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B. floppies

C. disk drive

D. formatting

E. directory

F. read/write heads

G. Port

1 secondary storage

2 diskettes

3 a peripheral which spins disks and contains a read/write head

4 initializing; setting tracks and sectors on magnetic disks

5 catalogue of where each piece of data is stored and how to find it

6 recording heads

7 a socket or channel in the rear panel of the computer into which can plug wide range of peripherals: modems, fax machines, hard drives

IV.Розкрийте дужки, вживая дієслова у потрібному часі.

1) He said he (to leave) tomorrow morning.

2) He stopped and listened: the clock (to strike) five.

3) The delegates were told that the guide just (to go) out and (to be) back in ten minutes.

4) He says that he (to know) the laws of the country.

5) Saril understood why Lanky (not to come) the previous evening.

V.Підкресліть у реченняхскладне доповнення та складний підмет, перекладіть речення:

1) He was said to be one of the most promising nuclear physicists.

2) The traveller entered the inn and ordered supper to be prepared.

3) I did not know what I was expected to say to that, so I said nothing.

4) He wanted his letter sent at once.

5) Many books are known to be published in our country every year.




І.Fill in the right word:

A. advantages

B. information

C. read/write heads

D. 'Access time'

E. 'data transfer rate'

F. ‘removable'

G. optical disks

Hard disks have important 1)____over floppy disks: they spin at a higher speed, so you can store and retrieve information much faster than with floppies. They can also hold vast amounts of 2)____, from 500 MB up to several gigabytes. To directly access the necessary information, the 3)____of rigid disks seek the required tracks and sectors, and then transfer the information to the main memory of the computer or to another form of storage, all of which is done in a few milliseconds (ms).

4)____-or seek time - is the time it takes your read/write heads to find any particular record. You have to distinguish clearly between seek time and 5)____(the average speed required to transmit data from a disk system to the RAM, e.g. at 20 megabits per second).

There are 'internal' and 'external' drives which are both fixed hard drives, i.e. rigid disks sealed into the drive unit, either within or attached to the computer. A third type of hard drive, known as 6)____, allows information to be recorded on 'cartridges', which can be removed and stored off-line for security purposes.

Magnetic hard disks are still preferred for personal data storage whereas

7)____ are used for record: large amounts of information such as dictionary or



II. Виберіть вірний варіант.

1. George's answer is _______ in the group.

(A) the worst (C) worse

(B)bad (D) worst

2. Michael has already written ______ term-paper.

(A) her (C) his (B) their (D) him

3. There are ______ bridges across our rivers

(A) much (C) little

(B) many (D)a

4. Last year I entered ___________.

(A) to the University (C) in the University

(B) the University (D) at the University

5. I ____ my report yet.

(A) haven't written / (C) hadn't written

(B) hasn't written (D) didn't write

6. She thought _______.

(A) he had heard about it (C) he has heard about it

(B) he hears about it (D) he have heard about it

7. My friend asked me whether _______.

(A) have I finished my work (C) I have finished my work

(B) had I finished my work (D) I had finished my work

8. The article is worth ______

(A) discussing (C) discussed

(B) discuss (D) being discussed

9. I'll finish my work _______.

(A) if you help me (C) if you would help me

(B) if you will help me (D) if you helped me

10. If I had known that you were in the library I _____.

(A) shall come there (C) should have come there

(B) should come there (D) came there


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