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E. Diskcopy



1. It copies all files from one floppy disk to another

2. It changes your current directory

3. It initializes a floppy disk and prepares it for use

4. It displays a list of the files of a disk or directory

5. It changes names of your files

6. It creates a subdirectory

7. It saves the contents of the hard disk on floppy disks for security purposes

IV.Передайте наступні речення в Passive Voice.

1) They have already discussed the novel.

2) He did not give me his address.

3) You will speak about the film at the lesson.

4) We were looking at the man with great surprise.

5) I haven’t yet translated the article.

V.Передайте наступні речення в непрямій мові.

1) “Give me your record-book, Nick” said the teather.

2) “I have learnt a long poem, ” said Mike to the teacher.

3) “When did you receive this letter? ” – my friend said to me.

4) “Will you play football with us? ” said the boys to Peter.


IV- варіант


І.Fill in the right word:

A. easy-to-use

B. affordable

C. excellent

D. wide

E. stunning

F. complete

G. adapter unit.


The GT-7000 provides amazing quality with powerful, 1)____software and

nardware at a very 2)_____ price.

Using a combination of EPSON Advanced Scanning Technologies, the GT-7000 provides 3)____ quality whether scanning text documents, photos or film.

The EPSON START Button takes the complexity out of scanning. Simply press this button once and your photo or document is scanned and inserted into the software package of your choice ready for editing, printing or publishing.

Included with the GT-7000 is a 4)_____ range of bonus software to help with home and business scanning, printing and publishing, allowing you to create

5)____ posters, letters, flyers and Web pages.

The GT-7000 is also available as the GT-7000 Photo scanner 6)____ with advanced film 7)____.

II. Виберіть вірний варіант.

1. _______ take part in our research work.

(A) This woman (C) These woman

(B) This women (D) These women

2. Gas is made up of very _______ molecules.

(A) few (C)much

(B) little (D) a large amount of

3. Here is your dictionary, but where is _______?

(A) mine (C) myself

(B) my (D) me

4. Computers _______solve difficult problems in seconds.

(A) may (C) can

(B)must (D) have to

5. The first mechanical computer _______ by Pascal in 1642.

(A) is built (C) was build

(B) was built (D) built

6. Mary said to me she _______.

(A) is busy (C) have been busy

(B) had been busy (D) will be busy

7. George asked Helen where _______.

(A) she had studied (C) did she study

(B) had she studied (D) she studies

8. He made me _______.

(A) to do it (C)doit -

(B) doing it (D) to be done it

9. If I saw him I _______.

(A) should tell him everything (C) told him everything

(B) shall tell him everything (D) tell him everything

10. _______ you will work as a manager.

(A) When you will graduate from the University

(B) When you would graduate from the University

(C) When you graduated from the University

(D)When you graduate from the University.

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