означення, складова частина дієслова-прнсудка. Перекладітъ речення на рідну мову.


1. Being invented in the 20th century computers became a sensation for economists.

2. Filed for bankraptcy this company still had chances for servival.

3. We have countered the profits and feel pleased with the results.

V. Перепишіть речення та перекладіть їx на рідну мову, звертаючи увагу на різні значення to be, to have, to do:


1. What are other competitor's shares of the market?

2. Bob was making up plans for his future company all the evening yesterday.

3. I'm afraid you have to help me. I did the wrong counting.

4. Do what you can, but don't overestimate yourself.

5. He is to come in time. He should answer our questions.



XIII варіант


І. Fill in the right word:

A. database

B. indexed filing cabinet

C. fields

D. records

E. files

F. updated

G. automatically

With a 1)____ you can store, organize and retrieve a large collection of related information on computer. If you like, it is the electronic equivalent of an 2)___. Let us look at some features and applications.

Information is entered on a database via 3)____. Each field holds a separate piece of information, and the fields are collected ogether into 4)____. Records are grouped together into 5)____ which hold large amounts of information. Files can easily be 6)____: you can always change fields, add new records or delete old ones.

Another feature of database programs is that you can 7)_____ look up and find records containing particular information. You can also search on more than one field at a time.

II. Виберіть вірний варіант.

1. Tommy was one...

(A) of the good student in his group (C) student who was the best of all in his group

(B) of the best student in his group (D) of the best students in his group

2. The more she worked...

(A) the less she achieved in her business (C) she did not achieve enough in her business

(B) she achieved not enough in her business (D) she was achieving less in her business

3. The speaker... gave the last lecture was excellent.

(A) who (C) whose

(B) which (D)what

4. John's scare on the test is the highest in the class;....

(A) he should study last night (C) he must have studied last night

(B) he should have studied last night (D)he must had to study last night

5. Henry will not be able to attend the meeting tonight because....

(A) he must to teach a class (C) of he will teach a class

(B) he will be teaching a class (D) he will have teaching a class

6. He said that they... in the laboratory the day before.

(A) were (C) have been

(B) was (D) had been

7. The chief doesn't seem... to do anything I suggest.

(A) to want (C) wanting

(B)want (D) wanted

8. The man... was familiar to me.

(A) who was sat at the table (C) sitting at the table

(B) sat at the table (D) which was sitting at the table

9. If they had asked me I... to provide them with the necessary equipment.

(A) would be able (C) would have been able

(B) will be able (D) was able
lO.If I... the competition I would be very much surprised.

(A) won (C)win

(B) wined (D) had won


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