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III. Match the words with appropriate explanations

A. Laser


C. Record

D. Store

E. Bit

F. Millisecond

G. At

1. Acronym for 'light implification by stimulated emission of radiation'

2. A microcomputer.

3. to write information on a disk, magnetic tape or film.

4. To record and keep for future use.

5. Abbreviation of 'binary digit'.

6. Thousandth of a second.

7. The type of computer with a 286 processor introduced by IBM in 1984.

IV.Розкрийте дужки, вживая дієслова в Present Participle или Perfect Participle.

1) (to do) his homework, he was thinking hard.

2) (to look) through some magazines, I came across an interesting article.

3) (to sit) near the fire, he felt very warm.

4) (to sell) fruit, he looked back from time to time, hoping to see his friends.

5) (to run) in the yard, I fell and hurt my knee.

V.Перекладіть речення, звертая увагу на незалежний дієприкмтениковий комплекс.

1) The next morning, it being Sunday, they all went to church.

2) The wind stirring among trees and bushes, we could hear nothing.

3) The weather having changed, we decided to stay where we were.

4) The speaker faced the audience, his hand raised for silence.

5) I had long tasks every day to do with Mr.Mell, but I did them, there being no Mr.and Miss Murdstone here.


VI варіант

І. Fill in the right word:

A. dot-matrix

B. ink-jet

C. bubble-jet

D. laser

E. thermal

F. photosetters

G. plotters

1)____printers use pins to print the dots required to shape a character.

One common type of non-impact printer is an 2)____printer. It operates by projecting small ink droplets onto paper to form the required image.

3)____ printers work the same way.

4)____ printers produce output at great speed and with a very high resolution of 600/1, 200 dpi. They scan the image with a laser beam and transfer it to paper with a special ink powder.

We must not forget to mention5)____. They use heat, a special kind of paper and electrosensitive methods.

6)____ can be regarded as an attracts alternative. They do not print on regular pape but on photographic paper or microfilm.

7)_____ are a special kind of printer. Plotters use ink and fine pens held in a carriage to draw very detailed designs on paper.

II. Виберіть вірний варіант.

1. There... much fuel in our country.

(A) will (C) is

(B) be (D) are

2. It was... day.

(A) the hotest (C) hottest

(B) the most hot (D) the hottest

3. I have... time than you.

(A) little (C) more little

(B) less (D) smaller

4. He... speak English well when he was a boy.

(A) could (C) may

(B) can (D) cannot

5. Steel... in many regions of our country.

(A) produce (C) is produce

(B) is produced (D) producing

6. Do you know that he... at the skating-rink now?

(A) will be (C) is

(B) would be (D) be

7. I said that we... at work next Saturday.

(A) are (C) will be

(B) were (D) would be

8.... lot of goods was at the store.

(A) ordered (C) ordering

(B) the ordered (D) order

9. If she... enough data she would have written a good program.

(A) had had (C) have

(B) has (D)had
10.1 wish my office....

(A) were larger (C) larger

(B) is larger (D) be larger

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