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A thousand kilobytes

5. erases files and programs from your disk

6. It moves the cursor horizontally to the right for a fixed number of spaces (in tabulations and data fields).

7. They are used to move the cursor, as an alternative to the mouse -


IV.Змініть наступні речення, вживая герундиальні комплекси.

1. I want Kate to recite this poem.

2. The teacher wanted the students to do this exercise.

3. I don’t want him to be elected chairman.

4. If you pass your examination well, I’ll be proud of it.

5. If you make noise, I dislike it.

V.Розкрийте дужки, вживая герундій в активній чи пассивній формі.

1. Why do you avoid (to speak) to me?

2. He had a strange habit of (to interfere) in other people’s business.

3. David was tired of (to scold) all the time.

4. The watch requires (to repair).

5. In (to make) this experiment they came across some very interesting phenomena.


X варіант


І. Fill in the right word:

A. software

B. system software

C. system utilities

D. language translators

E. applications software

F. operating system

G. set of programs

Information provided by programs and data is known as 1)____.

Programs are sets of instructions that make the computer execute operations and tasks. There are two main types of software:

The 2)____ refers to all the programs which control the basic

functions of a computer. They include operating systems, 3)____

(e.g. an anti-virus program, a back-up utility) and 4)____

(e.g. a compiler - the software that translates instructions into machine code).

The 5)_____ refers to all those applications -such as word

processors and spreadsheets - which are used for specific purposes. Applications are usually stored on disks loaded into the RAM memory when activated by the user.

The 6)____ is the most important type of system software. It is

usually supplied by the manufacturers and comprises a 7)_____ and files that control the hardware and software resources of a computer system.


IІ. Виберіть вірний варіант.

1. There... not many mines in this region.

(A) are (C) will

(B) was (D) is

2. Their son is... than the daughter.

(A) the older (C) older

(B) oldest (D) an older

3.... solution is the best.

(A) Peter and Helen's (C) Peter's and Helen's

(B) Peter and Helen (D) Peter and Helens'

4. I... the delegation yesterday.

(A) didn't meet (C) don't meet

(B) didn't met (D) haven't met

5. When I came he... an educational program.

(A) is watching (C) was watching

(B) watch (D) were watching

6. His director let him... there.

(A) go, (C) going

(B) to go (D) goes

7. She asked me where the museum....

(A) was (C) been

(B) is (D) has been

8. The chief sat at the table....

(A) is thinking (C) think

(B) thought (D) thinking

9. If he... I shall tell him about the results of investigation.

(A) phone (C) will phone

(B) phones (D) would phone

10. If I had got this information yesterday I... the work myself.

(A) do (C) should have done

(B) have done (D) did

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